How to get scutes in minecraft? Turtles in Minecraft: How to tame, breed, and get scutes

How to get scutes in minecraft? The only way that a Turtle will drop a Scute is when they grow into an adult. Each baby Turtle that reaches full maturity will drop 1 Scute. Since it’s much easier to breed Turtles than it is to find wild baby Turtles, you should do the former to get more Scutes.

How to Breed Turtles

To get Turtles to breed, you will have to feed them a specific item, like when you breed other animals. For Turtles, you will need Seagrass in order to get a mating pair to enter love mode. When you feed 2 Turtles 1 Seagrass each, and they are close enough to each other, they will nuzzle for a few seconds. Afterward, when they separate, one will have a slightly bigger stomach. Follow this one, as it’s the Turtle carrying the eggs. When they reach their home beach, they’ll lay some Turtle Eggs, which will hatch into baby Turtles in about 4 to 5 in-game days

How to Get Baby Turtles to Grow Faster

Like their parents, baby Turtles love to eat Seagrass. Every 1 Seagrass that you feed a baby Turtle will get them to grow 10% closer to adulthood. As such, 10 Seagrass fed to a baby Turtle should be enough to fully mature them.

How to get scutes in minecraft?

Tips for Raising Baby Turtles

Both Turtle Eggs and baby Turtles are quite vulnerable. Turtle Eggs can be broken if they are jumped or stepped on by mobs other than adult Turtles. Furthermore, babies are the prey of many monsters and animals in Minecraft. Common foes like Zombies, Drowned, and Skeletons will purposely kill baby Turtles. However, wild Ocelots, wild Wolves, stray Cats, and Foxes will also attack baby Turtles.

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Due to such threats, you should make some sort of enclosure around your breeding area to keep everything safe. You can pretty easily do so by making some fences and walls.

What You Can Use Scutes For

You can potentially sell 4 Scutes to certain Villagers for 1 Emerald, which would be a great way of getting lots of Emeralds if you have a thriving Turtle farm. Expert-level Leatherworker Villagers are one type who has this trade option. However, Expert-level Cleric Villagers can as well, albeit with differing odds. In the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, clerics have a 50% chance to possess this trade, while in the Java Edition, the odds are 66%.

What You Can Craft With Scutes

In terms of crafting, the only item you can make with Scutes is a Turtle Shell. To do so, use the same crafting recipe as you would for a helmet, but use 5 Scutes as the crafting material. In other words, fill the top row of a Crating Table with 3 Scutes and then place 1 on the left-middle slot and the last 1 on the right-middle slot.

The primary use of a Turtle Shell is as a helmet. Turtle Shells offer the same amount of Defense Icons as an Iron Helmet (1 icon). Though there are some traits that make Turtle Shells better than Iron Helmets, such as the difference in durability. An Iron Helmet can take 165 points of damage while a Turtle Shell can take 275.

As another point of reference, a Diamond Helmet has 363 points of durability. To top it all off, wearing a Turtle Shell will grant you the Water Breathing status effect, which lets you stay underwater for another 10 seconds without drowning.

In addition to using a Turtle Shell as an excellent helmet, you can also use it to make a Potion of the Turtle Master. On a Brewing Stand, place the Turtle Shell on the top slot and some Awkward Potions on the bottom slots. This will give you as many Potions of the Turtle Master as there are Awkward Potions. This interestingly-named potion will grant you the Slowness and Resistance effects. The former will decrease your movement speed by 60% and the latter will increase your damage reduction by 60%.

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Where to find turtles in Minecraft

Minecraft players can find turtles in beach biomes where they spawn on sand blocks. Naturally, finding a turtle is the first step toward breeding it.

Do note that turtles do not spawn on snowy or stone beaches. You’ll find them only on sand blocks which makes them slightly rare.

Lastly, turtles spawn four blocks within the sea level and in places with light level 8 or higher. These conditions should make your turtle hunt in the game more effortless and precise.

Turtles walk slowly on the land but their movement speed increases significantly in the water. Being passive mobs, they flee when attacked.

What do turtles eat in Minecraft?

Turtles in Minecraft eat seagrass and this food item also helps in breeding them. To find seagrass, players must explore the bottom of oceans and other water sources. The plant grows near kelp and is fairly easy to obtain.

It is worth noting that seagrass can only be mined with shears. If you use any other tool, it will drop nothing. Use this crafting recipe to make shears in Minecraft

How to breed turtles in Minecraft

You need seagrass to breed turtles in Minecraft. Go to a beach biome and search for turtles on the shore. Use the plant to attract nearby turtles and when two turtles are close to each other, feed them both seagrass.

With this, the turtles should enter love mode and one of them will go to its home beach (the beach where it originally spawned). It will dig the sand block nearest to its spawn point for a few seconds and lay 1-4 turtle eggs. You must follow the turtle to its home to hatch the eggs.

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Luckily, turtles in Minecraft do not have a breeding cooldown. As soon as a turtle lays the eggs, it is ready for breeding again, and this way, you can have a massive turtle farm in no time.

How to hatch turtle eggs in Minecraft

Turtle eggs in Minecraft mostly hatch during the night and the entire process takes up to 4-5 in-game nights. There’s a 90% chance that the eggs with hatch before seven nights. A player has to stay near the eggs (within 128 blocks) for them to hatch.

You can’t really speed up the hatching process but protecting turtle eggs from hostile mobs like zoglins, zombies, and husks is a must. Place a torch or a light source near the eggs to protect them from undead mobs. With time, you’ll be able to observe cracks and there are three different stages that signify that the eggs are about to hatch.

Moreover, to relocate/mine the eggs, you’ll have to use the Silk Touch enchantment on your tools. However, mining also resets the hatching progress to zero.

All in all, protecting the turtle eggs from mobs while they naturally crack is the only way to effectively hatch them.

How to get scutes in minecraft?

How to get scutes from turtles in Minecraft

Baby turtles in Minecraft drop scutes when they mature into adults. This is the only way to obtain scutes, and here are some of their uses:

Scutes help in making a turtle shell that increases your underwater breathing time by 10 seconds.
The turtle shell is also an ingredient used to make The Potion of the Turtle Master. The potion increases resistance but also adds slowness.
To boost the growth of a baby turtle by 10 percent, just feed it seagrass. Repeating the procedure will allow you to have mature turtles quickly.

This was everything to know about turtles in Minecraft. They might not be as useful as cats or llamas, but having them near your in-game house won’t really take up any valuable resources except seagrass.

Above is information how to get scutes in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to get scutes in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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