How to get pokemon in minecraft? How to play Pokemon in Minecraft

How to get pokemon in minecraft? Since Minecraft is a sandbox title, loads of third-party features can be added to it. These are usually catered to the player base by mods that pack several custom features like new mobs, structures, gameplay mechanics, items, and blocks, completely changing how the game looks and feels. Some of the most popular types of mods made for Minecraft are Pokemon-related.

Pokemon mods add a bunch of new entities textured to look like different Pokemon, along with various new items, blocks, GUIs, and structures. Since the game has a vast open world, it is the perfect base for Pokemon-inspired gameplay, where you can traverse through it, find different creatures, fight them, or collect them.

Ways to play Pokemon in Minecraft

Pixelmon mod and modpack

When it comes to Pokemon mods, Pixelmon is among the top searches online. It is extremely popular within the Minecraft community and is great for anyone who wants to play with Pokemon in the block game.

It has been downloaded several million times from various websites and even added to some public multiplayer servers.

There are essentially two ways to play through this mod, either by downloading the mod itself or downloading the modpack that adds several other mods to support Pixelmon.

Both the mod and modpack are available on CurseForge. However, it is recommended to download the Pixelmon modpack using the Forge App so that it automatically installs the modpack. Since it is an older mod, it only runs on the 1.16.5 game version and Forge API.

Pixelmon adds many aspects related to the Pokemon franchise, like the creatures themselves and the ability to breed, trade, and battle them. It also adds new items like Pokeballs, TMs, and Pokeex.

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how to get pokemon in minecraft

Cobblemon mod

While Pixelmon still holds its position as the most popular Pokemon mod, a few modders in the community recently came up with a new one that could soon be just as popular. The Cobblemon was released in November 2022 and already has half a million downloads from Modrinth.

This new mod blends much better with the overall Minecraft aesthetic than Pixelmon. This is because all the creatures have a blocky and pixelated texture compared to the smooth and high-resolution Pokemon in Pixelmon.

Apart from that, the overall custom UI that comes with the mod looks much more pleasing and accessible.

As of now, players can only download the mod either from Modrinth’s website or Cobblemon’s own website. It also runs on a newer 1.19.2 version and is available for both Fabric and Forge APIs.

What is Minecraft Pixelmon?

The original Minecraft Pixelmon was actually just a mod made specifically to replicate the Pokemon X/Y experience in a Minecraft setting. And it worked!

In fact, it worked a little too well.

In 2017, the Pixelmon developers were forced to shut down the mod due to a request made by the official Pokemon Company. The Minecraft Pixelmon team stopped further development and encouraged fans to instead focus on the “good memories” they had made playing this Minecraft mod.

This announcement signified the end of an era, and the community was understandably upset. For a while, it seemed that there truly was no hope for Pixelmon’s revival.

That is until 2020 when the Pixelmon Generations mod was launched.

Just like the original Minecraft mod, Pixelmon Generations transforms your Minecraft game into a whole new pixelated Pokemon world! Explore different landscapes, arenas, and biomes as you meet, battle, catch and tame over 900 Minecraft versions of beloved pocket-sized critters.

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In between catching and keeping cute, pixel-y creations like Minecraft Pikachu and Torchic, you can also visit shops, rise up in rank, trade with fellow Pixelmon players, breed different Pixelmon, and more. It’s the full Pokemon experience recreated in Minecraft, and it is truly a work of art.

If you want in on this incredible journey with pixelated pocket critters, then keep reading. This article will cover all you need to know about Pixelmon; from step-by-step installation to beginner’s best practices.

how to get pokemon in minecraft

Minecraft Meets Pokemon on the Nintendo Switch

Announced along with Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee earlier this week was Pokemon Quest. While those two titles have a November 16 release date, Pokemon Quest is playable on the Nintendo Switch right now, with Android and iOS release slated for late June. We spent some time with Pokemon Quest on the Nintendo Switch and here’s what you can expect.

Pokemon Quest takes place on Tumblecube Island where you’re tasked with exploring its many locations filled with different kinds of Pokemon. You start off by choosing one of five Pokemon. These include three of the original starting choices from the first game — Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander — as well as fan favourites Pikachu and Eevee.

Thereafter, you’ll set up a base camp which serves as a hub of sorts from which you take on various expeditions across Tumblecube. It’s here that you find yourself befriending many of the Pokemon in Pokemon Quest.

You see, unlike other games in the franchise that have you capturing Pokemon with a Poke Ball, Pokemon Quest has you cooking an assortment of dishes to attract the Pokemon to your location. To make these meals you have a set of ingredients at your disposal that you can find more of as you explore Tumblecube.

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It’s pretty straightforward — blue colour ingredients help you attract water Pokemon, yellow for electric Pokemon, red for fire-based Pokemon, and so forth. If you want an even easier time, you can simply hit the auto select button that lets the game decide what you should be cooking.

Befriending a Pokemon has two functions — first, it lets you bolster your squad of existing Pokemon giving you more firepower in battles, and second, they serve as a means to have you level up your roster. What this means is, if you want your existing Pokemon to learn new skills or level up without fighting, you can use another supporting Pokemon from your roster to teach it abilities or spar with it to help it level up. The downside to this is the supporting Pokemon leaves your party permanently.

This is coupled with a timer that rations out the number of Pokemon you can summon to your base camp. Dishes are cooked and ready when you finish a set number of expeditions. You can fast track this by paying the game’s in-game currency (PM Tickets) to ease the wait. The restrictions on cooking combined with the fact that the supporting Pokemon leave your party will need you to think strategically in the early stages, more so than other Pokemon games.

As for PM Tickets themselves, you earn them daily for playing the game as well as completing a host of tasks and challenges such as putting up decorations at your base or cooking a set number of dishes. Despite being the game’s only currency, you can’t buy it standalone. Instead you’ll need to purchase Pokemon Quest downloadable packs that include PM Tickets and a Poke Ball that increases the number of PM Tickets you earn each day.

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