How to make armor stand minecraft? Minecraft Armor Stand Guide: How to Craft, Use and Change

How to make armor stand minecraft? Armor stands in Minecraft allow you to display your best sets of armor and rare items like Elytra. Here’s a guide on how to make an armor stand in Minecraft with just sticks and stones.

The abundance of items in Minecraft is what makes it enjoyable as well as confusing at the same time. Players start out by making basic items like pickaxes, beds, and buckets but with experience, they can make mechanisms and devices like pyramid beacons and compasses.

Alongside tools and food items, you can also make armor stands in Minecraft that only have one purpose. They let you exhibit items like armor, mob heads, carved pumpkins, and Elytra.

How to craft an armor stand in Minecraft

You need six sticks and a smooth stone slab to craft an armor stand in Minecraft. Before jumping to the crafting recipe, it is important to learn how to obtain these ingredients.

How to get sticks in Minecraft

Wooden planks can be converted to sticks in Minecraft. You’ll have to find some trees in the Overworld and break them to get wooden logs. Then, add the wooden logs to any slot of the crafting grid in the game and they’ll turn into wooden planks.

how to make armor stand minecraft

How to get a smooth stone slab in Minecraft

With three blocks of cobblestone, you’ll be able to get a smooth stone slab in Minecraft. However, a furnace is essential for this and you can make a furnace by placing eight blocks of cobblestone in a 3×3 crafting grid while leaving the central spot alone

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After obtaining a furnace, smelt the three cobblestone blocks and turn them into stone. Thereafter, smelt the three stones again to get three pieces of smooth stone.

Crafting recipe for armor stand in Minecraft

After obtaining six sticks and a smooth stone slab, you can craft an armor stand in Minecraft. Place three sticks on the top row of the crafting table and one in the middle block of the second row. In the bottom row, place the smooth stone slab in the center and the remaining two sticks on both sides.

How to Make an Armor Stand

In Minecraft, many of the things players craft are made for the purpose of protection. When it comes to weapons and armor, this couldn’t be any more true. That said, some players may end up finding themselves with some extra armor lying around, and rather than stuff into some chest where it will never be seen again, why not put it to good use? Through the use of armor stands, players can turn old armor into awesome decorations for their houses or other builds, and they are actually very easy to craft as well.

Armor stands allow Minecraft players to display armor out in the open for all to see. Aside from the storage of armor, these items serve no gameplay purpose, and are purely aesthetic in nature. That said, it’s a great way to show off to friends on a server or to preserve a sentimental set of armor, so players should know how to craft them.

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There are only two main materials needed to craft armor stands: sticks and stone slabs. Sticks can of course be obtained by putting wooden planks into a crafting table, while stone slabs are crafted by placing three stone blocks in a row on the crafting table. Gather together six sticks and a stone slab and arrange them in the pattern shown below. This will produce one armor stand, meaning players that want more to display even more sets of armor will need to gather up all of the materials again to make another one.

This is only scratching the surface of what players can do with armor stands, however. It may interest some players to know that other equippable items can also be displayed on an armor stand, including elytra, carved pumpkins, and even mob heads. What’s more, sneaking next to an armor stand and right clicking it will cause the stand to change into one of 13 different poses. Finally, with the use of certain commands in Minecraft, players can even make armor stands spin around or change whether or not the stand has arms.

Since crafting an armor stand is easy, players shouldn’t be shy about trying to use them as a decoration. All of those enchanted gold armor pieces that players have collected from zombies aren’t doing any good in a chest, but they would definitely look impressive in a home. Likewise, given how rare monster heads are in Minecraft, players should definitely display them proudly.

how to make armor stand minecraft

How to Pose an Armor Stand (Bedrock and Pocket Edition Only)

Other than just placing armor and items on an armor stand, Bedrock and Pocket Edition allows you an additional feature with this block.

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On these editions the armor stands look different: they have arms as part of their design.

Because of this in you can actually change the poses of the armor stands in both of these editions. In total there are 13 different poses you can assign to the item.

In Bedrock Edition Minecraft all that you need to do is sneak (crouch) and then press the use button on the stand. This is how you cycle through the poses.

On Pocket Edition, since it’s on mobile, you will have a ‘pose’ button available. Clicking on it will let you cycle through the same poses and assign them to the armor stand.

You can also change these poses using a redstone pulse.

What to do Next

If you have a particularly large build and don’t care for displaying your armor, you might be more interested in building a statue.

Statues are amazing decorative builds and you do not need to give up your armor for aesthetic purposes when building them.


Armor Stands are a block in Minecraft which can store your armor items. There’s a slot for a head item, chestplate, leggings and boots. Although they can be forced to hold other items such as Shields with the use of Dispensers and Commands.

If you are playing on Bedrock Edition, then they are also able to hold items in their hands. Armor Stands don’t have a GUI, so the player can only interact with it by holding the items they want the stand to equip, or sneaking and interacting to remove items.

Above is information how to make armor stand minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make armor stand minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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