How to get Togepi in Pokemon Sword and Shield ?

How to get togepi in pokemon sword ? Pokemon Sword & Shield is a welcome entry to the Pokemon series that has brought with it a list of complex evolutions, Galarian forms, and friendship levels. Togepi is a rare spike-ball type Pokemon who has made a welcome return in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Fans of the Pokemon animated series might remember the lovable spike-ball type Pokemon Togepi as a twittering, adorable hatchling that spent most of his time in Misty’s arms. What’s unclear about Togepi in Sword & Shield, however, is just how players are supposed to evolve him into Togetic.

Finding Togepi

Typically players should first catch the Pokemon they’re interested in evolving, but in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, Togepi will only spawn 2% of the time. As such, Pokemon Sword and Shield players should expect this to take some time.

On the Galar map, players should head to the Bridge Field region. While Togepi’s spawn rate is typically 2%, factors such as Heavy Fog can raise that to 5%. There isn’t necessarily one place that players should look, as Togepi will only appear at random.

He also won’t spawn in the overworld, so tall grass won’t be the easy fix. Instead players should look for the red exclamation points, and rush to them. Keep a Friendship or Luxury Ball handy for reasons that will assist with the evolution.

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how to get togepi in pokemon sword

Evolving Togepi

Pokemon Sword and Shield players will attest to the difficulty of finding the little critter, but now Togepi needs to be evolved. The key to leveling Togepi will be a high friendship level.

Players should head to the Pokemon Camp and stuff little Togepi with some curry. Also consider attaching a soothe bell to Togepi, or try playing with him.

Most of all, Pokemon Sword & Shield players should keep the little bugger in their lineup so he gets some experience. Since the fight will begin with Togepi deployed, immediately swap him out for someone else.

By doing this, Pokemon Sword & Shield trainers can level up multiple Pokemon and friendship levels simultaneously. Be sure not to leave him in combat, as the little guy can be weak, and fainting will lower friendship progression.

Follow and maintain the above steps, and players will see Togepi evolve into Togetic. All players will need then is a Shiny Stone to evolve Togetic into Togekiss.

Stats For Togepi & Its Evolutions

Players that get their hands on a Togepi might be scratching their heads as to what to do with the egg-shaped Pokemon. From first glance, Togepi doesn’t seem particularly threatening and players can confirm these suspicions by taking the creature into battle.

Being a “baby Pokemon,” Togepi’s stats are abysmal in comparison to other pocket monsters, but that doesn’t mean the colorful critter doesn’t have its uses.

Togepi may start out small, but it does manage to evolve into a pretty useful Pokemon in Togekiss, which stands as a solid Pokemon with a creative dual-typing in Fairy and Flying. Here’s a better look at the stats for Togepi, Togetic, and Togekiss.

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A Good Build For Togekiss

Togekiss has some pretty solid base stats with a total of 545 and its fairly unique Fairy and Flying typing make it a pretty formidable foe against the right Pokemon.

Those that are looking for an interesting Fairy to add to their lineup may want to consider Togekiss. Those looking to make an offensive special attacker should consider finding a Togekiss with the Timid Nature, as it will raise its Speed to greater levels while decreasing its already low Attack stat.

This will give players a chance to run the Nasty Plot build, which sees Togekiss buffing its already high Special Attack even further to unleash powerful attacks against opponents. Nasty Plot is required for this build but players can be selective in the offensive moves they decide to use alongside it.

Many players also favor using Roost to help keep Togekiss healthy, while unleashing powerful Special Attacks like Air Slash, Flamethrower, or Aura Sphere. Air Slash is an especially great option as it has solid power (upped even further by Nasty Plot) and is a great STAB move for Togekiss.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Togepi

Togepi, Misty’s sidekick! Get yourself one of these cute little fairies in the new Isle of Armor DLC. Evolving it into its two forms, is an easy way to get 3 Pokedex entries in one go.

Togepi Locations

You can find Togepi in Bridge Field with a chance of 2% during normal and overcast conditions. There is a 5% chance you’ll find one in the tall grass during foggy weather conditions.

Togetic, one of Togepi’s evolved form, can be found in Stony Wilderness in the tall grass, with a spawn rate of 10%.

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Togekiss can be found wandering around with a spawn rate of 2% in Dusty Bowl.

how to get togepi in pokemon sword

How to Evolve Togepi

Togepi will evolve into Togetic at 220 Happiness, keep it in your party and battle often without having it faint too much.

How to catch and evolve Togepi in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Catch Togepi

First of all you should know that this pokemon is located in the Bridge Field region of the Galar map. So you must visit that place, but bearing in mind that Togepi is a rare Pokémon reducing the probability of it appearing by 2 percent, while the intense fog will increase to about 5 percent, appearing at random.

However, it’s worth mentioning that this pokemon won’t be generated in the outside world, so it’s not worth looking for it in the tall grass, so you’ll have to look for the red exclamation marks and go towards them.

Turn Togepi into Togetic

When you have finally managed to catch him, you will have the task of making him evolve, this you do by keeping him happy. In case you don’t know, each pokemon has a happiness factor behind some of its actions, so try to increase that factor to make it evolve in Togetic.

How to make Togepi happy?

To do this, you must include him both in your team and in the battles, in addition to feeding him curry in the camps, with berries and vitamins, making him hold a Soothe Bell in case of possessing one.

In this way you will get Togepi to evolve into Togetic and eventually evolve into Togekiss after using a Bright Stone.

Above is information how to get togepi in pokemon sword. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to get togepi in pokemon sword .Thank you for reading our posst.

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