How to get worldedit in minecraft? How to Set Up and Use WorldEdit Plugin

How to get worldedit in minecraft? Minecraft is an immensely popular sandbox game that is updated with new features and changes every year. But even though new stuff is added to the game occasionally, active players can easily get bored.

Because of this, the community has created an unimaginable number of mods for Minecraft. It is worth noting that mods only work in Java Edition. Therefore, only PC players can install mods in their game.

WorldEdit mod for Minecraft

Most mods would try to add new structures or mobs, but WorldEdit doesn’t add any such thing. It is one of the most popular Minecraft mods that, as its name suggests, allows players to edit their Minecraft world using new commands.

How to install

To run WorldEdit on your system, you will first need to install Forge. This is a mod installer that is necessary to install any mod.

how to get worldedit in minecraft
how to get worldedit in minecraft

How to copy and paste structures using WorldEdit

WorldEdit is a unique mod that adds a bunch of different commands to the game that helps you create new things. Therefore, to use WorldEdit in your single-player worlds, you have to ensure that cheats are enabled.

One of the most popular and useful features of the WorldEdit mod is that it allows you to copy and paste certain areas of your world.

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Whether it is a naturally generated structure or something made by you, it can be copied and pasted anywhere. The best part is that copied things can also be pasted in different worlds.

You will need a wand to select the region that needs to be copied. You can get this by typing “//wand” in the chat.

With the wand equipped, you need to mark two diagonal ends of the region to be copied. The left click marks the first position, and the right click marks the second. The first position needs to be the lowest point of the structure being marked, and the second needs to be the diagonally opposite topmost part.

Then, copy the marked region using “//copy” and save it using “//schematic save filename”. The filename for the schematic can be anything with no spaces.

Now that the selected region has been saved, it can be pasted anywhere in any world. To do so, you must first type “//schematic load filename” and then type “//paste”.

What is WorldEdit?

WorldEdit describes itself as an easy-to-use, in-game map editor, and that’s exactly what it is. It allows for easy world manipulation, terraforming, sculpting and much more, and it’s easy to use to boot.

The main functions of WorldEdit include:

  • Manipulate large areas of blocks
  • Copy and paste areas between locations, worlds, even servers
  • Use brushes to build and carve large areas with your mouse
  • Easily spawn large shapes, like circles, spheres and cylinders

And installing WorldEdit is just as easy. This guide will explain how to install it, both onto a server and in singleplayer.

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How to get World Edit in Minecraft

Before proceeding to install WorldEdit, make sure you know which version you’d like. If you’re installing it on a server without mods, then proceed to Installing WorldEdit as a plugin. Those with modded servers will want to look at the Installing WorldEdit as a mod on a server section. Lastly, if all you want is to add WorldEdit to your singleplayer game, skip to Installing WorldEdit as a mod on a client

Installing WorldEdit as a plugin

Installing WorldEdit as a plugin onto your server is as easy as one-two-three. Following our How to Add a Plugin to your Server guide, which will cover how you’ll find it as an entry under the panels Bukkit list.

In the case that you’re installing WorldEdit manually, via FTP and as outlined in the guide, you can download WorldEdit on its official download site.

Installing WorldEdit as a mod on a server

If your server is instead a modded one, running either Fabric or Forge, you can install WorldEdit’s mod version and it will work the same as the plugin.

You can download WorldEdit’s .jar file on its official download page. Once you’ve done so, take a look at our How to Add Mods to a Minecraft Server guide for instructions as to how to add it to your server.

WorldEdit is a server-side only mod, meaning it doesn’t have to be installed onto any player’s computer in order to be used. Once it’s in the server, that’s it — it will work out of the box.

Installing WorldEdit as a mod on a client

Adding WorldEdit to a singleplayer game is just as easy, but the steps needed to be taken will depend on whether or not you’re installing WorldEdit onto a fresh Minecraft game with no mods, or adding it into a modpack you already have installed.

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You’ll first want to download WorldEdit’s .jar file from its official download page, then choose which option suits you from the two below.

how to get worldedit in minecraft

Selection preferences

One can test the WorldEdit on their server. The most advanced features of the application can be accessed by making the application customization to be in alignment with the output. There are two ways to select a location which include.

On the application select Wooden axe or search for one on the inventory. Right-click the option indicated user wand. Click the option and open the menu containing a select position. The user can add the region of preference. The region selected enables the user to take action based on the action of the user.

Minecraft can host several gaming applications that can be accessed. WorldEdit is run through the application to provide an awesome experience to the user.

Wrapping Up

WorldEdit has been producing the most consumer-friendly options. The installation of the application is customized and provided to the user through the browsers. The user can install the application on any device and can be accessible to all at any point in time. Minecraft host a range of games that the users can use to benefit from the gaming platform.

Video games are commonly used to meet the entertainment needs of the user. There are many games available but are not accessible from various Play Stores. These Gaming applications can be accessed by searching for the applications from the user browser. The provided methods herein can be used to access the application.

Above is information how to get worldedit in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to get worldedit in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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