How to get rtx on minecraft? How to play the Minecraft RTX ray tracing beta

How to get rtx on minecraft? Want to learn about RTX ray tracing in Minecraft? When you think of gorgeous graphics, Minecraft might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Sure, it has a charming aesthetic, and texture packs can make your worlds look really unique, but it isn’t very realistic. However, Nvidia have now created ray traced RTX worlds in Minecraft that will completely transform your experience.

What is ray tracing?

Ray tracing is a type of graphics technology that allows for the accurate simulation of light, shadows and reflections. In the past, games often used techniques such as ‘baked-in lighting’ to simulate light in their environments, but this can often look artifical compared to how a place would be lit in real life.

Until recently, real-time ray tracing in games wasn’t possible due to the sheer graphical power required to render these realistic light beams, but since 2018 we’ve had proper ray tracing-capable graphics cards available that can finally do it justice. Ray tracing has slowly crept into plenty of games since then, including Minecraft. Check out our list of every game that uses ray tracing if you want to put your ray tracing-capable graphics card to the test.

how to get rtx on minecraft
how to get rtx on minecraft

How to enable ray tracing on your own world in Minecraft

If you want to get ray tracing on your own world, it’s a little more complicated. You can’t just load up Minecraft, start a new world, and switch ray tracing on. Instead, you need to download the Nvidia RTX resource pack. You can find it here.

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When you’ve downloaded the pack, head into the folder and open the .mcpack file. This will install the RTX resource pack so that you can hop into a new world with Ray Tracing enabled and spruce up all of your creations. Castles, villages, and so many other Minecraft builds can look much more beautiful when they are illuminated with RTX enabled.

If ray tracing doesn’t seem to be on when you load in, head to the video settings option and you will find an RTX toggle. This is usually greyed out, but it should now be available for you to flick on and off.

A guide to using RTX for Minecraft

What RTX is

RTX is Nvidia’s proprietary ray-tracing technology. Ray tracing is a rendering technique that traces the path that light travels through a scene, rendering it in a much more realistic way. This is the best way to render real-time lighting visually, though it also comes at a very high computation cost.

The two biggest visual improvements offered by RTX are global illumination and better object reflection. Using traditional methods, dynamic light is unable to bounce off of objects, and therefore cannot affect areas outside of its initial target. Ray tracing can instead draw out the path that light moves, making both lighting and reflections much more realistic than they would otherwise be.

The Prerequisites for RTX

While many GTX cards now support for RTX though driver updates, the performance hit makes ray tracing unusable with them. This means that players who want to use the feature will need an Nvidia RTX graphics card. The lowest powered recommended card for using RTX is the RTX 2060, with all higher-powered cards also being great choices.

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How to use RTX in

The first thing that players are going to want to do is make sure that their graphics card drivers are up to date.

This is just to ensure that the most optimal version of RTX is available to them, helping to keep Minecraft running as smoothly as possible. Players can either use Nvidia’s website, or the Geforce Experience application to detect, download, and install drivers for their graphics cards.

How to Get Ray Tracing for Minecraft

Although the first Ray Tracing support for Minecraft was added long ago through many user-created mods for the popular blocky game, today there is official support for this effect.

To enable Ray Tracing in Minecraft, you will need an NVIDIA graphics card that supports RTX and the latest version of Minecraft. Be sure to get and install the latest version of the NVIDIA GeForce Experience app and also to have your Minecraft installation updated to the most recent version.

How to enable ray tracing in Minecraft

First, you need a PC with a few minimum system requirements, not the least of which is running an Nvidia RTX graphics card capable of running ray tracing. The minimum is a GeForce RTX 2060 (released in January 2019), which can be purchased for a reasonable price on Amazon if you shop around. Without one, you’ll be left in the dark.

We assume you’re an experienced PC gamer with the proper rig and RTX card and have been diligently updating “Minecraft ” and your Windows OS, Nvidia’s GeForce Experience app, and graphics drivers regularly. If not, do all that now.

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Next, there isn’t a default ray tracing “mode” per se. In fact, the feature will be disabled unless you’re playing in a world where it’s enabled. So, search the Minecraft Marketplace for “RTX” or “ray tracing.” If your system fails to meet the minimum system requirements, a message will appear telling you so, and you won’t be able to download the content, let alone play it. Download the content pack, and once you jump in, ray tracing is automatically toggledas the default.

In the GeForce Experience app, click on Settings, then on the General tab. Be sure Enable Experimental Features is checked, then return to the Games tab. Locate Minecraft and let the app automatically Optimize the game. Fire up the game.

From the game menu, open up Settings, then go to the Video Settings tab. Scroll down to the Graphics section and click to turn on the RTX feature. Under the RTX toggle is the Ray Tracing Render Distance slider that you can either leave where the app set it or manually adjust it.

how to get rtx on minecraft

What is the Minecraft RTX ray tracing beta?

Minecraft’s ray tracing support hooks into NVIDIA’s RTX platform, promising substantial improvements in lighting and shadows for heightened visual fidelity. While those enhancements may contrast with the simple, voxel stylization of Minecraft, the leap in light, shadows, and reflections upgrade its appearance while retaining the hallmarks. It’s a new look for Minecraft, introducing a new way to experience the bestseller on Windows 10 PCs.

Minecraft RTX has launched exclusively via the Windows 10 client (the Microsoft Store version) and tied to NVIDIA hardware compatible with its RTX platform. While Microsoft has demonstrated ray tracing on prototype Xbox Series X hardware, the NVIDIA-backed solution is the first official, public-facing solution available. It’s exclusive to Minecraft for Windows 10, over the legacy Java client, due to the requirement of the new Bedrock engine.

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