How to make a shield in minecraft? With These Easy Steps

How to make a shield in minecraft? In Minecraft, a shield is a defensive item that you can craft and equip to help protect you from attacks. The materials are extremely basic, which makes it pretty easy to craft yourself up some protection when you first start playing. These shields are basic rectangles in design, but you can customize them with unique patterns and even enchant them in some versions of Minecraft.

How To Make A Shield In Minecraft With These Easy Steps

A Shield in Minecraft is a “must-have”, especially when playing the survival mode.

Shields are used as a defensive tool to completely protect all front-facing attacks from damage simply by blocking incoming attacks with the Shield, and they are also used in place of blocking with swords.

Because Minecraft Shields cannot be upgraded, they are one size fits all for the player, but we can customize them using a Minecraft banner.

In Minecraft survival mode, combat is an unavoidable part.

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When we have too many enemies with too much range to deal with, we can use the Shield in Minecraft to cover or fight with them, as well as to protect ourselves from all arrows, melee attacks, thorns, tridents, fireballs, bullets, lasers, and blast damage from any explosions sent by enemies.

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How to make a shield in minecraft

How to get the materials to make the Shield in the Minecraft

To make a Shield in Minecraft we need wood planks and iron ore.

Wood planks

The wood planks can be made from any kind of wood, which we can get by punching or chopping trees, while the iron ore can be found anywhere from the bedrock above sea level.

We need two logs to make enough planks to make a Shield so punch or chop trees until we collect some wood logs.

Now we can open the crafting table and place the 10 logs in the center of the table. Planks are created in stacks of four so that we can quickly generate a lot of planks.

Then you can move your planks to inventory so that we can use them.

How to make a custom shield in Minecraft

There are usually two types of weapons available in Minecraft which are melee and long-range weapons. So, while fighting with the mobs or other players you need a strong defense to protect yourself and this is where you can use shields. Shield can be used to block incoming attacks on you, and you can carry that as well during a battle. Later you can also customize as per your liking that will be discussed in detail in this article.

How to make a basic shield

In order to make a basic shield, you need two items which are wooden planks and iron ingots. You craft wooden planks by using a wooden log that you can get by cutting trees as shown below.

It can be seen from the above image that from one wooden log, you will get four wooden planks so as for six wooden planks you need to repeat this process twice.

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Next you need a furnace in which you will place fuel and iron ore that you can get by digging deep into the ground using pickaxe and after the smelting process you will get the iron ingot.

Now create the furnace by placing eight cobblestones inside the crafting table as shown below which you can get by digging blocks of rocks using a pickaxe.

Everything you need to know about shields in Minecraft

One of the less utilised items in Mojang’s blocky survival game is the Minecraft shield. It could be because players prefer the idea of using a sword or bow and arrow, or it could simply be because having a big rectangle obscuring the lower half of your screen is a bit annoying.

That said, a shield can be the difference between life and death (who knew that not getting hit by a skeleton archer would be a good thing). With that in mind, here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to know about the important item, and how to make a shield in Minecraft.

How to make a shield in Minecraft

Crafting a shield is easy. Gather up enough wood to make six Wooden Planks, then make one Iron Ingot and you’re good to go. You can buy shields from some villagers as well, but it’s usually more efficient to build one given how easy the materials are to come by. It doesn’t matter what kind of wood you use, so feel free to be creative when it comes to the component parts.

How to customise a shield in Minecraft

The short version is you combine a banner with a shield to transfer over the pattern. Easy. But how much do you know about building and customising a Banner? If the answer is ‘A lot’, you can probably skip the longer version of this section. If not, keep reading.

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To craft a Banner, you need six pieces of Wool and a Wooden Stick. The banner’s colour will match the wool used, so ensure to dye the wool if you want a colour more interesting than white, brown or black. Now comes the fun part: Customisation.

Customising a banner requires a Loom, which you can craft by combining two String and two Wooden Planks. Then, all you need to do is put your shield and some dyes into the Loom, letting you change the patterns on it. You can do this multiple times with multiple different colours to create something truly unique to you.

Once you’ve customised your banner, you just need to combine it with your shield and you’ll have a fancy new bit of equipment to walk around with. You do this by placing them both in the Crafting Table, then removing the customised shield.

How to make a shield in minecraft

How to use a shield in Minecraft

Using a shield is a simple matter of right-clicking when it is held in either hand. Doing so will block nearly all melee and projectile damage and even help protect you from some environmental hazards, like being set on fire. The best way to use a shield is to equip it in your off-hand with a sword in your main hand. Doing so will allow you to both defend and attack (the essence of successful combat).

Remember that your shield will take damage the more you block with it, so eventually you’ll need to repair it. The good news is you can enchant a shield with both the Unbreaking and Mending enchantments to reduce the damage it takes. This is ideal if you’d rather not have to worry about your fancy custom shield being turned into firewood.

Above is information how to make a shield in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make a shield in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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