How to make a Lego car ? Two Ways To Build You Own Lego Car

How to make a lego car ? Who else loves making easy LEGO creations? I used to think I wasn’t really a LEGO person, but then I got my 8-year-old a LEGO creative brick box. It turns out, I am a LEGO person, but I need a bit more creative inspiration than what is typically given in traditional LEGO sets.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll apprecaite these step-by-step directions for how to build an easy LEGO car. Start with the basics, then work your way up to something much more complicated like a LEGO eiffle tower or LEGO submarine!

Before you start building your LEGO car, make sure you have the right LEGO box! We used the large one to make this car.

How to Build a LEGO Car

Building a LEGO car is easy! Just follow these directions to learn how to build a LEGO car and then customize it to look like whatever you want! There is no end to customization when it comes to LEGO constriction.

What Bricks Do I Need to Make a LEGO Car?

This LEGO car was made using a LEGO Creative Brick Box. If you have one of those, you’ll be able to make this fun LEGO taxi!

We’ve also made other fun things with our LEGO creative brick box, including a LEGO toaster, LEGO flower, a balloon powered LEGO car, a LEGO alligator, and a LEGO wave!

how to make a lego car

How to Make a LEGO Car

The LEGO creative boxes are really neat because they give you a few projects to make but also let you come up with your own ideas!

We decided to start simple with the directions for making an easy LEGO car before moving on to more complicated things, like the LEGO toaster that really works!

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Basic LEGO Car Building Instructions

Next, follow the directions in the video below to make your car.

You don’t have to be 100% in your build accuracy if you’d rather make your car another color or make other modifications.

We thought this looked like a LEGO taxi because of its bright yellow color.

When you build this car, first you build the base, then you add details, and finally, the wheels to make it glide. This LEGO car does not have any sort of power mechanism- it operates purely off of Newton’s second law of motion.

More LEGO Creations for Kids

Now that you know how to build a simple LEGO car, you can move on to more complicated LEGO cars!

Next, we want to try and make a balloon-powered LEGO car or a LEGO pull-back car for a more challenging car build.

You can also make cars that have different features, like a LEGO taxi, LEGO bus, LEGO truck, LEGO tractor, and even a LEGO motorcycle! LEGO vehicles are actually a lot of fun to make and are some of the easiest LEGO projects you can make without directions.

Two Ways To Build Your Lego Car

The elders can supervise or accompany the little ones as they know how to build a small Lego car or can check the instructions on the kid’s behalf. The first step is to keep the instruction booklets handy along with the Lego pieces included in respective bags so that nothing gets mixed up.

Find a clear well-lit desk or workstation and start organizing the pieces according to types and size for ease of finding them when required. Also, due to choking hazards, keep an eye on little ones when you are building the car with them. As for the enthusiasts and experts in Lego building, the steps given below will not be much complicated to follow –

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1. Build Your Own Lego Car With Bricks

If you are designing your car model, make sure there are at least 4 same-sized tires, 2 same-sized axles, one long piece to connect the wheels, windshields, seats and doors(You can also check the more detailed guide on how to build the Lego car with building bricks from wikiHow). Here are the three methods –

Basic Lego Car Building Instructions

According to the stud count, choose the common bricks as mentioned above and then get two 2×2, six 2×4, four 1×2, one 1×4 and two clear angular 2×2 bricks for the car body. Snugly attach tires to axles, add clear bricks on the square ones to create the front hood, attach 2×4 bricks on the windshield element and create the cab by snapping 1×2 bricks on either end of 2×4 bricks in U-shape. Snap a 1×4 brick on the back of two 2×4 brick stacks following the Lego car instructions step by step. Press axle elements below the base front and underneath the rear base respectively.

Lego Car Powered By Rubber Band

Arrange two 1×10 pieces with holes on sides, one 2×4 plate, one 8×4 plate, one 1×4, one 2×4, one 2×2 and one 2×8 bricks, four (two larger for rear and two smaller for front) wheel rims, two Technic axles and four Lego tires along with two rubber bands. Add tires to rims and build the 4×10 chassis by placing 1×10 bricks sideways and snapping 8×4 and 2×4 plates on top.

Add 1×4 brick to its front, create T-shape by snapping 2×4 plate on the middle and add 2×2 brick to the back in a way that each side has one stud. Add 2×8 brick covering the last two studs. Tie rubber bands in cow-hitch knot following the building process and attach them to back axle making a loop and pull the band over the body to attach with the front axle. Now pull it backwards and watch it move forward automatically.

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Lego Car Powered By Balloon

Follow the steps on how to build a Lego car instructions for a basic car and use dragster style for stable, slow and light center of gravity. Get two rectangular axles, four same-sized tires, four 2×8, eight 2×4 and two 1×2 bricks with thin and long 2×4 plate and a party balloon. Place 2×8 bricks together in 2 rows i.e. making 2×16 brick and place 2×4 brick on each row to form a connection and turn it over to attach 2×4 plate below the rows.

Attach tires to axles and place them on both end of the car. Stack five 2×4 bricks making a column and add it to the 4×16 car body topped with two 2×4 bricks. Add 1×2 bricks on top of the column leaving a hollow where the balloon mouth is entered. Inflate it fully and press the neck until you place the car on the smooth surface and then leave it so that the car is propelled forward with air pushing out from the opposite direction.

2. Add LED Lights To Lego Cars

Whether it is your first time in handling electrics or you have basic knowledge, the plug-and-play lighting kits give opportunities to both beginners and experts to add lights to Lego car. Being customizable, the LED kits can be used for Lego cars that you build following the above-mentioned steps or those from the Lego world. Lightailing and Briksmax offer handmade light kits in hardcover boxes where LEDs and peripherals are packed separately in bubble-wrapped plastic packets.

Let’s check out some of the Lego cars from different categories of Lego that you can customize with lights for a better look in the dark

how to make a lego car

The Lego Movie 2 Series

The light kit of Rex’s Rex-Treme Offroader 70826 will lighten up the headlights, rear section and the windshield with two 15cm green and six 15cm white LEDs. The kit contains two random Lego bricks, Adhesive Square, 30cm USB cable, CR2032 battery box and 12-port expansion board.

Emmet and Lucy’s Escape Buggy 70829 lighting kit consisting of four slow-flashing 15cm and four 15cm red LEDs, one 15cm warm white LED and two warm white strips with 12-port expansion board, AA battery holder, 30cm power cable, Adhesive Square and six Random Lego bricks.

Above is information how to make a lego car.  Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make a lego car .Thank you for reading our post.

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