How to get Special Delivery Charizard ? Pokemon Special Delivery Charizard Card is Going for Ridiculous Prices Online

How to get special delivery charizard ? Pokemon TCG collectors are selling the free promo Special Delivery Charizard card codes for shockingly high amounts, continuing the ongoing trend of scalping for the game.

The Pokemon TCG has been no stranger to record-breaking card values in recent years. From first edition vintage cards selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars at auctions to crippling expansion shortages throughout 2020 and 2021, getting invested in the Pokemon TCG as a collector or a player can be a costly endeavor.

Unfortunately, any card with the fan-favorite Charizard is likely to earn a high value among Pokemon TCG fans, and the new promotional Special Delivery Charizard is no exception.

With Pikachu peeking over its shoulder, and no guarantee players will get a code, many are willing to pay hiked prices to add it to collections.

How do you get a free Special Deliver Charizard Pokemon TCG code?

Pokemon TCG Special Delivery Charizard Free Code Sells For $100

Obtaining the Pokemon TCG free code for the Special Delivery Charizard promo required fans to sign up through The Pokemon Center‘s registration page.

Those lucky enough to receive a code could then redeem it with a minimum purchase of 20 dollars on The Pokemon Center online store. The card is then included in the shipment as a free bonus, wrapped in its own single-card wrapping.

how to get special delivery charizard

Pokemon Center Celebrates UK Launch With Exclusive Special Delivery Charizard Promo Card

The UK finally has its own Pokemon Center, and The Pokemon Company is doing something pretty special to mark the occasion. Don’t switch off or click away from this if you’re not based in the UK either.

The limited edition Pokemon card printed to celebrate the center’s full launch will also be available to Pokemon fans in the US and Canada.

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As revealed through the Pokemon website (via Nintendo Life) Pokemon fans will be able to get their hands on a Special Delivery Charizard card to celebrate the addition of a UK-based Pokemon Center.

The Charizard has 160 HP and knows the moves Special Delivery and Flamethrower. The Pokemon has a couple of mailbags strapped to its sides, and a mailperson Pikachu riding on its back.

As for how you can get your hands on one of these very special Pokemon cards, it’s pretty simple. You’ll need to head to the Pokemon website link above and enter your details.

That will grant you a code that can then be used the next time you make a purchase from the Pokemon Center, presumably either online or in-person. The only caveat other than only being available to those living in the UK, US, and Canada is you will have to spend at least £20, or $20 in the US and Canada, to be eligible for the card.

The UK got its first Pokemon Center at the end of 2021. However, its opening was a “beta phase” which was described in much the same way as a game’s beta test would be.

This Special Delivery Charizard giveaway seems to signal that beta phase is now over. If you’re in the UK and you want to pay the store a visit yourself, you’ll need to head to Shepherd’s Bush, London, and you might have a wait on your hands to get in.

As for the Pokemon TCG, Special Delivery Charizard may well be about to become the latest in a long line of reasons why the game has been somewhat tainted by scalpers as of late.

Pokemon cards were included in McDonald’s Happy Meals last year. Scalpers were so adamnat on getting their hands on those cards and selling them for inflated prices that the fast-food giant was forced to limit the number of Happy Meals customers could buy.

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Where to Get Special Delivery Charizard

To get your hands on a Special Delivery Charizard you’ll need to act fast, as they’re only available while supplies last. On the official Pokemon Center website, a sign-up page has been released for this Special Delivery Charizard promotion.

Enter your information there for the chance to receive a one-time code. Once you’ve entered your info, you’ll get a confirmation email.

If you were among the first people to sign up, you’ll get another email within 12 weeks with a code. This one-time code can be used on the Pokemon Center for orders above $20 to receive a Special Delivery Charizard card bonus with your order!

How to Get Special Delivery Charizard Promo Pokemon Card

Similar to the Special Delivery Pikachu promo card, the new Special Delivery Charizard is a special card to celebrate a Pokemon Center milestone. The Special Delivery Pikachu was available to some Pokemon Center customers who spent more than $20 on the website.

The card now has a resale value of about $150. Since this became a very rare and popular card, talk about the Special Delivery Charizard promo card has been floating around for almost 2 years now.

It’s finally been announced that this long-awaited black star promo card will be available through the Pokemon Center soon but not just anyone can get one. Here’s how you can get one yourself!

how to get special delivery charizard

Pokemon Special Delivery Charizard Card is Going for Ridiculous Prices Online

Since 2020, The Pokemon Company has celebrated opening new Pokemon stores with the release of limited edition “Special Delivery” cards for the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

The Special Delivery line began with Special Delivery Pikachu in 2020, followed by Special Delivery Bidoof in 2021. The Pokemon Company announced the latest Special Delivery card, Special Delivery Charizard, in July to celebrate opening the newest Pokemon store in the United Kingdom.

Since Special Delivery cards are so rare, they are sought after by many Pokemon TCG collectors. Thus, it’s perhaps not surprising that many people have taken to eBay and other sites to sell their rare cards and codes.

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And these cards aren’t cheap either, with some sellers asking $150 or more for the collectible cards.

The Special Delivery Charizard features a Charizard in flight, with Special Delivery Pikachu on its back and two mailbags hanging from either hip. It also comes with a version of the unique Happy Delivery ability that lets players select any two item cards from their deck and put them in their hands.

While the promotion was active, fans could sign up on the Pokemon Center’s registration page for a chance to receive an exclusive code. Customers can then claim their free Special Delivery Charizard card by redeeming that code with any purchase of $20 or more.

However, many Pokemon Trading Card Game collectors are willing to pay a lot more than $20 for a rare, limited-edition card. Scalpers know this and have taken to eBay and websites like TCG Player to sell their cards for ridiculous prices.

The cheapest listing on TGC Player has the card going for $130 plus shipping, with the priciest on sale for an incredible $330. Meanwhile, eBay listings range from the comparatively reasonable $52 to over $400. One listing features an apparent misprint for $1,500.

It’s worth noting that the cards open to bidding have price tags significantly lower than many of the direct purchase options. Thus, the trading cards’ high price may not be indicative of abnormally high demand so much as scalper’s assumptions of how much Pokemon TCG collectors are willing to pay. Some may even be deliberate attempts to inflate the card’s value, which would hardly be unprecedented.

While some might find it strange to drop hundreds of dollars on a rectangle of printed cardboard, rare Pokemon cards sometimes sell for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Special Delivery Charizard probably won’t be breaking those records any time soon, but some sellers are bound to be in for a significant payday.

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