How to make awkward potion? How to Craft Awkward Potions in Minecraft

How to make awkward potion? If one has to choose the most important Minecraft potion, it has to be the Awkward Potion. In itself, this potion doesn’t have any effect on the player or the mobs.

But it’s the main base potion for the majority of best Minecraft potions. Learning how to make an Awkward Potion in Minecraft will lead you to master any potion recipe with ease. The potion-making process will remain the same across Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition. But make sure to use one of our best Minecraft village seeds if you don’t want to be in search of resources for hours. With that out, let’s learn how to make Awkward Potion in Minecraft.

Make an Awkward Potion in Minecraft 

Much like other potions, making an Awkward Potion involves a variety of preparations. But before we do that, let’s learn about the capabilities of this potion. If that doesn’t interest you, feel free to skip to the actual process using the table below. Also, we have listed all the potions that you can make using the Awkward Potion, along with all the ingredients, in Minecraft.

How to make awkward potion

What is Awkward Potion in Minecraft and What Does It Do?

An Awkward Potion in Minecraft is a base potion that you can drink or throw as a splash potion. But it does not affect the player or the mob in any way. Thus, it has no levels or time duration too, unlike other potions. However, this potion is essential to make other important potions in this sandbox game. So, you can’t skip it if you are planning to make most of the other potions.

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When you add specific items to the Awkward Potion, they turn it into other useful potions, which we have listed towards the end. We have also listed the effect each potion has on the player or the mob in that section. You can use then these negative and positive potions the way you want.

Ingredients Required to Make Awkward Potion in Minecraft

Before we jump to the actual process to make an Awkward Potion in Minecraft, let’s see what ingredients we require for this crafting recipe:

  • Nether Warts,
  • Water Bottle (preferably 3),
  • Blaze Powder, and
  • Brewing Stand.

You can follow our tutorial to learn how to make a Brewing Stand in Minecraft, which is essential to make this potion. It’s the main tool you will require to make all types of potions in the game. Having said that, let’s figure out how to get the rest of the three ingredients.

How to Get Ingredients for Awkward Potion Recipe

Nether Warts

As the name tells, you need to make a Nether Portal and go to the Nether dimension to get this ingredient. Nether wart is a special plant that only grows in the Nether dimension. You can find it next to stairways inside Nether Fortresses, and sometimes, also in Bastion Remnants.

Do keep in mind that you should only break the plant when it’s fully grown. It looks similar to an in-game red mushroom. Alternatively, you can also find nether warts in various chests around the Nether Fortress.

Blaze Powder

Blaze powder is the power source for our Brewing Stand. So, make sure to get as much of it as possible. You can only craft it using blaze rods that are dropped when you kill a blaze in the Nether dimension. There is no other way to get blaze powder, and you cannot brew any potion without using it.

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Once you have blaze rods, you can place them in any cell of your crafting area to get blaze powder. It can be done using a Crafting table and even in your inventory. Keep in mind that getting blaze rods is always a risky task, so practice caution. At least, until the Awkward Potion in Minecraft can help you unlock some extra abilities.

Water Bottle

This is probably the easiest item to acquire on our list. All you need to do is place three glass blocks on the Crafting table in Minecraft to create 3 empty glass bottles. Then, you can fill the glass bottle with water by right-clicking on it.

As for the glass blocks, you can get them by heating sand blocks in a furnace. The recipe for the glass bottle is as follows:

You need to place one glass block in the middle cell of the lowermost row of the crafting area. Then, place two more glass blocks on both side cells of the second row. Leave the middle cell empty to create your glass bottles.

Make Awkward Potion in Minecraft Today

With the knowledge to make an Awkward Potion in Minecraft, you are now ready to make any other in-game potion. Though, make sure to make multiple copies of the same at once. Doing so will save a lot of your time in the future. A majority of players even use Minecraft mods to make the potion process easier, but they are worth the efforts in a regular survival world too.

However, do make sure to install Forge in Minecraft to make these mods work. If you are planning to stick to the vanilla adventure of Minecraft, keep this tutorial to make Awkward Potion in Minecraft handy. For those of you who face problems in brewing the potions, our team is here to help. Just drop your queries in the comments section.

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To craft Awkward Potions in Minecraft, you will need the following ingredients: Blaze Powder, a Nether Wart and a Water Bottle. Open up the Brewing Stand and place the ingredients inside, with the Nether Wart in the top slot. Let the potion brew, and you will receive an Awkward Potion.

For more detailed steps, keep reading below where we will show you where to get each of the ingredients in Minecraft.


Nether Warts are the main ingredient used in the creation of Awkward Potions in Minecraft. The only place to obtain them is inside the Nether, where they grow as plant-like objects.

Naturally, the easiest place to find them would be inside a Nether Fortress. They spawn at the bottom of stairwells inside the Fortress, on top of Soul Sand. You can use the command /locate Fortress to quickly find one.

As of Minecraft 1.16, they can also be found growing in Bastion Remnants, which is a new structure type. Specifically inside the Central Courtyard of Piglin Housing Units.

How to make awkward potion


Whilst in the Nether, now is a good time to collect Blaze Rods. Blaze Rods can be collected by killing Blazes, which can also be found in the Nether Fortress.

They won’t drop Blaze Rods every time, but the chances are quite high. Once you have a Blaze Rod, you can place it in a Crafting Table to turn it into 2 Blaze Powder, which is essentially fuel for a Brewing Stand. You might want to collect a few Blaze Rods, as they’re also a requirement for Eye of Ender, which are used to fill in an End Portal.


The final ingredient you will require is Water Bottles. Thankfully, these are the easiest and least time consuming to obtain. Start crafting Glass Bottles by placing 3 Glass in a Crafting Table in a triangular shape. Place them in the same layout as Buckets.

This will give back 3 Glass Bottles. You can fill these up at any water source by interacting with it with the empty bottles in-hand.

Above is information how to make awkward potion.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make awkward potion .Thank you for reading our post.

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