How to make a modded minecraft server with curseforge? Make a CurseForge Launcher Modpack and Server Pack

How to make a modded minecraft server with curseforge? Ever since it was released back in 2011, Minecraft has had a strong multiplayer community. The secret behind its lasting appeal in multiplayer circles lies in two of its main features: mods and custom servers. Community-made mods give players an easy way to customize their Minecraft experience for free. Also, custom server support ensures players can host their own custom, modded games.

The easiest way to install a mod on a Minecraft Server

Remember: To join a Minecraft modded server, players will need to forge installed on the Minecraft client, which can be downloaded here.

Step 1

First, players need to ensure they have the latest version of the mod they want to install downloaded from CurseForge. Be sure to also download all relevant relations for the downloaded mod. These relationships can be found on the specific modpacks page under the “relations” tab.

Step 2

Players must now ensure that they have setup their server as a Minecraft forge server. The installer for the forge server can be found here.

Once launching the installer, players will want to click “Install server” on the main menu. After this, a jar file should be created, which can be double-clicked to launch.

Step 3

Once this has been done, players can drag the mod file downloaded in step 1 into the newly generated “mods” folder. The server can now be restarted, and if all has been done correctly, the mod should be installed.

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how to make a modded minecraft server with curseforge

Step 4

Ensuring the server has been correctly port forwarded, other players can now join the server and enjoy the mod. If the mod does not appear to be functioning correctly, players should ensure that the correct relations were also installed, which can be found on the curseforge page belonging to the modpack.

Players should finally ensure they are using a mod that’s compatible with the version of Forge for Minecraft currently being used on the server.

Starting with Forge

All modpacks begin with Forge. You can install Forge itself like a modpack, by selecting it from the One Click Installer page. It’s usually advised to choose the highest-numbered build among those suggested by your mods’ authors. If you’re using an older version of Minecraft, go with the latest Forge build.


Do you have a Minecraft server and after several game sessions you no longer find the right challenge and motivation to continue playing it? Would you like always new updates introducing new features to make your explorations less boring?

If this is what you want, you will be pleased to discover that the Minecraft community is huge and made up of a large number of programmers, who take on the creation of “supplementary files” with the aim of enriching the game and breaking the monotony that inevitably affects Minecraft players. These files, called “mod”, allow the user to modify the original version of the game. To be used, they need a specific software to load these files correctly every time the game server and, respectively, the clients are run.

In this tutorial you will learn how to install a mod loader to set up Minecraft mods on your game server running Linux Ubuntu 20.04. If you haven’t installed Minecraft on your server yet and want to find out how to do it, first follow the tutorial on How to Install and Configure a Minecraft Server.

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To get started, connect to your server via an SSH connection. If you haven’t done so yet, following our guide is recommended to connect securely with the SSH protocol. In case of a local server, go to the next step and open your server terminal.

Installing ModLoader

To install Minecraft mods, first, download and install a mod loader. There are several Modloaders for Minecraft and each of them will be able to load certain mod files. Some mods have different versions and ensure compatibility with multiple modloaders.

The modloader referred to in this guide, called ‘Minecraft Forge’ is the official one. To install Minecraft Forge connect to the Minecraft Forge website and find the modloader version that is right for you.

Then, select the desired game version and choose the modloader version you prefer. In this guide, for continuity with the server installation tutorial, it will be used Minecraft version 1.14.3 and the latest version of Forge available for that version of the game (Forge 1.14.3 – 27.0.60).

Creating and Uploading

Once you have a version of Forge that will work with your mods, you can move your mods and configurations into their correct positions among the server files. Create a folder called mods (if one does not already exist) in the same location as the forge and minecraft_server files and the libraries folder. Upload all of your mods into this (possibly new) mods folder. Just open the File Manager and click on Upload File. On your computer’s file browser, select everything that you want to upload and drag it into the upload box in File Manager.

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how to make a modded minecraft server with curseforge

Configuring Client

To log into a modded server and be able to play, all the clients who want to connect to that server should load exactly the same mods as the server.

Therefore, install “Forge” also for the clients and insert all the mods used by the server in the “mods” folder of the clients.

To install the modded client use the same program used to install Forge on the Server, this time by checking the “Install Client” item.

N.B. In this case, do not change the installation path, but keep the one already indicated.

Once the installation procedure is finished, start the Minecraft launcher by selecting the version you just installed labeled as “Forge”.

Once the game has started, the correct execution of the modded client will be easily identifiable through the words at the bottom right of the menu reporting the version of Forge, the version of Minecraft and the number of mods loaded.

Configs, etc.

You may also have custom configuration files to go along with your selection of mods. You can add them to your modpack by copying them into a folder called config at the same location as the mods folder. You will likely have to create the config folder if you have your own config files; it isn’t created for you unless you run the server program.

Above is information how to make a modded minecraft server with curseforge.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make a modded minecraft server with curseforge .Thank you for reading our post.

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