How to make a brew stand in minecraft? What are the Uses of This Stand

How to make a brew stand in minecraft? If you are interested in alchemizing some potions you will need a brewing stand to start. A brewing stand is a fundamental basis for making potions. It is like the crafting table for potions. Brewing potions can be instrumental for your playthrough in Minecraft and it can make life easier or more difficult.

How does a Brewing Stand work?

The brewing stand UI may seem intimidating at first glance but it is incredibly user-friendly. You will notice four slots in the menu of the brewing stand. Three at the bottom that are marked for bottles and one at the top left with an unfamiliar icon.

Bottles of water go into the bottom three slots. The funny looking symbol at the top left is indicative of blaze powder. Blaze powder is the fuel that makes your brewing stand work. Think of it like coal for a furnace.

Finally the last slot is for whatever ingredient you would like to use to brew your potion. Only certain ingredients will yield a usable potion and many of them start with an awkward potion base. To turn water bottles into awkward potions you will need nether wart.

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How to make a brew stand in minecraft

Where can you get a Brewing Stand in Minecraft?

Brewing Stands can naturally generate in villages. It is the job block for clerics so if you see a pink-robed villager in a village chances are you can find a brewing stand in his house.

Brewing stands are also generated in end ships. Inside the ship itself will house one brewing stand complete with some potions of health ready for use.

You may also find a brewing stand in the basement of a naturally generated igloo.

What can you make in a Brewing Stand?

Your options are limited to potions but you can make up to twenty different kinds of potions. Four different base potions and sixteen different effect potions. Each potion has its own recipe and can be further enhanced with glowstone or redstone. You can also brew effect potions with gunpowder to turn the effect into a splash potion.

If you go to fight the ender dragon make sure you take some empty glass bottles with you. When the ender dragon attacks you with the breath attack you can scoop some of it into a glass bottle to have dragon’s breath. Dragon’s breath can be used to make lingering potions which leaves a cloud of the potion effect on the ground for a short period.

How to get cobblestone in Minecraft

Cobblestone is the byproduct of the mine and is one of the most common blocks in Minecraft if you know how to find it. It can be picked up by mining ordinary stone or in dungeons and also available with mossy cobblestone. Other than dungeons it can also be found across strongholds and villages.

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How to get Blaze Rods in Minecraft

Like cobblestones, a blaze rod is an item that cannot be crafted but can be gathered in the game. It is used as a fuel in a furnace to smelt/cook 12 items other than crafting and are obtained by killing Blazes in Nether Fortresses.

In short, crafting a brewing stand is easy if you know the steps. This detailed guide will suffice your need if you want to craft one for yourself.

How to craft a Brewing stand in Minecraft

Head over to the crafting menu, you chose the crafting area with the 3×3 crafting grid. To craft a brewing stand, put 1 blaze rod and 3 cobblestones in the 3×3 grid. Make sure that the blaze rod and cobblestones are placed in the pattern as the image, unaltered. Put 1 blaze rod in the second box for the first row and place 3 cobblestones in the second row. This is how you craft a brewing stand.

What Is Brewing Stand
The brewing stand is a functional block that helps players craft three bottles of potions at once. You can place it in your kitchen for brewing potions and decorate your in-game house as a furnishing item. This device helps you survive in hardcore modes by providing you with essential supplies for healing and buffs.

How to make a brew stand in minecraft
How to make a brew stand in minecraft

Make a Brewing Stand in Minecraft: Here are the Detailed Steps

Step 1 – Making a Crafting Table and Collecting Cobblestones

We have attached an article above that helps you create a Crafting Table. You require four wood planks; put them in the default Crafting GUI 2X2 grid and craft. You will have a Crafting Table. Next is collecting cobblestones; you can find them anywhere since they are the most common blocks in Minecraft. The most popular spot is Mines; you will find many other elements, like Iron Ore.

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Step 2 – Collecting Blaze Rods

To go to the Nether, you will need ten obsidian pieces, some flint, and steel. After getting to the Nether, find the Blaze around the Nether Fortress. The drop rate for those Blaze Rods is 50% so that you can get it on the first try. If you can get your hands on the Looting Enchantment, the chances of getting more rods after the kill go up. For example, if you have the highest level of Looting Enchantment, there is a chance that you will get 4 rods.

Step 3 – Making the Brewing Stand

After getting the Blaze Rod, make your way to the Crafting Table and open it. Place the Blaze Rod in the center grid of the middle row and the three cobblestones in the bottom row and craft. Congratulations, you made a Brewing Stand.

Uses of the Brewing Stand

The Brewing Stand is mainly used to make potions in the game. You can make potions that can boost your health and a lot more. You will need to find some glass bottles; they are relatively easy to make. The Brewing stand can also make Water Bottles.

Above is information how to make a brew stand in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make a brew stand in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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