How to Get Riolu Pokemon go ? How to Find (& Catch) Lucario in Pokémon Go

How to get riolu pokemon go ? The last week of Pokemon Go has brought a number of new changes to the mobile game, thanks to the launch of the new Hidden Gems season.

But in addition to new challenges, we’ve also seen a change to the types of Pokemon that can be obtained from eggs. However, a controversy sparked up on social media about one Pokemon’s apparent removal from 10km eggs.

Players react to Riolu’s removal from Pokemon Go eggs

On a post on the Pokemon Go Reddit page, players commented on the removal of fan favorite Riolu from 10km eggs. This change was noticed by several players that received 10km eggs this week and checked the updated hatch list.

Riolu is a powerful Fighting-type Pokemon that can evolve into Lucario, arguably one of the strongest monsters in Go. Its removal has led to some being up in arms.

One user sarcastically commented that it makes perfect sense that Niantic would make it harder to obtain a Pokemon featured on the home screen. Another player noted, “Aww, that’s a pity. Riolu is the perfect combination of a mascot of the series and ‘good in [Pokemon Go]’.

Others, however, were happy with the overall changes to the hatch pool for 10km eggs, particularly the removal of Togedemaru.

We should note, however, that this change does not apply to the Adventure Sync eggs. Riolu, by all accounts, can still be obtained via 10 km eggs acquired through Adventure Sync.

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There have been a number of notable changes in the mobile game this week, including a brand new season and changes to the Style Shop.

How to Get Riolu Pokemon go

How to Get Lucario in Pokemon GO

Unfortunately, Lucario doesn’t spawn in the wild in Pokemon GO, so the only way you’ll be able to add one to your party is by catching Riolu and working on evolving the species.

To make the process slightly more challenging, Riolu isn’t a common wild spawn either, so the best way to increase your chances of getting ahold of Riolu is by hatching one from an egg.

The species is a potential result from 7km and 10km eggs, alongside being one of six species within the 50km Adventure Sync reward eggs, so given you have a few incubators on the go and you’re constantly on the go, you should be able to get a Riolu fairly quickly.

How to Evolve Riolu into Lucario in Pokemon GO

Once you’ve got a Riolu, you’ll want to work on evolving it into Lucario, which can be done by collecting 50 Riolu Candy. Of course, this isn’t particularly easy given the low spawn rate and low odds of hatching the Pokemon, but given you’re utilizing Pinap Berries when you can you’re bound to eventually gather the correct amount of candy.

Having Riolu as your buddy Pokemon while you have adventure sync enabled too will boost the amount of candy you’re receiving while you hatch potential eggs too, making the process slightly faster.

Plus, when you’ve got a powerful Lucario on your team, all the hard work is bound to pay off.

Featured Pokemon: Riolu

The featured Pokemon for this Hatch Day will be Riolu, the Emanation Pokemon. Throughout this three-hour event, the chances of hatching Riolu from 2 km Eggs will be significantly increased.

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Additionally, Riolu hatched from Eggs during this event will have increased chances of being Shiny. Make sure to take advantage of this, as this is a great chance to obtain the Shiny variation of this rare Pokemon.

Both Riolu and Lucario are available in their shiny forms in Pokemon GO

There are currently two methods via which players can obtain a shiny Lucario in Pokemon GO. Trainers can either evolve a shiny Riolu or they can encounter one in the wild.

Evolved Pokemon are rare spawns in the overworld, and as such, players would have much better luck by opting to evolve a shiny Riolu to get their hands on a shiny Lucario.

The best way players can currently get a Riolu in Pokemon GO is by hatching one from 2km eggs obtained during the spring event. Though it is possible to find a Riolu in the wild, the chances of doing so are incredibly low. Trainers who want to do so may need to hunt under optimal conditions.

Players looking to find a shiny Riolu in the wild to evolve into Lucario would have better luck finding one in the right weather conditions.

Like the main series, the climate of an area plays a key role in determining what creatures can spawn in an area. Riolu has a better chance of spawning in cloudy weather. Using consumables like Incense and Lures also helps.

Once players have their shiny Riolu, the next step is evolving it into shiny Lucario. The only thing players need for this process is 50 Riolu candies.

These can be obtained by catching more Riolu, using Rare Candies, or registering the creature as a Buddy Pokemon and walking with it to passively produce candies.

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Find Lucario in Pokémon GO

There have not been reports of Lucario spawning in the wild. This means it is only obtainable by hatching an egg. Unfortunately, players cannot hatch a fully evolved Lucario directly from an Egg.

Instead, they will need to grab 2km, 7km, and 10km eggs from PokéStops, or receive Gift Eggs, and hope to hatch Riolu, Lucario’s pre-evolution.

Riolu is extremely rare, with a mere 0.7% hatch rate from 7km and 10km eggs. This would take an average player a minimum of 143 eggs to finally find. They’ll also need to invest in nearly 50 incubators at least if they plan to hatch this rare baby Pokémon.

Players will have the highest chance of hatching Riolu from Adventure Sync 50-km reward Eggs. Because few species of Pokémon spawn from these, there is a much greater chance Riolu will be in one.

How to Get Riolu Pokemon go

Catch Lucario in Pokémon GO

Because Lucario cannot be caught in the wild and can only be evolved, players will need to get their Riolu first. Each of the Eggs is largely up to chance, and because Riolu has such a low spawn rate, there is no way to guarantee a player will be able to get Lucario.

If a player does manage to hatch Riolu from an Egg, they can evolve it into Lucario using Candy. It takes 50 Rare Candy to evolve Riolu into Lucario, so players will want to save up.

Unfortunately, players may need to spend real money to finally get their hands on a Lucario in Pokémon GO. They may also want to try to participate in as many events as possible to take advantage of any improved chances to nab this extremely rare and popular Pokémon.

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