How to make an anvil in minecraft? How to Craft an Anvil in Minecraft: 4 Steps

How to make an anvil in minecraft? Imagine being in the middle of a sword fight in Minecraft only to watch your sword break before killing a strong hostile mob. Or mining a deep underground cave only to realize that your pickaxe won’t last the trip back to the surface. Such scenarios haunt Minecraft players that don’t know how to make an anvil.

This is the ultimate utility block that you need to upgrade and maintain all your gear in Minecraft. But, at times, the anvil can be tricky to use. So, to avoid confusion, let’s dive in and learn all you need to know about the anvil in Minecraft.

How to Make an Anvil in Minecraft

An anvil relies on a variety of game mechanics to function properly. To avoid confusion, we have covered each in a separate section. Use the table below to explore everything you need to know about an anvil.

What is an Anvil in Minecraft

The anvil is a utility block in Minecraft that allows players to repair items, rename them, and even modify enchantments in the game. It naturally spawns in the woodland mansions of Minecraft but can be crafted easily. If you’re stepping into the world of Minecraft enchantments, the anvil is a must-have.

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How to make an anvil in minecraft

Items You Need to Make an Anvil

  • You need the following items to make an anvil in Minecraft:
  • 31 Iron Ingots (27 of which will be used to make blocks of iron)
  • 3 Blocks of Iron (made with existing iron ingots)
  • Crafting Table

As you can see, the recipe for an anvil requires a lot of iron. So, you first need to find and mine iron ore. Our Minecraft 1.19 ore distribution guide will help you find the iron ore in no time. Then, you have to smelt all the raw iron in the furnace until you have 31 iron ingots in your inventory.

Moreover, when you put nine iron ingots on the crafting table, filling it up completely, you will get a block of iron. The crafting recipe of an anvil requires 3 blocks of iron. And you can use the remaining 4 iron ingots as they are.

Cost of Using an Anvil in Minecraft

When you are using an anvil, you might notice that each action performed has an “enchantment cost” attached to it. Enchantment cost is the total cost of performing an action on the item, including renaming, repairing, enchanting, and more. The cost depends upon the level of repair and the type of action you are performing on the anvil.

As for the payment, the enchantment cost is paid using your in-game experience level. So, if you plan on using the anvil a lot, you should learn how to make a Sculk XP farm in Minecraft. However, once you reach an action that costs more than 40 levels, the item will become “too expensive” for the anvil. After that, you won’t be able to rename, repair, or enchantment it further.

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Damaged Anvil

Every time you use an anvil, it has a slight chance of getting damaged. On average, it lasts for about 25 functions before getting completely annihilated. But it can also get damaged and destroyed due to falling. The higher the height, more will be the fall damage dealt to the anvil.

How to Use an Anvil in Minecraft

There are a number of different ways to use an anvil in Minecraft. Let’s go over its use cases individually to understand them better.

Repair Items

To repair a damaged tool in Minecraft, you simply have to place the tool in the anvil and combine it with another copy of the same tool. And you can return back to your adventures with a functioning tool.

Alternatively, you can also use an ingot of the same mineral you used to make the item that’s damaged. In some special cases, you can use technically unrelated materials to repair some items. For example, elytra can be repaired using a phantom membrane.

Enchant Items

If you combine a tool with an enchanted book in Minecraft, the enchantment gets applied to the tool. But remember that it will only work with enchantments compatible with a particular tool and destroys the enchanted book in the process. Moreover, the enchanted book always goes in the middle cell of the anvil and the item goes in the left cell during enchanting.

How to make an anvil in minecraft

Make and Use Anvil in Minecraft

Just like that, you are now ready to make the most out of an anvil in Minecraft. Whether you want to enchant all your tools or keep them in mint condition, this utility block will come in handy. But it is not a powerful utility block that helps you deal with your damaged gear. If you don’t want to repair an item, you can toss them in a blast furnace.

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Instead of repairing them, the blast furnace will give you nuggets for your tools. Meanwhile, if you have extra pieces of gear, you can make armor stand in Minecraft to display them. With the presence of Warden in Minecraft, no one knows when you might need extra protection. Having said that, do you think the anvil usage cost is an unwanted feature, or is it an essential mechanic? Share your views in the comments below!

How to use an anvil in Minecraft

Place an anvil on the ground to open its GUI containing two sections in Minecraft. You can perform these functions with it:

  • Place two enchantment books in an anvil’s sections to combine their enchantments.
  • Place the same enchantment books in both sections of an anvil to upgrade the enchantment’s level.
  • Place a tool you want to repair in the left section and another tool of the same material to repair it. You can also place ingots of the same material to repair a tool.
  • Place a tool you want to rename in the left section of an anvil and type the desired name in the Repair & Name bar. Move the item to your inventory to confirm the renaming.

Above is information how to make an anvil in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make an anvil in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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