How to make a barrel in minecraft? How do you get a barrel in Minecraft?

How to make a barrel in minecraft? To make a barrel in Minecraft, open the crafting table containing the 3×3 grid. Place 3 sticks each in the first and third columns. Finally, place oak slabs in the 1st and 2nd boxes of the second column. Now that a barrel has been made, simply drag it to your inventory.

How to Use a Barrel

A barrel has a very similar function as a chest, being a storage item. It has 27 slots, just like a single chest, but that is its limit.

Unlike a chest, a barrel can’t be enlarged or merged with other barrels.

Luckily, they also can’t be blocked the way chests can. If you place a solid block directly above a barrel it won’t stop you from opening it.

The barrel can also be placed down facing either up or to the side, based on where your character is when you place it.

Barrels are immune to lava and fire. They will burn, but otherwise can’t be destroyed by either.

In the Bedrock version you can move them with pistons, but otherwise have to rely on an axe or your hand to destroy them. Destroying a barrel will allow you to pick it up as well as drop all the items inside.

Interestingly enough, piglins in the nether will also react to barrels.

Any player interacting with a chest, either opening or destroying it, will be attacked by any nearby piglins.

How to make a barrel in minecraft

How To Use Barrels In Minecraft

Even though they are made of Wood, Barrels in Minecraft can not be destroyed by Lava. Instead, the substance flows around the storage unit, burning flammable blocks surrounding the object. When broken, either by hand or with a tool, the contents inside the container can be picked up, along with the block itself. Players should be wary because Piglins in Minecraft will become hostile toward anyone who destroys or opens a Barrel. So keeping an eye out for these monsters is a good idea before looking inside.

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Barrels are a cost-effective alternative to the normal Chests in the game. They also offer a different texture and are great for designs. Since blocks can’t obstruct them, they make excellent additions to walls and floors while doubling as extra storage. Players should keep Barrels in mind the next time they start a journey in Minecraft.

Chests vs Barrels

Barrels are wooden storage vessels made from different kinds of wood. It functions almost identically to a chest. Both chests and barrels can be moved by pistons, water, and lava, and both of them have 27 spaces inside for objects. Both can be used as fuel inside of furnaces and Minecraft blast furnaces. In spite of their similarities, however, barrels do have one distinct advantage. They don’t need a space empty above them to be opened.

This one difference can make barrels a much better storage solution in small, tight spaces. Since players can stack barrels and still open them, they can also be used to build and decorate as well as provide storage. And thankfully for players, the recipe is not much more complicated than making a basic chest.

How to Make a Barrel in Minecraft

Making barrels in Minecraft requires different recipes depending on which version of the game a player is using. Java Editions and Bedrock Editions of Minecraft have their own barrel recipes, which require either planks and wood slabs or sticks and wood slabs. Wood slabs are half-height wooden blocks made by combining three identical planks; this recipes makes six wood planks of the same wood type.

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Both recipes require one wood slab of any kind for both the top and bottom, but the Bedrock Edition requires six sticks to complete the recipe while the Java Edition of Minecraft needs six planks to finish. Regardless of the color and type of planks and wood slabs, the color of the barrel remains the same.

Other Minecraft Barrel Facts

Barrels are job site blocks; they can be used for a chance to turn Minecraft villagers into fishermen.

Up to three empty barrels can spawn in a fisherman’s home.

Barrels can be mined with any tool or bare handed, but the axe will break it the quickest.

When placed under a note block, Barrels create bass tones.

When in the Nether, players that open barrels near piglins will aggro them.

They can be filled by Droppers and emptied with Hoppers.

The Java Edition of Minecraft added barrels in 1.14. Bedrock Edition added them in 1.9.0.

What You Need to Make a Barrel

There are technically 2 ways to make a Barrel, depending on which version of Minecraft you’re playing. In the Bedrock Edition, you need to use 2 Wooden Slabs and 6 Sticks. On a Crafting Table, place 3 Sticks on the left column of slots and the other 3 on the right column. Then, Place 1 Wooden Slab on the top-middle slot and the other on the bottom-middle slot.

In the Java Edition, you just need to swap out all of the Sticks for Wooden Planks. What type of Wooden Slabs and Wooden Planks you use does not matter—you can mix and match as you like. However, the appearance of the Barrel will not change, regardless of what type of wood you use.

Where To Find Barrels

In addition to making a Barrel yourself, you can also find them in a few different ways. You can potentially find up to 3 Barrels in the cottages of Fisherman Villagers. Furthermore, in the Chests of Fisherman’s cottages, you have a 24.2% chance of finding 1 to 3 Barrels as loot.

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How to Use a Barrel

Pick a spot in your base and use the Barrel while it’s in your hand to place it. Afterward, you can interact with it to open its inventory. Barrels can store 27 items—the same as a single Chest. However, you cannot make Barrels longer by placing 2 of them next to each other like you can with Chests.

Are Barrels Better to Use Than Chests?

You can place a Barrel anywhere that you can place a Chest. However, there’s a key difference in how you open Barrels. To open a Chest that has been placed, the area directly above it cannot be occupied by a block or item. Even tamed Cats that are sitting on Chests will prevent you from opening them.

The same is not true for Barrels, as you can open them under any circumstance. As long as you can reach a Barrel, you can open it! This means that you can pack your storage area with even more containers and optimize organization.

How to make a barrel in minecraft

Using Barrels as Job Site Blocks

While your main reason to use Barrels is for your storage needs, they also have another function. Barrels are the job site block for Fisherman Villagers. If you need some fishing-related goods, plop down a Barrel next to an unemployed Villager. When the Villager interacts with the Barrel, they will turn into a Fisherman.

Interesting Facts About Using Barrels

  • In the Bedrock Edition, Barrels can be moved with Pistons
  • Flowing water doesn’t break or push a Barrel
  • Lava cannot destroy a Barrel, even though fire animations still appear
  • If you open or break a Barrel close to a Piglin, they will become enraged and will attack you
  • You can use Barrels with both Hoppers and Droppers to move contents around through automation

Above is information how to make a barrel in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make a barrel in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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