How to make a librarian villager? Best way to turn villagers into librarians

How to make a librarian villager? Librarians in Minecraft are revered as some of the best villagers the game has to offer. Villagers are a special type of mob in Minecraft as they are quite close to normal humans in terms of behavior. They sleep at night and work during the day. When players find them living in villages, they can be interacted with to initiate trades.

Among these mobs, some have different professions and can trade emeralds and other valuable items. Players can go to them with the items they need or emeralds to trade.

Over the years, players have interacted with all kinds of villagers and found Librarians to be the most useful. Here’s a quick guide for new players who might be having some trouble finding them naturally.

Steps to get a Librarian in Minecraft 1.18

1) Find a village

First, players will have to find a village where these mobs spawn. These structures can be easily found simply by roaming around the overworld. Villages generate in almost all biomes, except swamps, mountains, forests, and rare biomes. These are the only places players will find any kind of villagers, making locating a village the first step.

How to make a librarian villager

2) Identify a Librarian

Once players find a village, players will have to find a Librarian. New players might not know what the villagers look like, as different professional villagers have different outfits. The Librarian will have spectacles on and a book on top of their head. These striking features are easily identifiable.

However, there is a chance that players might not find one in the village. In this case, there is a trick players can employ that turns any normal villager into a professional by crafting an item.

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3) Crafting Lectern to convert a villager

To convert a normal villager into a designated professional, players will need to make a particular block called Lectern. This can be done with four plank slabs and one bookshelf on a crafting table. Once the block is made, players will need to trap a normal villager in a room and place the lectern. Once the block is in place, the normal villager will connect to it and become a Librarian.

Why these villagers are the best for trading

Librarians are great villagers simply because they have the best trades in the game. Initially, they trade emeralds for paper, which is an extremely easy way to get loads of emeralds by simply making and trading paper.

After a while, they start trading enchanted books that are highly useful for any player. They can even trade treasure enchanted books that are extremely rare.

If a player is not satisfied with the trade chart, they can simply break the lectern and place it again. This will reshuffle the trades so that players can find the enchanted book they need.

How to Make a Villager into a Librarian

First, you will need to locate a villager. You can do this through two methods, either finding a village or curing a zombie villager. While finding a village is more about luck and speed of travel, curing a zombie villager is a more involved process. They both come with their own benefits and detriments so consider which process you would rather complete.

To cure a zombie villager, you will need a splash potion of weakness and a golden apple. You can craft a golden apple with a regular apple and 8 golden ingots. Find apples by breaking oak tree leaves and find golden ingots either underground or crafting them with gold nuggets.

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To make a splash potion of weakness you will need a brewing stand, blaze powder, water bottle, and a fermented spider eye. To make a fermented spider eye you will need a brown mushroom, sugar, and a spider eye.

Place the fermented spider eye in a brewing stand with a water bottle to make a potion of weakness. This is one of the few potions that does not require making an awkward potion first.

Once your potions of weakness are done brewing, you can turn them into splash potions of weakness by adding gunpowder. This will allow you to hit the zombie villager with the weakness effect.

Now all that is left is to track down a zombie villager. There is about a 5% chance for any zombie that spawns to be a zombie villager. You could also get a zombie to convert a regular villager into a zombie villager, but this seems to defeat the purpose. This will provide you with better trades in terms of cost, but if the goal is to get a villager, there is no need to convert a regular villager is there?

Regardless, once you have found a zombie villager leads him somewhere you can keep him contained. Throw the splash potion of weakness at it and then feed the zombie villager a golden apple while it still has the weakness effect. The curing process takes about 3-5 minutes and you should hear a thunderbolt sound effect when it is done correctly.

How to make a librarian villager

Best Minecraft Librarian Trades

If you have access to many librarians, you can pay to have one that will buy paper for emeralds. Paper can be made from sugarcane, which if you are diligent about farming, can always be converted into emeralds.

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Eventually, the trade may change its costs to include more or less paper depending on your relationship with the village as well as the number of trades conducted. You can always wait for the price of paper to go up or down to fit your margins. Eventually, the librarian will run out of demand for paper, locking the trade. You can either trade other items with him or wait a few in-game days for the trade to be unlocked again.

Of course, the most important thing to look out for are the enchanted books. Some librarians will offer an enchanted book at level one or unlock stronger, better enchantments at later levels.

This can be instrumental in getting a fully enchanted set of weapons, armor, and tools. If you did not know, the Mending I enchantment cannot be found through an enchantment table. You have to find it through treasure loot. Luckily, you can find a villager who offers a Mending book as a trade option.

This is one of the best trade offers you can possibly get as you will eventually want the Mending enchantment on just about every piece of equipment you have. You can also look for other desirable enchantments like Protection IV or Protection III (to make into Protection IV).

If you want to reroll a librarian’s inventory, make sure they have not been traded with and break their lectern and replace it. Doing so will cause the villager to lose their librarian profession for a moment, but after they claim the lectern as their job site block, they will have a new inventory of trades. This can be done as many times as you want until you get the book you want.

Above is information how to make a librarian villager.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make a librarian villager .Thank you for reading our post

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