How to make a wither in minecraft? How to build a Wither in Minecraft 1.19

How to make a wither in minecraft? There are countless threats and challenges that Minecraft players face as they explore their world, which tends to award them valuable loot. This includes boss fights and powerful mobs to slay, but one type doesn’t naturally spawn. Players can defeat the Ender Dragon and do everything else in-game without even fighting this mysterious monster.

Once specific resources are obtained and placed accordingly, the Wither appears out of thin air that initiates the fight. This mob is by far the most destructive one in the game, as it shoots explosive skulls in every direction and towards the player. Whether you attempt this feat for rewards or use the Wither for griefing, be cautious when spawning it.

However, the exact process for creating and slaying it isn’t known to everyone. Keeping this in mind, let’s learn how to make a Wither in Minecraft and combat tips for the fight.

Materials required to build the Wither in Minecraft

You need the following materials to make the Wither in Minecraft:

  • 4 blocks of Soul Sand or Soul Soil (both can be used to make the Wither)
  • 3 Wither Skeleton Skulls
  • Now, let’s learn how to get Soul Sand/ Soul Soil and Wither Skeleton skulls.

How to make a wither in minecraft

How to get Soul Sand in Minecraft

You can get Soul Sand from the Nether in Minecraft. It naturally spawns below Y=34 in the Nether and you can also search for it in the Nether Wart rooms of Nether Fortresses.

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Other sources of Soul Sand include:

  • Hoglin Stables
  • Bastion Remnants
  • Soul Sand Valley biome in the Nether

You can mine Soul Sand with any tool but shovels are the quickest for this purpose. Do note that the movement speed of your character and other mobs is reduced while walking on this unique type of sand.

How to get Soul Soil in Minecraft

Soul Soil in Minecraft is exclusively found in the Soul Sand Valleys of the Nether. You can use any tool to mine it but shovels break Soul Soil faster than other tools.

Unlike Soul Sand, Soul Soil doesn’t reduce the movement speed of characters/mobs walking over it.

How to get Wither Skeleton Skulls in Minecraft

You can get Wither Skeleton Skulls in Minecraft only after beating Wither Skeletons that spawn in Nether Fortresses. These mobs are basically tall black variants of skeletons with stone swords that inflict a Wither effect.

When killed by a player or a tamed wolf, there’s a 2.5% chance of Wither Skeletons dropping a Wither Skeleton Skull. The Looting enchantment in the game increases these odds by 1% per level in Java edition and 2%per level in Bedrock edition.

Hence, with Looting III, you can expect a 5.5% chance of getting Wither Skeleton Skulls from these mobs in Minecraft Java edition and an 8.5% chance in Bedrock edition.

Although you’ll be able to find Wither Skeletons easily, it is evident that getting their skulls can be a long and tiring process depending on your luck.

How to make a wither in minecraft

How to spawn the Wither in Minecraft

Place the four blocks of Soul Sand/Soul Soil in a T shape, and then place the thee Wither Skeleton Skulls above the structure. It should look like this upon completion

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When you place the third and final Wither Skeleton Skull on the T-shaped structure of the Soul Soil/Soul Sand, the Wither spawns exactly at the foot of the structure.

This method only fails in two scenarios:

The Soul Sand/Soul Soil block that creates the base of the structure should be surrounded by Air Blocks. Grass or other blocks can prevent the Wither from spawning.

The Wither doesn’t spawn if the player has selected Peaceful mode in settings.

Be ready for an intimidating battle with the Wither as soon as you spawn it. From explosions to Wither Skulls, there’s a wide range of threats that you need to avoid in order to beat the boss.

Above is information how to make a wither in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make a wither in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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