How to make an iron farm in minecraft? How To Build An Iron Farm In Minecraft

How to make an iron farm in minecraft? Whether you are just starting out or at an advanced level in Minecraft, iron is one of the most reliable ores in the game. Iron is easy to find, enables a solid upgrade from basic tools, and as a block, helps you create unique Minecraft houses.

Unfortunately, just like other Minecraft ores, you can only find a limited amount of iron in a particular area. You have to venture further into your world to collect more iron.

Lucky for you, we’re here to put an end to that painstaking search. You simply have to learn how to make an iron farm with this step-by-step guide and then you will never have to look for iron again. No more mining required. Sounds exciting, right? So, let’s not waste more time and find out how to build an iron farm in Minecraft.

Make An Iron Farm in Minecraft

As a structure, an iron farm in Minecraft has a lot of individual segments. We will cover each of the construction steps in separate sections, along with the mechanics behind this farm. First up, let’s start by learning how an iron farm in Minecraft works.

How to make an iron farm in minecraft

How Does an Iron Farm Work in Minecraft

In Minecraft, there are two methods to collect iron. The harder way is to find and mine iron ores. And the more brutal one to get iron is by killing Iron Golems. As the name suggests, all Iron Golems are made out of iron and drop iron ingots on dying. This is the same mechanic that allows our automatic iron farm to function.

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An iron farm in Minecraft spawns iron golems after every few seconds and kills them to collect iron ingots. The player doesn’t have to play any manual role in its functioning. You just have to go and collect the iron, and everything else happens automatically.

Mechanics of Iron Golem Spawning

Iron Golems naturally spawn within villagers. But if you want to spawn them manually, you have to fulfill the following requirements:

Three villagers

Three beds for villagers to sleep in

One zombie to scare the villagers and trigger the Iron Golem spawning

So, in simple terms, an Iron Golem spawns when there are at least three scared villagers in an area where they can sleep. Moreover, there should not be another Iron Golem already present in that area. With these circumstances in mind, it’s always best to make the iron farm away from other villages in Minecraft. Though, slaughtering an entire village, except three villagers is also an option.


Nametags are rare items in Minecraft that allow players to give a name to any mob in the game. Unfortunately, there’s no way to craft them. Instead, you have to venture into the Minecraft world to find them. The nametags usually spawn inside chests of dungeons, mineshafts, and woodland mansions. But you can also get nametags by trading with librarians villagers and by fishing in rivers and oceans.

How to Make an Iron Farm

Iron Farm in Minecraft is made up of several interrelated components. To make the steps simpler to understand, we have added dedicated tutorial sections for all of them. Make sure to maintain the overall sequence while building each individual component.

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Villager Area

We have to trap at least three villagers in a floating structure to control the spawn location of the Iron Golem. Follow these steps to create this structure:

To begin, create a climbable tower to build a structure upon. You can use ladders with any solid blocks or scaffolding for the task. Make sure the tower is at least 12 blocks high.

Build A Structure For The Farm

Any iron farm must be created eight blocks above the surface to avoid golems spawning on the ground. Players should use building blocks to create a decent size box where villagers can live in. This area must have two blocks of space in it to let villagers in but not enough room for golems to fit.

Once the farm starts, golems should spawn on top of the villager box. This is where water should be placed to push iron golems in the direction of their death and fences/walls to prevent escaping golems or water. Hoppers and chests should be used to collect whatever they drop, and a lot of them should be used in case the farm is very productive.

Gather Villagers

The hardest part of any farm is getting mobs to cooperate with the operation. Luckily, villagers are the only necessary mob for an iron farm to work, and they aren’t too difficult to corral. Players should find a village and collect civilians by placing boats for them to hop into.

From there, ride in the boat with a villager to the farm site where players could then try to use a mine cart to get the villagers up and into the box. Players should try to get five villagers in the box, either by transporting all five or breeding a couple. It’s important to note that there should be beds in there for both breeding and for spawning iron golems.

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How to make an iron farm in minecraft

Zombies May Increase Output

As mentioned earlier, players only need villagers to get an iron farm functioning. However, there are various tips and tricks that players can try that can help them get one that is super efficient. One of the more complex ideas out there is using a zombie to startle the villagers, but not kill them.

Players can build a pod that is a few blocks away from the villagers but can’t reach them. If villagers have eye contact with the zombie, they will squirm to the point that more golems can spawn. Finding a zombie is easy, but players must make sure they protect it from the sun (with a block or helmet) and name tag it to keep it from despawning.

Set Up A Method To Kill Golems

With most of the structure built, players will need to think of a way to kill a golem in the most effective way. There are a few routes to go with on this front. One idea is to make their water path lead to a steep hole that will send the iron golems falling to their death.

Another method is setting up lava a few blocks above the hoppers so that way their feet touch the hopper, but they still get burned to death. Players can levitate lava using wooden signs (they won’t burn), which allows for the items to drop and not be burned up. Other methods include just punching them after severe fall damage or even cacti.

Above is information how to make an iron farm in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make an iron farm in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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