How to get silk touch in minecraft? What are all the ways to get silk touch?

How to get silk touch in minecraft? As one of the tactical games, Minecraft allows players to nurture their creativity by using different tools and weapons. Therefore as a Minecraft player, you need to strategize properly where you need to know which tools and weapons can be used as well as where and when to use them to speed up the game.

To make the game easier and move through the levels faster, you can increase the efficiency of your tools and improve the performance of those tools and weapons by using various enchantments.

What Is Silk Touch in Minecraft?

Silk Touch is a tool enchantment that causes certain blocks to drop themselves instead of their usual items when mined. Meaning Silk Touch mined blocks will not be shattered.

Many items in Minecraft, such as Amethyst Bud, Beehive, Beetroot, Blue Ice, Bookshelf, Fire, Glass, and all ore blocks, are inaccessible with simple tools.

As a result, Silk Touch Enchantment was added to Minecraft to allow players to obtain these blocks.

Nonetheless, Silk Touch is a rare enchantment in Minecraft, despite being the most desirable.

How to get silk touch in minecraft

Obtaining Silk Touch with an enchanting table in Minecraft

Working on the pretense that a Minecraft player is playing in Survival Mode, they’ll likely need to rely on an enchanting table to acquire Silk Touch. However, this isn’t always the case, as it’s also possible to receive a Silk Touch enchanted book from a fellow player or through the use of commands.

Regardless, in order to construct an enchanting table, players will need a book, four blocks of obsidian, and two diamonds.

Once the enchanting table is in place, players will also need lapis lazuli and experience levels in order to apply the enchantments they need.

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In short order, Minecraft players should be able to enchant their tool with Silk Touch easily as long as they have the lapis lazuli and experience to pay its cost.

Once all is said and done, players can enjoy their new Silk Touch tool to their heart’s content.

What is Silk Touch

Silk Touch is an Enchantment that can be placed on most mining Tools and it is used to prevent certain blocks for being turned into drops when destroyed. Instead they will drop as themselves.

There’s many blocks in Minecraft that, when destroyed, will not be dropped as themselves. Instead they get destroyed and turn into something else.

The best example are Ore Blocks. When an Iron or Coal Ore Block is destroyed with a Pickaxe it drops as the Raw Ore itself; An Iron Ingot or Coal Ore.

When using Silk Touch on an Ore Block it will not drop the Ore. Instead the block will drop as a block of Stone with the Ore still inside it rather than the Ore itself. Same with using it on a Campfire. The Campfire won’t be destroyed or drop the usual Charcoal.

Not every block usually drops items when destroyed, but the majority of blocks are compatible with the Silk Touch Enchantment. Those that aren’t still get destroyed without dropping anything.

How to Get The Silk Touch Enchantment

Some of them can be picked up as Loot from killed Mobs (Enchanted Weapons or Armor), but many can also be fished out using a Fishing Rod. An easy way to get Experience and Enchantments is using an AFK fishing farm in Minecraft.

The Silk Touch Enchantment is an uncommon one, so your best chances of getting it may be via Villager trades or through the Enchantment Table.

In Villager trades, unless you have a discount (which can be gained by finishing a Raid), the Silk Touch Enchantment book costs 12 Emeralds.

If you’re using the Enchantment Table make sure to have Bookshelves surrounding it. The more Bookshelves you have the higher chance you have at getting rarer and stronger Enchantments overall.

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For Silk Touch to appear on the Table you need to have at least 9 Bookshelves and 17 levels.

However, if luck isn’t in your favor and you are struggling to find it you can also use commands.

Using Silk Touch Enchantment

My personal suggestion is to use the Enchantment on Iron grade Tools or better.

If you were using an Enchantment Table then your Enchantment will be applied to the Tool you’ve placed into the Table.

Though, if you have bought an Enchanting Book from a Villager or looted it, then you will need to use an Anvil to apply the Enchantment. This will cost you Experience Levels, but it will also allow you to combine the Enchantment with another one.

There’s only one Enchantment that Silk Touch isn’t compatible with and that is the Fortune Enchantment. Otherwise, it can be added to any of the mentioned Tools with any other Enchantment.

When you use a command to apply the Silk Touch Enchantment to a Tool there is a possibility of forcing it on a Tool with an Enchantment it’s not compatible with.

In those cases, if the Silk Touch is on the same tool as the Fortune Enchantment, the Silk Touch takes precedence.

How to get Silk Touch easily in Minecraft?

Silk Touch is a very interesting Minecraft enchantment. It allows you to obtain blocks that you couldn’t get otherwise, like metal ores for example. It also comes in handy when you want to obtain a large amount of blocks that would require other slower and tedious processes (like Stone blocks, that require smelting).

So if you want to obtain this unique enchantment on one of your tools, keep on reading and let’s find out how to get Silk Touch in Minecraft. Note that these method will work for other enchantments as well, like Aqua Affinity, Protection and many more.

What Silk Touch does

If you break a block with a Silk Touch enchanted tool, the block will drop exactly itself instead of what it what would usually drop. For example, a Stone block will drop a Stone block instead of a Cobblestone one. Or a Diamond Ore will drop a Diamond Ore block instead of a Diamond.

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It doesn’t work on Mob Spawners: if you break a Spawner with a Silk Touch enchanted Pickaxe, the Spawner will break without dropping anything. See also: How to find ALL Mob Spawners in Minecraft.

If you want to check exactly how breaking a block is affected by Silk Touch, you can check here.

How to get Silk Touch

Basically there three different ways to get Silk Touch: by trading with Villagers, through the Enchanting Table and by using commands. Actually there is a fourth way: you can obtain a Silk Touch enchanted Book by fishing, but it’s so rare that I wouldn’t consider this option at all.

Note that you can use all the methods discussed below for many other enchantments, like Aqua Affinity for example, but some enchantments can be obtained only by trading with Villagers, like Frost Walker or Mending (which represents one of the 4 ways to repair tools).

How to get silk touch in minecraft

Getting Silk Touch by trading with Villagers

Villagers will trade, among other things, Enchanted Books thet you can apply to your items (related topic: How to copy Books in Minecraft: 3 different ways). This may be considered the easiest way to obtain the Silk Touch and any other enchantment. Be aware that some enchantments can only be otained this way (like, for example, Mending. Silk Touch though is not one of them).

First you need to find a village. Once there look if you can find a Librarian. You can recognize them by the glasses and the red hat (that kinda looks like a book) that they’re wearing.

If you can’t find a Librarian, you will need to find an unemployed villager and place a Lectern in their house, close to the bed where they sleep. This way the unemployed villager will turn into a Librarian.

To craft a Lectern you will need 4 Wooden Slabs (of any kind of wood) and one Bookshelf block. This means that you will need a total of 9 Wooden Planks, 3 Leather and 9 Sugar Cane. You can find Leather as loot when you kill Cows, Donkeys, Hoglins, Horses, Llamas, Mooshrooms and Mules.

Above is information how to get silk touch in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to get silk touch in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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