How to make a Lego Beyblade ? Easy DIY Lego Fidget Spinner and Beyblade

How to make a lego beyblade ? Lego beyblades or lego bleyblades? I would like to know what you call them? In our home, we have a debate going on about which term to use and our two boys like to stick with their own one. So, we have a beyblade VS bleyblade battle going on in our beyblade arena during the tournament. Let it rip!

What is a beyblade (bleyblade)?

Beyblade or bleyblade is a Japanese toy which resembles a spinning top. It come with a variety of metallic parts that can be put together and a launcher that sends it into spinning motion. These can be customized with lego to make lego beyblades.

There are so many varieties of beyblades available everywhere. Anytime our boys are ripping their beyblade battle, they want to try a new one. They like to see which one spins the most. Which one keeps spinning after ripping the other one down. In short words, which one keeps going on at the end of the battle.

Make your own Lego beyblades video

Here’s a cool video of the beyblades. Make your own and let it rip!

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how to make a lego beyblade

How to play with beyblades?

More than one beyblade goes spinning during a bleyblade battle. In each round, the last one spinning wins. Known as the ripper. The champion! Kids keep track of score in each round during a beyblade tournament. The aim is to win at the end of the game.

Lego beyblades teach kids science

I love how these beyblades can be customized in many different ways. Each time your child tries to make a beyblade with lego, it’s an experiment. Your child learns the various concepts of physics practically. The spinning of beyblades and impact of collision bring concepts of gravity, friction, motion and other environmental factors in a child’s analysis. These are great concepts that your child can practice and master while building lego beyblades.

Can you make beyblades with Lego?

So, they came up with this great idea to make their own Lego beyblades. Fascinating idea that’s what I thought. When they get together with their friends, they like to make new ones all the time. I love it! They get to be creative and experiment with new creations all the time.

Kids Lego beyblades

These are typically very easy to make. And these cool latest collection of beyblades made with lego are all yours to try at home as well. Tried on bleyblade battles or beyblade battles this weekend. Super fun to make and easy to customize as required. Check them out

Make your own Lego beyblades

Step 1: The parts

You will need a few basic Lego pieces that every Lego builder must have at home. See the above image for the parts you need.

Step 2: Build the beyblade

Join the pieces together and make your Lego bleyblade. See the video we have compiled to assist you in building your own.

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Step 3: Let it rip

Your beyblade is ready for action.

How to make a beyblade stadium?

There are lots of creative ways to make a stadium for beyblade tournaments. Here are a few my kids use at home and we will be sharing them soon.

1. Paper plate beyblade stadium

Simply use a paper plate as your stadium. Great for a real ripping effect for the tournament as the beyblades get little space to spin around and collide much often.

2. Cardboard box arena

Turn any size cardboard box into arena. Gives the child option to decide on the size they want. However, the corners are the troublemaker here.

3. Small tub beyblade stadium

Turn a dollarama plastic tub into a beyblade stadium. Great for beyblade challenges. Also the plastic surface adds to the efficiency of the spin. Let it rip!

4. Lego beyblade stadium

Make a Lego border and use the floor to spin your beyblades. Can be made anywhere and allows room for creativity.

Why do you need a stadium for beyblade tournament?

Kids love to use various forms of stadiums to make a boundary around the beyblade which allows the beyblades to collide with each other. Else they may spin out in various directions and not serve the purpose of beyblade challenge.

Lego Beyblade Systems

Lego Beyblade Systems are the basis of Lego Beyblade building itself. These systems are specially made, made constructly and cautiously developed to enhance the Lego Beyblade experience and to assist Lego bladers in deciding how to design and build their Lego Beyblades. Most known Lego Beyblade Systems are designed based on existing Beyblade Systems (HMS, Plastics , MFB, etc). These existing Lego Beyblade truly vary: their; capabilities, appearance, effect, and behavior are unique within each individual System.

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Fidget spinners have been in the news a lot because of how quickly they became a fad for kids. I know there is some controversy about them, but for my kids, they just like playing with the fidget spinners for fun.

My oldest loves building things, so we decided to try and make our own Lego Fidget Spinner. We were successful with using only 9 pieces of Lego. It’s really simple. The hardest part is probably searching through all your random lego to find the right pieces.


You need 9 lego pieces. (I don’t know the technical names for any of these pieces.)

  • one large circle piece with a hole in the middle
  • one medium circle piece with a hole in the middle
  • one small circle piece with a star hole in the middle
  • one super small circle piece with star hole in the middle
  • one stick piece with a nail like head
  • four rectangular pieces that are four dots long and two dots wide

how to make a lego beyblade


STEP 1: Take your large Lego circle piece and the four rectangular pieces. Attach them together as shown in the picture below.

STEP 2: Next grab your medium sized circle piece and firmly place it on top.

STEP 3: Then take your stick piece and super small circle piece with a star hole in the middle. Slide the circle all the way to the top, as pictured below.

STEP 4: From the bottom, with the large circle Lego piece, put the stick through the hole completely, (as in the picture below.)

STEP 5: Take your last piece of Lego, the small circle. Put it through the top of the stick. Leave it loose, don’t attach it to the medium circle. This gives it the ability to spin.

That’s it! Hold your Lego Fidget Spinner with your first and middle fingers on top and your thumb below and spin away!

Above is information how to make a lego beyblade.  Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make a lego beyblade .Thank you for reading our post.

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