How to make cake in minecraft? Minecraft Cake Recipe

How to make cake in minecraft? To make a cake, open the crafting area made up of the 3×3 grid. Place 3 buckets of milk in the first row, then fill up the third row with wheat. As for the remaining three boxes, place sugar on either side of the second row and an egg in the center to finish making a cake. Now simply click the cake and drag it into your inventory.

Materials required to make a cake in Minecraft

You can bake a cake in Minecraft with these items:

  • Three pieces of wheat
  • One egg
  • Three buckets of milk
  • Two pieces of sugar

Before jumping to the crafting recipe for a cake, we’ll learn how to get all the ingredients.

How to get wheat in Minecraft

The Minecraft Overworld has an abundant amount of wheat that you can get by breaking grass. Tall grass is quite common and drops wheat seeds when you break it. Thereafter, you can make your own wheat farm in Minecraft.

How to make cake in minecraft

What is a Cake in Minecraft?

Cake is a food item and a placeable block in Minecraft. It’s quite unique and functions like no other food item. In order to eat it, you need to place it in your world first. Once you right-click it, the cake block will shorten as you “take a slice” out of the whole. So, there are a total of 7 different appearances of the cake block in-game.

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Also, like most other blocks, the cake has a collision hitbox. Not only that, but every cake stage has a different hitbox, so you can do various silly things with them, like making a cake staircase.

The crafting recipe for the cake is actually a bit more complex than you might think. The ingredients may not be surprising, but the amount of them and the recipe are. Don’t worry though, as we will show you everything you need to know in order to make a cake in Minecraft. You can also buy the cake from farmer villagers in Minecraft, so that’s up to you.

How To Make A Cake In Minecraft

There are four ingredients players need to make a Cake in Minecraft:

  • Milk x 3
  • Sugars x 2
  • Egg x 1
  • Wheat x 3

To craft the Cake, place three Buckets of Milk on the top row, then Sugar + Egg + Sugar on the second, and three Wheats on the last row. After making the Cake, the empty Buckets will be returned to the players, so don’t forget to collect them afterward.

Where To Find Cake Ingredients In Minecraft

The four ingredients needed to Craft a Cake are pretty common. Here’s where players can find each item:

Milk Bucket

Milk Bucket can be consumed immediately, or Crafted to make a Cake. Drinking Milk will remove any status effect attached to the player. Milk can be gained these ways:

Can be obtained from Cows, Mooshrooms, and Goats by using an empty Bucket on the animals.

Killing a Wandering Trader holding a Milk Bucket.


This sweet food can easily be found in the wild, especially near watery areas. Players can even cultivate them afterward. To get the needed Sugar, there’s a little processing that needs to be done.

  • Crafted from one Sugar Cane.
  • Crafted from one Honey Bottle.
  • Looted from Witches.
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Egg can be used as an ingredient, or be thrown for a chance to spawn Chicks (12.5% chance). People can also breed Chickens by using Wheat Seeds. An Egg can be gained from these sources:

To farm this item regularly, players can create a Chicken farm in Minecraft. The animal will drop an egg every 5-10 minutes.
Looted from a Fox holding an Egg.


This plant can be used to breed Cows, Sheep, Goats, and Mooshrooms. Meanwhile, the seeds can also be used to breed Chickens. This makes Wheat an important commodity for farming. To gain this item, players can try these methods:

Cultivate Wheat Seeds. The seeds can be obtained by harvesting matured Wheat or breaking random Grass.

What Is Cake Used For In Minecraft

Cake is mainly used to eat. However, unlike typical foods, players have to place the Cake Block before they can eat it. In total, players can “eat” this item seven times. Each slice will restore two Hungers (one Drumstick icon).

Because it has several slices, the Cake’s appearance will slowly change each time players consume it. This way, it’s easy for people to see how many more times they can eat the Cake.

How to make cake in minecraft

Making Three Buckets

Search for Iron Ore in caves. They are silver-colored blocks you can find by diving deep into caves and extracting them. You need to collect 9 blocks of iron ore to make three buckets. Once you collect the iron ore, open your crafting table and place three ores in a V formation and craft. This will make a bucket. Rinse and repeat to make two more.

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Now that you have buckets. Search for Cows. This is where your animal farm comes in handy. Even if you don’t cows are really easy to find in the world. Find a cow and equip your bucket and right-click on it. Rinse and repeat for two more buckets.

Assembling Everything Together and Making the Cake

Now that we have everything let us put it together to make the cake. Open your crafting table and place three buckets of milk on the first row and the 3 Wheat blocks in the third row. Only the middle row should be empty. Now for the middle row, place the egg in the middle grid and sugar on either side of the egg and craft.

Voila! You have created a cake. This will replenish your hunger pretty well. Remove it from the crafting table, put it wherever you want, and have at it! If you do not like sweet things maybe you are interested in something bitter. Click here for a cocoa beans tutorial.

Above is information how to make cake in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make cake in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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