How to make aternos server? How to Set Up a Minecraft Server for Free

How to make aternos server? Released over a decade ago, Minecraft is a popular survival sandbox game where players must gather food and kill monsters to survive. Once the player has got the basics down, they can move on to exploring the world and gathering items to bring their creative builds to life.

Most Minecrafters would likely agree that the game is at its most enjoyable when played with friends on multiplayer servers. While there are a vast number of servers available for players to explore, most focus on offering unique minigames and activities rather than providing a traditional Minecraft survival world experience or the level of privacy that many players seek.

Creating a free Minecraft server on Aternos

Even owning a basic server from a renowned hosting website can cost anywhere from $5 to $40, which may not seem worth it to some players. However, with the help of Aternos, players can create a Minecraft server that works fine for completely free.

The best thing about the Aternos servers is that they offer many features that other hosting sites would charge extra for, such as mods and modpacks.

how to make aternos server
how to make aternos server

What Is Aternos?

Aternos is a multimedia streaming server that can be controlled via its web interface (GUI) or via HTTP API . It’s written in C++ using the Qt framework for the GUI and libevent as well as OpenSSL for networking. It supports all major operating systems and CPU architectures like Windows, Linux, Mac OS X etc.

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The Aternos project was created by Yann Verley , who still leads development of the project today.

The project itself however has been an active community effort from everyone who has submitted patches or bug reports which have helped make Aternos what it is today! An Aternos server is a program which runs on the Raspberry Pi.

Aternos server can be used to play videos, music or other media files (which are called items) to users around the world via an internet connection.

Items can be streamed by clients directly from the Raspberry Pi itself, but more commonly you’ll stream them remotely; your Raspberry Pi will act as a server and clients will connect to it over the internet.

Streaming works using what’s called multicast streaming . This means that only one copy of each item is stored on your network so you don’t have to worry about things like storage limits. The Aternos project was created by Yann Verley , who still leads development of the project today.

How to Host an Aternos Minecraft Server for Bedrock

If you have ever looked into Minecraft server hosting services, you might have heard of Aternos. It is one of the most famous Minecraft server providers. The reason behind Aternos’ popularity is its free service.

You can create a Minecraft server using Aternos within minutes. Aternos servers have no restrictions and are open to a variety of customizations. If you want to host a Minecraft server for free, Aternos is probably your best bet.

How to play Minecraft with Friends

Playing the game single-player or yourself is fun, but you will enjoy it more with your friends. Minecraft also in the past days was known for its story and single-player mode. But have you ever tried to play Minecraft with your friends?

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Playing with friends brings a lot of new areas of fun to the game. Firstly, you can complete the usual story mode with your friends. Like if you couldn’t beat the ender dragon by yourself, now you can defeat it with the help of your friends. You can also kill other bosses like wither together.

You can do the ocean temple, woodland mansions, etc. Also, you can build houses, buildings and a lot of things together. Minecraft also allows players to make different game modes using command blocks and other stuff like bed wars. So, in this article, we will discuss how to make a server and add friends in Minecraft to enjoy the multiplayer mode together.

How to Change the Seed of an Aternos Server

The guide will show you how to change the seed of an Aternos Server. The user is advised to click on the “Worlds” tab on the left-hand side of the homepage and then click on the “Generate” button to create a new world. It is important to save the current world before generating a new one and the user can change the seed from the menu before generating the new world.

Host a Free Minecraft Server With Minehut

To set up a free game server with Minehut, head over to and click the Sign Up in Seconds button. On the next screen, enter your name and other credentials. Then click Sign Up to finish account registration. Finally, verify your email address and Minehut will automatically log you into your account.

On the account dashboard, click on the Add Server button, type the desired server name, and hit Create. Once the screen loads, click on the Activate Server button to start using your free Minecraft server.

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Minehut will ask you to wait for 30 seconds as it prepares the server for you. Click on the Continue button when the DDOS-protected server transfer prompt appears.

The server dashboard gives you options to start and stop the server, access the console, view game files using the file manager, add and configure Minecraft addons, manage the current game world, and create backups.

You can also change the server “Message of the day” or play around with the server properties by scrolling down the page.

As you can see, the free server plan allows a maximum of 10 players to join the server. Also, you can create up to two servers with a free account. Minehut also supports cross-platform play, which means both Java and Bedrock Edition players can join your server.

how to make aternos server


If you are looking for a way to use your Raspberry Pi that is both profitable and educational, try setting up an Aternos Server.

With just some basic hardware tools and an SD card with raspbian installed, you will be able to create your own private torrent client.

If you are using a monitor then type in sudo shutdown -h now then press enter, if not just reboot again. After that turn off the power to your raspberry pi and remove it from computer.

Put battery into Raspberry Pi 3 and connect ethernet cable back up to the router/switch on which you have internet connectivity. Turn on Raspberry Pi by pressing “Power” button for 10 seconds or so until indicator light turns green (this means everything is good). Plug in USB WiFi adapter(if needed) and wait for network name pops up after about 2 minutes of being powered up .

Above is information how to make aternos server.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make aternos server .Thank you for reading our post.

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