How to make a brush in minecraft? How to get and use the brush in Minecraft 1.20

How to make a brush in minecraft? The 1.20 Minecraft update brings with it new mobs, blocks, biomes, and features. One such feature is Archeology which adds in hidden treasures uncovered by the new tool the Brush.

However, the nature of this brush has many players a little confused regarding how to craft it, especially with so much being introduced to the game. So, with that in mind, here’s how to make a Brush in Minecraft.

Minecraft – How to Craft a Brush

Though the Brush seems simple, its crafting recipe is actually somewhat advanced. Players will only need three items, but some of them are a bit rarer than others or require that players be familiar with some newer Minecraft materials like Copper. The recipe for a Brush requires the following items arranged in the order shown above:

Stick – This is perhaps the most versatile and well-known crafting material in Minecraft. Just combine two Wooden Planks to make four Sticks.

Copper Ingot – Obtained from smelting Copper Ore found in the Overworld.

Feather – Another Minecraft classic, Feathers are obtained by killing Chickens or Parrots.

How to make a brush in minecraft

Minecraft – How to Use a Brush

With the Brush in hand, players can use the Brush (Right click, LT, L2) on a block to start brushing it. For most blocks, this will do nothing but kick up some dust, but players will have different results if they manage to find Suspicious Blocks. Suspicious Sand and Suspicious Gravel look like regular Sand and Gravel, but with more patterning in the pixels. These blocks yield items when brushed. The type of items players can obtain depends on whether the block they are brushing is Suspicious Gravel or Sand, and whether it is found in Minecraft’s new Trail Ruins or Ocean Ruins.

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Minecraft – What Kinds of Items Can Brushing Yield?

Brushing Suspicious Blocks can yield all sorts of items, ranging from Coal and Wheat to Emeralds and Stained Glass Panes. There are also some unique and rare items players can obtain from brushing, including Sniffer Eggs, Pottery Sherds, and even Armor Trim Smithing Templates.

How To Craft A Brush In Minecraft

Players will need one Feather, one Copper Ingot, and one Stick to craft a Brush in Minecraft. These items should be arranged on a crafting table, top to bottom, as shown above. Sticks are made with two Wooden Plank blocks and are extremely easy and cheap to craft.

To get Copper Ingots, players will need to smelt Raw Copper obtained from mining Copper Ore blocks. Copper Ore can be found in most areas beneath the surface of the Overworld, on roughly the same levels as Minecraft’s Iron Ore blocks. Copper Ore appears as a stone block with orange-green chunks of ore embedded inside it. Players shouldn’t have much trouble finding it, as copper is generally very common and easy to find.

Feathers can be obtained from many different sources, but the easiest way to get them is to kill chickens or parrots. Both of these mobs can drop single or multiple feathers when killed. Chickens are found primarily in grassy or forested biomes, while parrots only spawn in jungle biomes.

How To Use A Brush In Minecraft

Once players have crafted a Brush, they can use it to brush suspicious blocks to excavate items. As of writing, players can find two kinds of suspicious blocks: suspicious sand and suspicious gravel. According to the Minecraft Wiki, suspicious sand blocks will generate in desert ruins, desert wells, and warm ocean ruins. Suspicious gravel will generate in cold ocean ruins and the game’s new trail ruins.

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There doesn’t appear to be any visible difference between suspicious and normal blocks. However, players should keep an eye out for sand and gravel when exploring these structures. Using the Brush on a suspicious block will slowly cause items to emerge from inside the block. Items that can appear include coal, dye, decorative items, and rare minerals such as Emeralds and Pottery Sherds.

Essentially, having a Brush is an excellent way for players to get extra items while exploring Minecraft’s most mysterious structures. Unfortunately, players won’t find extremely rare items such as Diamonds by brushing blocks, but the Brush is still an important tool for any Minecraft players who want to make sure they leave no stone unturned while out exploring.

How can players obtain and use the brush tool in Minecraft 1.20?

Part of the mass appeal of Minecraft is the ability to explore and discover items in the blocky world. With the recently released snapshot and beta, gamers are able to take part in the brand-new archeology, which rewards careful searching with fantastic treasures.

Archeology is done using a special brush tool, which can be used to brush items, including the elusive suspicious sand. Here is everything you need to know about the brush and how to use it in the game.

Creating the new brush tool in Minecraft

To get started brushing away in Minecraft, you are going to first create this brand-new tool. To do so, you will need to head to the crafting table and insert three pieces of string as well as two sticks.

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Once you place these on the crafting table, it will output the brush tool. With the brush in hand, you can begin brushing different objects. However, you need to keep an eye out for suspicious sand.

How to make a brush in minecraft

Finding and unearthing Minecraft’s secrets

Once you have a brush, you will want to head to a desert biome and locate the desert temple. You will need to tread carefully as you search for suspicious sand.

This is sand that looks slightly different than normal sand, and you will instantly notice it upon looking closely at it. Once this sand is discovered, you should approach it with your brush tool in hand.

Carefully brush away the years of sand, and a randomized item will emerge from within. This item can be a diamond, an emerald, a sniffer egg, or even a pottery shard.

Piecing together the past

Once you locate a pottery shard, you will notice that it has a special symbol on it. There are many different pottery shards with different symbols, and you can combine four of them to create a decorated pot.

These pots can be set up around your build as a decoration, and they can be customized with different symbols to create truly unique and inspirational builds based on the game’s past.

With so much to see and discover in the 1.20 update, players will be looking forward to creating a brush tool and discovering all the relics of their dreams.

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