How to grow sugarcane in minecraft? How Long Does Sugar Cane Take to Grow in Minecraft?

How to grow sugarcane in minecraft? This Minecraft guide details everything you need to know about building a successful Sugar Cane farm in Minecraft. Whether it’s learning the exact layouts needed or how to harvest these challenging crops, we have you covered in our complete Sugar Cane farming guide below.

How to plant sugar cane in Minecraft

Minecraft features different crops that you can grow on your land, including delicious sugar cane. If you’re looking to build a sugar cane farm, then here’s what you need to know about how to plant sugar cane in Minecraft.

There is no shortage of fun activities to engage in when you hop into Minecraft, from exploring interesting locations such as biomes and fortresses to setting up your own farm with a variety of different crops.

Sugar cane is among the different crops that you can have on your farm, and if you’re wondering where to find this item along with growing it then this handy guide has everything that you need to know.

Here’s how to find and plant sugar cane in Minecraft.

How to grow sugarcane in minecraft

How to make a sugar cane farm in Minecraft

In Minecraft, sugar cane can only be planted on dirt or sand that’s located next to a water source. This is because you’ll only find sugar cane near water when exploring the world.

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If you leave the bottom block alone, more sugar cane will grow on your farm. We recommend growing this item in a well-lit area so that it gets plenty of sunshine to grow. Planting multiple sugar cane crops around one tile of water is the best way to go.

If the area does not have sufficient water, you can simply dig a big enough hole or trench before filling it. Sponges are a great way to bring water to your farm as they can absorb the water from a source and then add it to your preferred location.

Where Sugar Cane Spawns

Sugar Cane can spawn in any overworld biome, albeit only directly next to the water. This plant will always spawn to be between 2 to 4 blocks tall, despite only being able to naturally grow to be 3 blocks tall. The reason for these strange 4-block-tall shoots of Sugar Cane is due to the game loading a couple of 2-block-tall shoots on top of one another.

This plant will try to spawn into most chunks 10 times overall, although will try to spawn 20 times in Swamp biomes and 60 times in Desert biomes. While the latter sounds like a promising place to find a ton of Sugar Cane, remember that it needs water to spawn, which is something that is lacking in most Desert biomes. With that said, the few lakes and ponds that appear in Desert biomes will likely be loaded with Sugar Cane.

On average, your highest chances of finding Sugar Cane will be when you’re exploring a Swamp biome.

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How Sugar Cane Spawns

You have a 61% chance of finding 2-block tall spawns of Sugar Cane in places that meet its spawning criteria. Shoots that are 3 blocks all spawn at around 28% while the rare 4-block-tall spawns occur at about 11%.

Note that Sugar Cane can’t spawn in caves, even ones with water, dirt, and sand.

How to Make the Most Efficient Sugar Cane Farm

The best way to quickly grow a lot of Sugar Cane is to create a simple grid of dirt or sand with water in every other space. You can use this formation in as big or as small a farm as you want, just keep in mind that you’ll need a lot of water.

An easy way to think about the proportions of this farm is as if it’s a waffle. You want it to have little holes for water every other block, but you also want each block of water to be surrounded by dirt or sand. Around each tile of water, you will want to plant Sugar Cane on all 4 sides.

When and How to Harvest Sugar Cane

Sugar Cane will only grow to 3 blocks tall, so this is when you should harvest it. However, when harvesting Sugar Cane, don’t break the bottom block! The bottom block has a continuous growth rate, which will get reset if you break it. Resetting this process will result in Sugar Cane taking longer to grow.

When you harvest your Sugar Cane farm, break the middle blocks and collect the top 2 Sugar Cane from each 3-block-high series of shoots while leaving the bottom block alone. This will allow the top 2 blocks to regrow faster, which means more Sugar Cane in the long run.

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Farming Sugarcane

Sugar cane is easy to cultivate if you have the correct setup! Since sugar cane naturally generates near water, you must build some canals between rows of dirt blocks. This will allow the crops to be irrigated properly.

Compared to other crops, you don’t need to till the dirt before planting sugar cane. In fact, you don’t even need to plant sugar cane in the dirt! It will take root in sand and dirt blocks if the block is directly adjacent to water. For more info on growing sugar cane, check out this other article on my blog!

Here’s an example of a sugar cane farming setup. It’s fancier than I described before, with added stone blocks and lanterns. Still, it’s fundamentally the same: water between the dirt blocks to irrigate the sugar cane!

How to grow sugarcane in minecraft

How Long Does Sugar Cane Take to Grow?

Sugar cane is one of the slowest-growing crops in Minecraft. In Minecraft terms, a “tick” is a unit of time in the game. Sugar cane grows one block every 16 “random ticks,” or approximately every eighteen real-world minutes. It will take about 54 real-world minutes for sugar cane to reach its maximum height of three blocks.

Despite its slow-growing time, there’s a great trick when harvesting sugar cane that will make farming easier! When harvesting the crop, hit the top and middle blocks of the sugar cane, but leave the lowest block. The sugar cane plant will continue to grow this way, so you don’t need to worry about replanting it!

Above is information how to grow sugarcane in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to grow sugarcane in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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