How to make a splash potion of Weakness in Minecraft

How to make a splash potion? In Minecraft, you can drink potions that give powerful buffs or apply negative effects. But why would anyone drink a brew to intentionally make their character weaker? They wouldn’t. Potions that apply debuffs to your character also work on mobs.

Sure, you won’t find any mob in Minecraft that can willingly pick up a potion and drink it. But you can splash some on them to induce weakening effects of all kinds. For that, you need a splash potion. And although these potions can offer significant advantages in combat, they’re not hard to make, theoretically. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Get Ingredients for Splash Potions

If you want to turn your potions into projectiles, you must do some mob farming. Gathering gunpowder is easy enough to get. You can obtain it from chests, Creepers, Witches, and Ghasts.

Then, each potion has its own list of ingredients, with farming methods ranging from easy to hard. But one of the most difficult components to farm for splash and regular potions is blaze powder.

Blaze powder is made from blaze rods at the crafting bench. However, blaze rods only drop from killing Blazes in the Nether. That’s one of the most challenging mobs in the game, especially for new or under-geared players.

Blaze mobs are agile, shoot high-damage fireballs, and only have a default 50% drop rate for blaze rods. Since one blaze rod only yields two blaze powder, players must farm Nether fortresses a lot to create multiple potions and eventually access the End.

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How to make a splash potion

How Splash Potions Work

It’s important to understand that each splash potion in Minecraft only applies one effect to its targets. And both positive and negative potion effects can interact with monsters.

For example, a splash healing potion can heal or deal damage to monsters. Mobs that spawn in the world, like spiders and other passive creatures, are healed by this potion. However, mobs of the undead variety, like zombies and skeleton archers or warriors, take damage.

The exact reverse happens with harming potions.

Due to the wide range of interactions available in the game, it’s worth studying some Minecraft lore and game mechanics before investing time and resources in the wrong potions.

As mentioned, not all potions can become splash potions. You can’t transform a regular potion into a splash potion after you have already altered it with redstone dust. Redstone brewing increases the duration of a potion and makes it a player-only consumable.

Note that this can differ between various game versions.

However, glowstone dust brewing strengthens the positive and negative effects of the point. Take the standard damage potion, the potion of harming. This brew comes with two tiers – Instant Damage and Instant Damage II. You can create the latter by adding glowstone dust to the potion in the brewing stand instead of gunpowder.

After brewing the Instant Damage II version of the potion of harming, you can add gunpowder to turn it into a throwable splash potion bottle that inflicts nine damage points on mobs.

How to Make a Splash Potion of Weakness

Though Minecraft seems like a simple game on the surface, there is a ton of intricacy for those willing to dig deeper and find it. One example of this is the game’s potions, which offer a huge variety of benefits and can even hinder enemies in unique ways. Of all of these, the Splash Potion of Weakness has the most uses.

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Making potions in Minecraft is nothing new, but despite this many players haven’t bothered to venture into this territory. With the right potions, tasks that were once incredibly difficult can be trivialized. For example, exploring the Nether is much easier with a Potion of Fire Resistance or two on hand.

While most potions apply one effect and that’s the end of it, the Splash Potion of Weakness has another unique use. If thrown at an enemy, they will do significantly less damage until the effect wears off, but when used in conjunction with a Golden Apple, these potions can help players resurrect Zombie Villagers and build their own villages.

In order to create a Splash Potion of Weakness, players will first need to craft a Brewing Stand. This requires three stone and a Blaze Rod, meaning typically players have to venture into the Nether to find one. Those that are less patient can instead search villages, as Brewing Stands spawn in churches as a Cleric job site block, or even igloos, as they can sometimes be found there. After obtaining a brewing stand, players need to collect bottles made from glass, fill them with water and start brewing.

Typically, players need to use Netherwart to create an Awkard Potion before brewing, but with the Potion of Weakness this is not the case. Instead, adding a Fermented Spider Eye to the Water Bottle will create a Potion of Weakness. These Fermented Spider Eyes can be obtained by crafting a Spider Eye together with sugar and a brown mushroom. Finally, in order to turn the potion into a splash potion, players have to once again brew it together with gunpowder dropped from a Creeper.

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There are two other ways to get Splash Potions of Weakness, as Fermented Spider Eyes can also be used to corrupt an existing potion, reversing its effects. If players happen to already have on them either a Potion of Strength or Regeneration, these can be combined with a Fermented Spider Eye to create a Potion of Weakness. Gunpowder must still be added in order to create a splash potion, though.

How to make a splash potion

How to make a Splash Potion of Weakness in Minecraft

In Minecraft potions are used to enhance or lower your power. Every potion is made up of different ingredients and has different effects. In Minecraft potions are liquids in glass bottles and if you take a specific potion, you can have the magical effect of that potion for a limited time.
For example, there is a portion of weakness, you can use this potion to lower the attack power of enemies and you can brew it yourself. You can use a splash potion of weakness by throwing it in the mob as a projectile.

Above is information how to make a splash potion.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make a splash potion .Thank you for reading our post.

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