How to make a Lego heart ? How to Make a LEGO Heart Using Bricks You Already Own!

How to make a lego heart ? Building shapes and objects with LEGO blocks is a great STEM activity for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. Your kids will need to tap into their creativity and engineering skills to make a heart out of the LEGO bricks you already have at home.

If you have been following Mombrite, you know that we love tackling LEGO STEM challenges! Building a LEGO heart is especially brain-stretching because you need to simulate a heart’s rounded edge with rectangular blocks with sharp corners.

In the instructions below, you will find two ways to make a LEGO heart. But remember, there is no one correct way. Your kids can use different LEGO blocks than we did and even build the LEGO heart in a different orientation. For example, we constructed an “I Love Mom” sign out of LEGO and we placed the bricks on a flat baseplate. You can do the same with this LEGO heart challenge.

Large LEGO Heart Instructions

First, gather all the LEGO blocks you have. If possible, sort the blocks by color so you can see if there are enough red ones to make a red LEGO heart. I let my preschooler complete this step to teach her about categorizing by color.

Of course, your kids can use whatever they like for their LEGO hearts. Multi-colored hearts are awesome too!

The LEGO heart is the easiest to build from the bottom up because the top has a gap in the middle.

Start with a 2×2 brick and add a 2×4 brick on top. Then continue to add LEGO bricks (the sizes will depend on what you in your LEGO collection) to build additional layers. On both the left and right edges, the layer above should always have one space hanging over to round out the edges.

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We made our 6, 7, and 8th layer the same width, but you don’t have to. Play around with how wide you want your heart to be. Remember, there are no wrong answers, and you can always take off LEGO bricks and adjust if necessary. We definitely took off blocks and add more here and there several times before we achieved the heart shape we wanted.

For the top of the LEGO heart, leave a gap in between the two protrusions. For each side, stack a 2×2 block on top of a 2×4 block (you can see we used a 2×3 and a 2×1 since we ran out of 2×4 blocks).

And if your kids want to display their LEGO heart proudly, simply stick it on top of a baseplate!

how to make a lego heart

Mini LEGO Heart Instructions

I love these mini LEGO hearts because you can use them for Valentine’s Day favors. Simply make one for each friend, place them in a small bag, and attach them to a Valentine’s Day card. Especially if you have lots of random LEGO bricks at home, this is a great way to make a non-candy Valentine’s Day treat without spending additional money.

Start with two 2×2 bricks and two 2×4 bricks.

To finish off the mini LEGO heart, add the remaining 2×2 LEGO block on the bottom 2×4 block.

They are so easy to make that you can make a whole bunch mini LEGO hearts in no time!

If your kids enjoyed tackling the challenge of building a LEGO heart, then they will love finishing off the winter with winter LEGO challenge cards! They are free to download and you can cut them out and place them in a small container. Your kids can take a card whenever they are up for letting their imagination and creativity run free!

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I also have a 30 Day LEGO STEM Challenge Calendar for you. On top of building objects like a LEGO rainbow, kids are also asked to create things that are interactive. Our favorite is the balloon-powered LEGO car, where you can make your LEGO cards shoot across the room using the force of the air coming out of a balloon!

How to Make a LEGO Heart Using Bricks You Already Own!

Try this simple and fun Valentine’s Day engineering challenge with your kids. Can they learn how to make a LEGO heart? It sounds easy, but it’s brain-stretching!

My kids love making things with LEGOs for easy LEGO creations. But after they stop building the original designs, they sometimes have a hard time figuring out what to make with the pieces.

I thought it would be fun to give them a LEGO building challenge as a fun engineering activity for kids. I challenged them to make LEGO hearts

But you don’t have to just make this heart around Valentine’s Day! You can make this LEGO heart any time of year.

How to Make a Heart Out of LEGOs

LEGO hearts are a fun way to challenge engineering skills, problem solving, creativity, and spacial awareness! Kids of all ages will enjoy this fun challenge transforming basic LEGO bricks into an adorable LEGO heart!

How to Build a LEGO Heart

For this challenge, I supplied my kids with some standard LEGO blocks and simply challenged them to build hearts.

It was a lot of fun coming up with the design!

There were no directions outside of these. They had to use LEGO blocks, they had to make a heart shape. That was it!

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It was a lot of fun to watch them try to create hearts from LEGO bricks.

The biggest challenge in this engineering challenge is that hearts have round edges, while LEGOs have square edges. It took the kids a while to figure out how to mimic the rounded design with square bricks.

The kids tried building their hearts in a variety of ways, but in the end, Monkey found a design that she loved.

She stacked one 2X4 brick on top of a 2X2 brick. She stacked two more sets of 2X4 bricks on top of that centering them over the brick.

Layer 5 had 1 2X4 brick placed in the center with two 2X2 bricks on either side. two 2X2 bricks were placed along the LEGO seams to complete the heart shape.

It is a simple design, but it took my kids a while to come up with this one.

For an even greater challenge, try challenging kids to come up with multiple heart designs using different kinds of bricks. You can play for an hour or more strengthening those engineering skills!

how to make a lego heart


A common conundrum that I’m sure most parents come across when it comes to classroom holiday favors is that you want something that is, one, not food with so many different dietary restrictions in every classrooom and, two, a gift that won’t end up in the trash just creating more waste. Last year, my girls gifted LEGO hearts to their school friends with a “Love You to Pieces” mini-card that I designed on the iPad. It was the ideal gift for their classmates because it served the purpose for the holiday (Valentine = heart) but could then be broken down and incorporated into their friends’ LEGO collections. AND, as a bonus – my girls had so much fun helping me build all the LEGO hearts. Victory!

Above is information how to make a lego heart.  Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make a lego heart .Thank you for reading our post.

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