How to make a barrel in minecraft? What To Do To Craft A Barrel In Minecraft Easily

How to make a barrel in minecraft? Barrels are an alternative form of storage that you can craft in Minecraft. However, they have a few quirks that set them apart from chests. They can be used as a Jobsite block for villagers, they do not require an open space above them to open, and they can also be placed sideways or right-side-up and still function normally. This guide will show you the required materials to make a barrel, how to make a barrel, and how to use a barrel in Minecraft.

How to Use a Barrel

A barrel has a very similar function as a chest, being a storage item. It has 27 slots, just like a single chest, but that is its limit.

Unlike a chest, a barrel can’t be enlarged or merged with other barrels.

Luckily, they also can’t be blocked the way chests can. If you place a solid block directly above a barrel it won’t stop you from opening it.

The barrel can also be placed down facing either up or to the side, based on where your character is when you place it.

Barrels are immune to lava and fire. They will burn, but otherwise can’t be destroyed by either.

In the Bedrock version you can move them with pistons, but otherwise have to rely on an axe or your hand to destroy them. Destroying a barrel will allow you to pick it up as well as drop all the items inside.

Interestingly enough, piglins in the nether will also react to barrels.

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Any player interacting with a chest, either opening or destroying it, will be attacked by any nearby piglins.

How to make a barrel in minecraft

Villager Job Site

A barrel can also be used as a job site for any unemployed villager in a village.

If you don’t have an unemployed villager available, you can either breed the villagers using food and providing an extra bed, or by simply spawning an extra villager in.

The barrel will grant the villager the fisherman profession.

How To Use Barrels In Minecraft

Even though they are made of Wood, Barrels in Minecraft can not be destroyed by Lava. Instead, the substance flows around the storage unit, burning flammable blocks surrounding the object. When broken, either by hand or with a tool, the contents inside the container can be picked up, along with the block itself. Players should be wary because Piglins in Minecraft will become hostile toward anyone who destroys or opens a Barrel. So keeping an eye out for these monsters is a good idea before looking inside.

Barrels are a cost-effective alternative to the normal Chests in the game. They also offer a different texture and are great for designs. Since blocks can’t obstruct them, they make excellent additions to walls and floors while doubling as extra storage. Players should keep Barrels in mind the next time they start a journey in Minecraft.

How To Make a Barrel in Minecraft

Barrels in Minecraft serve as both storage and a job site block for a Villager Fisherman. Java Edition players that wish to craft these items must have six Planks of Wood, three on each side column. Two Wooden Slabs then need to be placed in the middle of the top and bottom rows. Alternatively, the Planks are replaced with Sticks in the Bedrock Edition. Unlike some other crafting recipes in the game, Crimson and Warped Wood from the Nether can also be used to make Barrels.

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These blocks can sometimes generate naturally in a fisher cottage. Players can find up to three Barrels in a village, but breaking the items will result in the Fishermen turning back into regular Villagers. The main use for these storage units is as a job site block. After curing a Zombie Villager in Minecraft, the NPC may become a Fisherman if a Barrel is nearby.

They are useful for easy access to Emeralds because they accept various types of fish. At Journeyman Rank, Fishermen have a chance to trade Enchanted Fishing Rods as well. Besides their use as a job site block, Barrels are also a great alternative to the basic Chests in the game.

Players in Minecraft acquire many items, and storing the loot for later use is an essential part of the game. A Chest is one of the first blueprints learned and can be created by placing eight Wood Planks on a 9×9 grid, with the center space empty. A Barrel, however, is a slightly cheaper recipe to craft in Minecraft and only costs seven Planks, with one being converted into the two Wooden Slabs. They both have 27 slots, but two Chests can be placed next to each other, expanding the size to 57.

Unlike the other storage unit, Barrels are not obstructed by blocks that are directly above. They are great for decorative design, but if players wish to turn a Villager into a job other than Fisherman, they may need to destroy the containers. Barrels also have some other unique features inside of the game.

How to make a barrel in minecraft

How To Craft Barrels In Minecraft

The first thing that players need to do is create Wood Planks. This can be done without a Crafting Table, just put wood into the 2×2 Crafting Square in the standard inventory to start claiming some planks.

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After this, players are going to need to cut those in half, and this is going to require a Crafting Table. Once players have gotten their hands on one, place three full-sized planks across the bottom row of the Crafting Square, and claim the Half-Sized planks. You will need just 2 half-sized planks to create a Barrel.

After getting the Half-Sized Planks, craft a few sticks to finish everything off, and they’re one of the easiest items to create in the game. To craft sticks, place two of the Full-Sized Wood Planks in a straight line on the Crafting Bench and claim some sticks with ease. Players need at least 6 Sticks to craft a barrel.

Once players have claimed all of the needed materials, it’s time to make the barrel. Placing the Sticks on the outer edge, and the two half-sized planks on the top-middle and bottom-middle of their crafting table, it will be time to grab the Barrel and call this job complete.

No matter if you’re looking for decorations for the perfect Starter Home, or need something to accentuate your Animal Farm, a Barrel is almost as useful to have in your inventory as a Bucket. Now, get ready to start storing some new materials once the 1.20 Beta goes live!

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