How to get minecraft on chromebook? How to install Minecraft Java Edition on your Chromebook

How to get minecraft on chromebook ? Minecraft is undoubtedly one of the most popular games in the world. After its release, Minecraft birthed a new kind of gaming genre called sandbox games, where players could create, modify, or destroy their environment. After years of anticipation, Minecraft developer Mojang has finally extended support for ChromeOS. This means you can install and play Minecraft on your Chromebook officially without much friction. So, let’s check out the steps for Minecraft installation on Chromebook.

Play Classic Minecraft on School-issued Chromebook

Mojang Studios has released the Classic version of Minecraft on the web, which can be played using any browser. That means you can play Minecraft even on school-issued Chromebooks. However, you will just have 32 blocks to build with, and that too in a very old-school interface.

It will surely make you remember the 2009 Minecraft interface. But the best part is that WASD controls work in the browser and the game is playable without major lag. There is also a multiplayer option where you can invite up to 9 players. With all that said, here is how you can play Minecraft Classic on your Chromebook.

Open in the Chrome browser and hit Enter. As you can see, you can share the link with your friends to start the multiplayer mode, or you can start the game on your own.

how to get minecraft on chromebook

How to download and play Minecraft on a Chromebook

Minecraft, in all its different forms and spinoffs, is one of the most popular games ever. Players of all ages have enjoyed it since its official debut in 2011. If you or your child have a Chromebook and you’re wondering if you can play Minecraft, the answer is yes. Minecraft’s developers and publishers have been working hard to make the title playable on as many devices as possible and released the official version for the game Chromebooks in 2023. Here are a couple of ways to get Minecraft running on a Chromebook.

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Installing Minecraft: Bedrock Edition from Google Play Store

Starting June 7th, 2023, Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is available on all Chromebooks. The official version includes crossplay functionality; you can play with friends across multiple platforms. It also comes with the Trails and Tales update, which consists of a host of new features, such as a cherry grove biome and the ability to ride a camel.

The Minecraft: Bedrock Edition costs $19.99 on the Google Play Store and comes with the Android version for free. However, if you already own the Android version, you can upgrade to the Chromebook version for only $12.99. The game will work with all Chromebooks released after 2020, but you can verify the minimum and recommended specs on a Minecraft support site.

Before you start, ensure your Chromebook has the latest version of Chrome OS. Open the Settings app by clicking the time at the bottom right corner of the screen, on the status bar, and clicking the Settings cog.

Open the Google Play Store from the dock/taskbar or via search. Look for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition by searching for it. Click on the Buy button.

It’ll take some time, but Minecraft: Bedrock Edition will eventually finish installing. Launch it by clicking the Open button on the Play Store screen. You can also open it by looking for it in search.

If you don’t want to spend money, you can always download Minecraft: Education Edition for free.

Using Linux app support to install Minecraft Java Edition

The Minecraft Java Edition for Linux will only work on x86 systems. This method will not work for you if you have an ARM-based Chromebook. Also, note that your Chromebook must support Linux apps for this method to work.

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Open the Settings app on your Chromebook and open the advanced settings by clicking the Advanced tab in the left navigation pane. Click the Developers tab under advanced settings. There will be a tab that says Linux development environment in the right pane. Click the Turn On button under it.

how to get minecraft on chromebook
how to get minecraft on chromebook

Installing Minecraft: Java Edition on a Chromebook

First and foremost, you’re going to need a Chromebook that supports Linux applications. You can find the Linux setting under the Developers tab of your Chromebook’s settings menu. It will be nested under the Advanced tab right above “About Chrome OS.” Once you’ve enabled Linux, you can click here to learn more about setting up Linux on your device.

Installing Minecraft on Chrome OS is relatively straightforward thanks to the fact that Majong offers an official Linux version of the game specifically for Debian and Ubuntu Linux. It just so happens that Debian is the flavor of Linux that runs on supported Chromebooks. You can find the package on the Minecraft website here or you can download it directly from the link below.

According to the Minecraft website, this version is a one-click install. “No fuss.” Unfortunately, there’s a bit more to it for the Linux that’s running on Chrome OS. Don’t worry though. It only takes a couple of extra steps and you’ll be crafting in no time. Before we install Minecraft, we need to install a couple of dependencies that are missing from the Linux system. To do this, we will open up our Terminal app from the Chrome OS app launcher and paste the following two commands.

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Once the installation is complete, we can move on to installing Minecraft. To install the Minecraft.deb file we downloaded, run the following command in your Linux terminal. If all goes as planned, you should see the Minecraft launcher pop up and begin the installation process.

You should now have a new app in your app drawer named “Minecraft Launcher.” Just double-click that and wait for the game to load. You’ll get a second popup when you try to log in. I’ve noticed that it is hit or miss on whether or not it will display. Simply click the icon on the shelf to minimize it and when you click it again, the login screen will appear. You can then log in with your Microsoft or Majong account. That’s it for installing Minecraft on your Chromebook but there are a couple of things you need to do before you’re ready to play.

For some reason, Google has yet to implement pointer lock in the Linux environment. Therefore, you’ll need to enable that using the pointer lock flag. Otherwise, you won’t be able to turn 360-degrees while you’re in-game. Annoying. You can also make sure that GPU acceleration is enabled while we’re on the Chrome flags page. To start, head to chrome://flags and search “pointer lock.” You should see a flag labeled #exo-pointer-lock. Enable that and then, search for GPU. Find the GPU acceleration flag and set that to enabled. Now, you’re all set. You should be able to fire up Minecraft and play to your heart’s content.

Above is information how to get minecraft on chromebook.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to get minecraft on chromebook .Thank you for reading our post.

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