How to make a Lego Truck ? How to Build the LEGO Icons Pickup Truck

How to make a lego truck ? If you are like me, building cars and trucks that look like the real thing in LEGO is challenging. I can handle castles and spaceships, but real-world stuff is hard. Fortunately for me, and for you if you are like me, Norton74 is here to help us out, generously sharing instructions and parts for a sweet looking set of wheels. It ain’t sexy, and it ain’t fast, but it looks just right – like it just pulled a trailer full of hay bales down the back roads of Iowa. All it is missing is some rust, but you could add that with some custom stickers or dark orange bits placed in just the right spots.

Build a LEGO pick up truck

In this video, we learn how to build a LEGO pickup truck. First, you will need to lay out all the parts that you need to build the truck. This includes small and large parts that are in gray and white colors, as well as wheels. Start off by building the middle of the car, making room for the wheels to fit in. After this, start to add on the blocks that go on the back and the front to make the headlights and different features on the truck. Add on the block for the windshield, then add on the steering wheel and front of the truck. Continue to construct this until you add the top, then add on the doors and tires and you are finished!

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how to make a lego truck

LEGO Icons Pickup Truck Design

If you ever wanted to gain some insight into how the LEGO world works, designer Pierre Normandin talks you through how set 10290 came to life. Specifically, Pierre talks about how the circular shapes and the steering wheel area posed their own set of challenges for his design team. Pierre also highlights how the truck is adorned with the 1950s LEGO logo, a fun level of detail that helps remind you how far back in toy history LEGO goes.

What’s in the Box?

There are more than 1,677 pieces in the box for the LEGO Icons Pickup Truck. You have the 1950s farm pickup truck design with its vintage style along with a step-side bed, tailgate, removable wooden side railings, and opening doors.

In addition, you get to create a bit of farm life with things like a watering can, wheelbarrow, vegetables, milk pail, a festive wreath, and a crate full of pumpkins.

One important note is that the LEGO Pickup Truck is one of the few LEGO sets that does not come with any minifigs. Instead, this LEGO set is designed to be enjoyed as is and while you can add your own minifigs, don’t expect any to fall out of the box. What you can expect is a wonderful LEGO set that helps represent the four seasons of the year in a vintage way only LEGO can deliver.

How to Build the LEGO Icons Pickup Truck: Tips and Tricks

As soon as you open the box, you’ll find numbered packages that correlate to different pages in the instruction manual. Thankfully, YouTuber AustrianBrickFan helps walk you through how the 1,677 pieces come to life.

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The video will show you there is only one instruction manual available and it begins with a highlight of the truck itself. LEGO also adds a nice touch to the manual with a quick mention by Pierre about the design of the truck, which is a great way to honor the team’s work. Finally, you can see the video gives you a glimpse of the appendix that highlights every piece included with the set.


For the most part, LEGO set 10290 is a relatively easy build for both the accessories and the truck itself. Where you can get caught up first is the attachment of the included stickers for the license plate, vegetable offerings, and other accessory stickers. Putting stickers on perfectly straight can be a challenge for even the most steady-handed person, which makes this one of the trickiest parts of the overall build.

Working Pieces

Other tricky areas include working parts like the hood over the engine that lifts up or the working doors. Building these parts requires a little more precision than other aspects so, again, a steady hand needs to be called upon to ensure tight fits all around.

Who is the LEGO Pickup Truck for?

Ideally, this is more of a display piece than a toy, though you can absolutely use the LEGO Pickup Truck with any other LEGO set in your collection. More importantly, anyone who is a fan of the vintage 1950s design for vehicles, especially pickup trucks, will love the look and feel of this vehicle. Perhaps best of all, this LEGO set feels like it’s very much out of a Hallmark Christmas movie.

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how to make a lego truck

LEGO Land Rover Classic Defender

This wonderfully fun set, better known as LEGO number 10317, includes 2,336 pieces so it’s definitely leaning more toward adults. You get all of the authentic details one might expect with such a classic off-road vehicle. A roll cage, toolbox, working winch, mudguards, traction plate, and even a fire extinguisher are all part of this LEGO set experience.

Where LEGO really shows they think everything through is that you can build the Land Rover to be a left-hand or right-handed vehicle depending on your location in the world. There are even three different hood options depending on your preference.

When built, the Land Rover is over 6 inches high, 12.5 inches wide, and 6 inches wide. Designed for ages 18 and up, this set is most likely to live permanently on a display shelf beside the Pickup Truck.

Better known as LEGO set number 10295, this Icons set is also designed for LEGO fans 18 and up with more than 1,458 pieces in total. The Porsche 911 Turbo includes its famous spoiler that has adorned Porsche Turbo models for years as well as a removable roof that fits into the hood. Designed to be 13.5 inches long when fully built, this set is actually two models with both a Porsche 911 Turbo and Porsche 911 Targa design.

To convert from the Turbo to the Targa, remove the spoiler and the roof, adjust the tire rims from black to silver, and you have a whole new car. Regardless of which model you prefer, you have a truly authentic build that is great for both Porsche owners and car fans alike.

Above is information how to make a lego truck.  Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make a lego truck .Thank you for reading our post.

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