How to make among us in minecraft? How to play Among Us in Minecraft

How to make among us in minecraft? A talented and dedicated Among Us player has taken to Minecraft in order to recreate one of the most iconic Among Us maps, Polus. Following in the footsteps of so many other players who have used Minecraft as a canvas for their incredible worlds, builds, and other creations, this player offers an alternative way to play Among Us if the Innersloth servers ever go down.

Among Us players are incredibly passionate about the game, from creating memes, mods, or recreating the characters in other media. The social deduction game has taken the gaming world by storm in the past year, with celebrities and politicians even joining in on the fracas. The game’s lingo has infiltrated the general lexicon and players have created some fantastic Among Us artwork to display. Now, a new entry has used the sandbox world of Minecraft as its medium.

Redditor Season_Cookie shared their creation, a replica of the Among Us map Polus. The build features all the familiar rooms and spaces from Polus and appears to even have some recreations of the mini-games that crew members must complete during Among Us as they try to evade the dreaded Impostor.

Season_Cookie also took great care to take this photo during the night cycle, to reflect the dim lighting Among Us crew members have, with only a few sources of light present. Even though Season_Cookie wasn’t able to recreate everything that Polus has to offer (it doesn’t appear there is any way to travel through vents like one can in Among Us) the effort that was put into this build is still quite impressive.

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One helpful Among Us player also pointed out that this build is slightly inaccurate, as it is missing the second reactor by the hole. Otherwise, the build does a fantastic job of replacing the Among Us elements with those available in Minecraft. For instance, Season_Cookie replaced the snowy rocks outside with colorful geodes that were recently added to Minecraft.

The build otherwise managed to incorporate elements like the lava lake, a large tree in the O2 room, and even using dirt paths to connect rooms instead of walls where appropriate.

Of course, Season_Cookie is hardly the first Among Us player to rebuild this map in another game. Earlier this year, another player managed to recreate Polus in the game Animal Crossing, featuring unique takes on each of the rooms. Of course, that build didn’t have as many options to recreate the tasks, but the build is still impressive nonetheless. Still, Season_Cookie can take comfort in the fact that Among Us fans seem to really appreciate this build.

how to make among us in minecraft

How to play Among Us in Minecraft

Among Us has made leaps and bounds of progress in terms of popularity throughout the summer. The Mafia-like game has been around since 2018, but it only took a little bit of push from content creators for it to reach its current highs.

The game quickly took off due to its simple gameplay and its vast availability on multiple platforms. Among Us is available on Steam and mobile platforms, making it quite easier to play on Mac devices as well.

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If you didn’t have the chance to try out the game or would like to experience the same level of thrill in a different setup, game modders have got you covered. It’s possible to play Among Us inside Minecraft through dedicated servers.

The Among Us mode in Minecraft features the same set of rules as the original game, where players are divided into two teams of imposters and crewmates upon joining a lobby.

How can you play Among Us in Minecraft?

You only need to join a dedicated Among Us server in Minecraft. You can search through custom servers by searching for “Among Us” or jump straight into one of the most popular ones.

Mineville and Performium’s dedicated Among Us servers have been performing exceptionally well compared to the others, and both average over 400 players most of the time. Playing in crowded servers will be ideal if you plan to go on a solo adventure, but you can also invite your friends to tag along.

how to make among us in minecraft

DisguisedToast looks to field 5 esports teams among big plans for DSG

Over the past year, popular content creator DisguisedToast has built a new org in the realm of esports with his self-titled team, Disguised. And with 2023 coming to a close, the 31-year-old content creator is planning some big moves for next year, including five new teams in 2024.

In a new video posted today, DisguisedToast explained that DSG is planning to compete in five esports titles next year, including Apex Legends, League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, VALORANT, and an unnamed fighting game. According to the streamer, there will be a massive upcoming announcement around DSG’s plans for VALORANT, while the team is looking to sign at least one FGC player.

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“I want to create this idea that esports should be a passion thing first and a financial thing second,” Toast said. “I think in the last few years, the priority wasn’t like that [and] it was switched around. People love esports because, at the end of the day, it’s a bunch of friends playing video games together, trying to be the best in the world.”

Toast also light-heartedly mentioned some financial figures involving DSG. Unlike other teams, Toast has been very transparent with his esports spending over the last year, even revealing he’ll likely spend almost $1 million through 2023 alone on the org.

He has, however, continued to fuel the passions of various players in several scenes and helped DSG become one of the most beloved teams in the industry. To help curb some of the expenditures, the team has undergone a small change in branding, while also opening up a merch store with some well-designed, minimalist pieces for fans to buy in support of the team as they continue to grow.

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