How to make a conduit in minecraft? How to Build a Conduit Power structure in Minecraft

How to make a conduit in minecraft? Have you ever wanted to build an underwater house or building in Minecraft but fail to achieve that? Well, there are so many factors that can prevent you from doing so. When we dive deep into the water, we lose the ability to see anything due to the lack of light, and it is also impossible to breathe without oxygen.

Apart from these factors, when the players are underwater in Minecraft, the cold water affects players’ ability to mine blocks. Keeping all these factors in mind, it seems almost impossible to build an underwater house until the recent Aquatic update. This update has introduced something that has changed everything completely, the conduit.

Conduit in Minecraft grants players a wide range of features and abilities. It allows you to access the immense power that can help you to breathe underwater, provides you with night vision and a haste status effect. This conduit never lets any underwater mob come closer to it, making it a perfect tool for building your underwater world.

It allows you to live underwater without any difficulty or fear of dying. By placing a conduit underwater, you get full access to life underwater, and you can start living like a fish. But the real question is, how to use a conduit in Minecraft, and where can we find it? To know the answer to these questions, keep reading this article till the end.

How to make a conduit in minecraft

How to make a conduit Minecraft?

After reading all the details about conduit, you might want to learn how you can get it. Conduit in Minecraft can be made using your crafting table.

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To build a conduit, you will need eight Nautilus and a Heart of The Sea. Finding the material is the real task. It is very difficult to get both of these items. Although, you can easily find the Nautilus by fishing them up, buying them from traders, or acquiring them from the drowned. But the actual challenge is to find the Heart of The Sea.

It can only be found in treasure chests buried underground. Once you successfully get both of these items, you can create a conduit by placing the Heart of the Sea in the middle of the Crafting table and surround it with Nautiluses. It will create a Conduit. Now you have successfully created a Conduit and it is ready to be activated.

How to Use a Conduit in Minecraft

To use it, you can’t just place it in the water and wait for it to be activated automatically. To activate the conduit, you have to place it into a frame. For that, you have to create a frame using Prismarine. The power and the range of the conduit depend upon the frame you place it in. For better results, you have to make a good and large frame for the conduit.

To start building the frame for conduit, find a suitable location underwater. Decide the location by keeping in mind the effect and range of the conduit to utilize the power of the conduit fully. Once you have successfully selected the location to build the conduit on, proceed with building the frame.

Now all the players that come near the conduit will be given the special conduit power status effect. But it is important to be near the conduit in order to have this special status. It will provide you with this special power under a radius of 32 to 96 blocks, depending upon the frame you have built. You can set up as many conduit frames as you want underwater to have an unlimited range of conduit power.

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What Is A Conduit?

A Conduit is an item used in a Conduit frame that players can make underwater in order to grant themselves powerful buffs while in water in the form of the Conduit Power status effect. Conduits grant not only greater visibility underwater, but also give the player the ability to breathe normally while underwater in Minecraft. As such, anyone planning on building their base underwater will need a Conduit for the sake of simplicity, if they don’t wish to invest a lot into Potions of Water Breathing.

The Conduit will also attack any hostile mobs that get in its vicinity, so it’s a fantastic way to protect an underwater base from any Drowned enemies. It has a massive range of max 96 blocks depending on the side, as the area of effect is a sphere-shaped one.

How To Craft A Conduit And Its Frame

The Conduit itself is just an item, a simple block made out of eight Nautilus Shells and one Heart of the Sea in the middle of the crafting interface. Once players have this block, it won’t do anything on its own, and is useless until an actual frame is constructed for it.

The Conduit’s frame is a slightly more complex construction to make. Players will need to build it out of prismarine blocks for it to work, and these blocks can be mined from Ocean Temples. Start off with an X-shape pattern on the ground, which is five blocks in width.

Add the first layer of prismarine on top of the X-shape. First, add one block at every end of the X, and then a full line of blocks around the whole shape, one block above the original pattern on the ground.

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Then just mirror the bottom layer at the top, by adding a block to every end of the X-shape and joining them together into a second X at the top. Players should end up with a strange-looking prismarine cage of sorts.

Inside, place one block of any kind in the middle. This is a placeholder block, which will allow players to place the Conduit itself into its frame. Then just break the block, and the Conduit should become activated. The Conduit produces the sound of a beating heart when players are nearby, and also has its own hovering animation.

How to make a conduit in minecraft


After learning how to use a conduit in Minecraft, you build it anywhere underwater and get advantages of this conduit. It will kill all the mobs that try to come near it and let you live underwater without any damage or fear of your health being damaged. Now you can have a full vision underwater, no matter how deep you dive in the water. So now you can start building your houses and have a new underwater life with conduit Minecraft.

Above is information how to make a conduit in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above co how to make a conduit in minecraftntent, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make a fletching table .Thank you for reading our post

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