How to make a blast furnace? The Blast Furnace in Minecraft

How to make a blast furnace? Regular furnaces have been available in Minecraft since the game’s early development days. A traditional furnace smelts one item every 10 seconds, making it a reliable but slow way to smelt ores. On the other hand, the newer Blast Furnace smelts at double the speed, allowing you to gain resources faster. This guide will teach you how to craft a Blast Furnace in Minecraft Java and Bedrock Editions.

How to Make a Blast Furnace in Minecraft Java and Bedrock

Before you craft your Blast Furnace in Minecraft Java and Bedrock Editions, you first need a regular furnace. To make a normal furnace, get eight cobblestones and a crafting table. Place the cobblestone in an “O” shape around the 3×3 crafting grid to get a furnace. Once you obtain your furnace, you’ll need the following resources:

Five iron ingots: Take five iron ore, deepslate iron ore or raw iron and smelt them into your newly acquired furnace. Your potential fuel options include charcoal, coal, wood, blaze rods and lava buckets.

Three smooth stones: Take three regular stones and smelt them in your furnace. To get regular stone, either use a Silk Touch pickaxe while mining stone or by smelting cobblestone.

Once you obtain five iron ingots and three smooth stones, head back to your crafting table to craft the Blast Furnace. Start with your regular furnace in the center, followed by the iron ingots placed in an iron helmet pattern and the three smooth stones at the bottom. The crafting recipe is also shown in the picture above. After putting all your items in the crafting table grid, you’ll receive a Blast Furnace.

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In Minecraft Java and Bedrock Editions, Blast Furnace works identically to a normal furnace. Aside from the increased speed, the primary difference is that you can only smelt ore in the Blast Furnace. Unlike a normal furnace, you cannot cook food, cobblestone, deepslate or wood in a Blast Furnace.

How to make a blast furnace?

How to make a Blast Furnace in Minecraft

Blast Furnaces in Minecraft serve as the job site block for armorers and smelt certain items faster than a regular furnace. Here’s a guide on how to make a Blast Furnace in Minecraft.

The Minecraft Overworld is full of ores for iron, coal, gold, Redstone, copper, diamond, and emerald. However, these ores in themselves aren’t useful for crafting valuable items. You need a furnace that turns them into ingots through smelting.

Smelting is a basic yet very important feature in Minecraft. While furnaces are the standard item used for smelting, it is equally common for players to make Blast Furnaces that smelt ores, raw metals, and metal armor and tools twice as quickly as a furnace.

How to use a Blast Furnace in Minecraft

Using a Blast Furnace in Minecraft isn’t too different from a normal furnace. You’ll see two blocks in the Blast Furnace GUI. Place fuels like coal, charcoal, and wood in the lower block and the raw material you want to smelt in the upper block. Wait for the arrow to turn white and you’ll get the finished product on the right side of the GUI.

Although a Blast Furnace can smelt ores, raw metals, and metal objects at 2x speed, it cannot smelt anything else. Hence, do not discard your furnace after making a Blast variant. Despite being slow, the former has its own importance.

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How to use a Minecraft Blast Furnace

Trying to work out how to use a Minecraft Blast Furnace? This handy block-based forge lets you smelt all sorts of junk, but unlike the regular furnace variant, it’s twice as fast, letting you break down items and ore into new materials for crafting. However, it can only smelt ore and items made from iron, gold, or chainmail—you’ll need to roast your chickens elsewhere!

Blast Furnaces are super useful if you mine a lot of ore or regularly need to break down items into their respective materials. If you’ve got spare resources lying around, why not make a block that can do a faster job than your tired old regular furnace?

In this Minecraft Blast Furnace guide, I’ll go through everything you need to know to build this essential workstation, as well as how to use it so you can get smelting those extra materials.

How to make a blast furnace?

How to craft a Minecraft Blast Furnace

The standard Furnace can be made with eight pieces of Cobblestone, which is pretty common. If you’re at a loss, just dig down for a bit, and you’ll come across some soon enough.

To get the Smooth Stone, you need to cook Cobblestone twice. The first time it turns to Stone, and then to Smooth Stone the second.

The most difficult ingredient you need is the Iron Ingots. The difficulty in acquiring iron ore will come down to how lucky you are with your world and terrain. You can often see Iron Ore in shallow caves, though in some cases, you may have to mine a bit further to locate some. Once you’ve found the ore, you can smelt it into Iron Ingots. If you happen to get lucky with treasure chests, you can also make one by combining nine Iron Nuggets, but that’s more hassle than it’s worth, frankly.

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Using a Blast Furnace is more or less the same as using a regular Furnace. Just pop some fuel in the bottom-left section, and follow it with the smeltable item in the top-left section. Remember, Blast Furnaces can only smelt things. But, while they do so at twice the speed, it uses fuel at twice the rate too. But can you really put a price on the time you’ll save?

The most common way to use the Blast Furnace is to smelt down blocks of ore into ingots, but you can also use them to melt down weapons, tools, and armour. Everything else has to go through a normal Furnace.

The Minecraft Blast Furnace is also the ‘job’ block for the armorer profession within a village.

Above is information how to make a blast furnace.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make a blast furnace .Thank you for reading our post.

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