How to make a bed in minecraft? Step By Step Guide

How to make a bed in minecraft? A bed should be part of any Minecraft survivalist’s inventory. Not only does it let you skip the entire night, but sleeping in a bed resets your spawn point and keeps Phantoms away.

They’re not hard to make, but you’ll need to hunt for some crafting ingredients. Here’s what you’ll need.

How to make a bed in Minecraft

To make a bed in Minecraft, you’ll need three pieces each of two different ingredients: Wool and planks.

You can get wool from sheep. Cutting the wool off a sheep using shears earns you between one and three pieces, and killing a sheep earns you one. You can also combine four pieces of string (usually dropped by spiders) together to craft one piece of wool.

All of your wool needs to be the same color to be used for a bed. Sheep can naturally spawn with white, gray, black, brown, and (occasionally) pink wool — if you want a different color, you need to combine your wool with a dyeing agent.

Breaking any tree gets you logs, and placing those logs onto a crafting table gets you planks. Every log makes four planks.

Once you’ve got three pieces of wool and three planks, line them up on your crafting table. Line the three wool pieces together horizontally, and line the three planks together horizontally in the row below.

How to make a bed in minecraft

What beds are for in Minecraft

Just like in real life, sleeping is incredibly important in Minecraft for a number of reasons.

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Firstly: If you go for three in-game days without sleeping (or dying) and are outside at night or in a thunderstorm, terrifying creatures called Phantoms will spawn in the sky above you. They’ll slowly swoop down and attack you until you die or go to sleep.

Second, your bed is your home — literally. Touching a bed (even if you don’t sleep in it) sets that bed’s location as your spawn point. This means that whenever you die, you’ll spawn at that bed.

Sleeping in a bed at night or during a thunderstorm skips time forward to morning and resets the weather cycle. You don’t need to fear the monsters that spawn at night when you’ve got a safe bed to sleep in.

Finally, beds have a secret function when used in The Nether or The End. If you try to place a bed in either of these dimensions, the bed will immediately explode with force stronger than a block of TNT. There’s a good chance that it’ll kill you in a single blow if you’re not wearing armor.

These explosions are usually a downside, but when used carefully, they can be useful. Since the explosion hurts enemies too, most Minecraft speedrunners use beds to quickly kill bosses like the Ender Dragon. It’s risky, but incredibly fun when you pull it off.

How to Make a Bed in Minecraft

Crafting a Bed needs some prerequisites:

  • Three planks
  • Three wool packs

Planks are the easiest to make. Just chop some wood and press ‘e’ to enter the crafting menu. Now place a wood piece to carve four planks.

Again, there are two ways to do it. Spot any sheep, and use a weapon to kill the animal to have some wool.

However, the more decent and intelligent way is to make a shear and extract wool without killing a sheep. This way, the sheep will keep on giving wool, which is particularly helpful if you’ve got a farm.

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Change The Color Of The Bed

You can use dyes in Minecraft to change the color of almost anything. For example, if you want to dye a piece of armor or furniture, simply place that item into a crafting table along with the dye.

The same principle applies for dying beds too! To start, locate one of the three types of dyes available in Minecraft: Bone Meal, Ink Sacs, or Cocoa Beans.

The type of dye needed depends on which color you would like your bed to be. Once you have obtained the necessary material, all you have left to do is combine them in a crafting table with two blocks of wool – one representing each side of the bed. This will create your colored bed block ready for use!

Set Bed Spawn Point

To set your bed spawn point, simply right-click on one side of the bed with any item in your hand (for example, a pickaxe).

When doing so, a message should appear saying “Respawn point set!” That’s all there is to it. Now when you die in Minecraft and have not already spawned somewhere else since then, such as by using a command like /spawnpoint or /setworldspawn, you will respawn back at your bed where it was originally placed.

How to craft a bed in Minecraft

You need a crafting table, wool, and wood planks to craft a bed in Minecraft. These items are pretty common in the Overworld and you should not have a problem finding or crafting them.

How to make a crafting table in Minecraft

You need four Wood planks to make a crafting table in Minecraft. Collect some wood logs from the trees in the Overworld and put them in the crafting grid in the inventory. This should automatically turn each log into a plank and also slightly change its texture from dark brown to light brown.

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How to get wool in Minecraft

Sheep are the source of wool in Minecraft and they are primarily found in biomes with grass. There are two ways to obtain wool from a sheep. You can either kill it and collect the wool or use shears which won’t kill the sheep and it will also regrow the wool in some time.

Wool is an integral part of your Minecraft bed because it also determines the bed’s color. You can use dye on sheep and change the color of the wool they drop. There are 16 different dyes, and here’s how to make green dye in Minecraft.

How to make a bed in minecraft

Crafting recipe for bed in Minecraft

You need three wooden planks and three blocks of wool to craft a bed in Minecraft. After collecting all the ingredients, just open the crafting table and place them in this manner

How to reset respawn point with beds in Minecraft

Go near a bed in the day and right-click on it to reset your respawn point in Minecraft. By doing so, you’ll spawn near the desired bed when you open the game next time. This is extremely helpful if you have multiple beds in the Overworld.

You can sleep in a bed during the night or during a thunderstorm. Attempt this only in the Overworld as beds explode if you try sleeping in The Nether or The End.

It is evident that beds are a basic yet necessary feature in Minecraft that you can unlock easily. Another feature that fits this description is horses that help in efficient transportation. For any doubts regarding horses, do check out our guides on how to tame horses in Minecraft, how to get a saddle in Minecraft, and how to breed horses in Minecraft.

Above is information how to make a bed in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make a bed in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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