How to make a chest in minecraft? What are your tips to make a chest in Minecraft?

How to make a chest in minecraft? Minecraft is all about resource collection. Whether you are exploring the amazing Minecraft biomes or gathering materials to make a Minecraft house, you will encounter a huge number of items and blocks. Now, you can place most of them in your world and pick them up again.

But, if you know how to make a chest in Minecraft, all your items can be safely placed in a single location. Except for beginners, most players already know about the mechanics of this item. So if you want to join the masses, learn how to get and make a chest in Minecraft.

Chests are the most basic storage item in Minecraft. It is equally useful for both beginners and even veterans. So, use the table below to find out everything you need to know about chests in Minecraft.

How to Make a Double Chest in Minecraft

The crafting recipe we just covered will get you a small chest. It is useable in a variety of ways but many players rely on a large chest as their main storage option. But there is no crafting recipe for a large chest in Minecraft. Instead, you need to make two small chests and place them horizontally next to each other.

The game automatically turns the two small chests into a single large chest. This mechanic doesn’t work with more than two chests. But you can use this method to create as many large chests as you want.

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How to make a chest in minecraft

How to Use a Chest in Minecraft


The most obvious way to use a chest in Minecraft is by placing it on the ground and putting your items in it. A small chest has 27 item slots, each of which can hold one stack of any item, totaling a maximum of 1,728 items. Similarly, a large chest has 54 slots that can hold at most 3,456 items.

When it comes to interaction, you can use a piston to push a chest, but this mechanic only works in Minecraft Bedrock edition. Further, lava and water can move around the chests without affecting them. Even if fire shows up on top of the chest, it doesn’t burn it down. All chests in Minecraft are fire and lava-proof. However, they can still be destroyed by blasts of any kind.


While chests, placed at a fixed location, are generally good enough for bases, they are not good for mobility. However, you can counter that by placing chests on top of tamed donkeys, mules, llamas, and trader llamas. Doing so allows you to have portable storage wherever you go. Moreover, since you can create a caravan of llamas, they can turn into the ultimate portal storage solution.

Christmas Chests

To celebrate the Christmas spirit, every year on December 24–26, the texture of chests in Minecraft changes into wrapped presents. The small chests turn red and golden in color, while the large chests turn green, white, and red in color. This change happens across all editions of Minecraft.

Moreover, you can trigger the Christmas chests by manually changing the date of your computer to December 24–26. However, do keep in mind, this change is only visual and doesn’t affect the mechanics or functionality of chests.

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Now that you know how to craft a chest in Minecraft, you can stop worrying about storing items and start collecting them throughout your world. However, if you are playing on one of these best Minecraft survival servers, creating a simple chest might not be enough. Any player can break or steal your chest and its items. If that concerns you, you should make an Ender chest in Minecraft instead of a regular chest.

Finding Chests in the World

Chests are very commonly found all over the world of Minecraft. They naturally spawn in almost all structures that appear in the game; from Villages to Nether Fortresses.

In these structures, chests are used to hold very valuable loot that you can collect.

You will almost always find them standing alone as a single chest. Other than collecting the loot, you can also break the chest (with your hand or a tool) and collect it for later usage.

Spawning a Bonus Chest

A bonus chest is something you can spawn at the very start of your Minecraft playthrough.

When making a word, if you search the options for it before starting the game, you can find the option to toggle a “bonus chest”. This is a chest that spawns close to you when you start the game.

In this chest you will find some of the most basic items you will need to give you a head start in the game.

How to Use a Chest

A chest can be placed down on the ground or against a wall by simply right clicking with it on the block.

A single chest has 27 inventory slots inside it. There, you can place any item you find in the game and also stack them just like you can in your personal inventory.

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Though, as you progress in the game, this will quickly become too small.

A single chest can be expanded into a double chest by placing another chest right beside it. These two then merge to create a chest that offers you 54 total inventory slots. This also allows for easier organization.

A double chest can’t be expanded further. Placing another single chest next to it will do nothing.

When placing your chests into the world it is important to remember that a chest needs enough space above it to open up.

If there is a solid block directly above the chest you won’t be able to open it.

Upon breaking a chest, all the items inside it will drop out onto the floor.

How to make a chest in minecraft

Using Chests on Animals

Chests don’t have to be just placed in the world, they can be put on certain animals.

Mules, llamas, and donkeys are animals which can be interacted with and equipped with a chest. This allows the mob to carry some of your items for you.

The size of the chest on llamas can vary, but on all mobs it maxes out at 15 slots.

Using Chests in Crafting

Chests can also be used in several crafting recipes.

The first two recipes are simple and they use a boat and minecart respectively. These recipes basically place a chest into the vehicle so you can have a chest with you as you travel.

Chests are also used when crafting hoppers and trapped chests.

Both of these are often used as part of redstone components. A hopper picks up any item dropped on top of it and transfers it into storage below it, while a trapped chest gives out redstone signals when opened.

Above is information how to make a chest in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make a chest in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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