How to get minecraft for free on ps4? How to Authenticate Microsoft Services

How to get minecraft for free on ? One of the most annoying things about Minecraft is when players run into technical error messages. This can prohibit players from logging on to Minecraft, and can sometimes take hours or even days to fix.

Not everyone is a tech wiz like the programmers who create these games, so here is a quick guide to fixing a common authentication error in Minecraft. First, players will need a little background behind the error message.

What does “Authenticate Minecraft to Microsoft services” mean?

This error message pops up for ios PE Minecraft players when they try to log in to external servers and realms. Basically, the player will be unable to join servers and realms and will be prompted with the authenticate error message.

This error message is a problem with the Microsoft account connecting to the iOS Minecraft PE app and will need some quick configuration to work.

A step-by-step guide to authenticating Minecraft to Microsoft servicesStep 1: Reload the game
If the player is reading this, then they’ve probably just attempted to log in to a server or realm on iOS Bedrock Minecraft and received an error message. The first step is to close the Minecraft app and then reopen it.

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how to get minecraft for free on ps4

Step 2: Configure the settings

When the app is restarted, instead of clicking play, click on settings. In settings, players will see a profile tab and click on this. Within the profile menu, there will be an option to sign out of the player’s Microsoft account.

Make sure to write down the Microsoft account name and password, then sign out of the account.

Step 3: Sign back in

Stay on the same page in settings, there should now be an option to sign back in. Click Sign In and type in your username and password. After signing in, the player will be prompted with two options: “Save to Microsoft account” or “Leave on Device.” The player should click “Save to Microsoft account.”

Step 4: Microsoft sign in

After clicking “Save to Microsoft account,” the player will be prompted to open the in a different app. When this happens click continue.

After a series of redirects, a Microsoft page will ask “Are you trying to sign in to Microsoft PE: iOS?” Click continue, and then type in your Microsoft account username and password.

Step 5: Have some fun on the servers

After signing in to your Microsoft account, the app should redirect the player to the Minecraft home page. From there, click on the desired server and click join. Have fun playing online

How to Fix “You Need to Authenticate Microsoft Services” on Minecraft

Over the years, Minecraft has garnered enough popularity making it one of the best-selling online games. It is also one of the best games as far as non-violent and educative games go. Unfortunately, you might come across various technical errors while playing the game, and they can be pretty annoying and redundant at times. These errors might prevent you from playing the game smoothly or even limit you from accessing the game.

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In this tutorial, we will give you a step-by-step guide into fixing one of the technical errors that you might come across when playing Minecraft – “You Need to Authenticate Microsoft Services.” Before diving into the different solutions you can apply, let’s first understand what causes this error.

What Causes the Error “You Need to Authenticate Microsoft Services”?

Since 2021, Minecraft has made it mandatory for users to have a Microsoft account to access all its games. This error pops up when Minecraft players try to log in to external servers and realms. Players can’t access or join the server they are trying to connect to when it shows up. Luckily, this is just an authentication problem and not an error that will make you re-configure the whole game. Therefore, if you know your Microsoft account and password, you are good to go.

Reload the Game

If you are coming across this error for the first time, then a simple reload f the game should fix it. Close the Minecraft application and reboot your system. When you are back online, launch Minecraft and try reconnecting to your external servers. If you can join a server successfully, then you are good to go. However, if you are still getting the error, try the next solution.

how to get minecraft for free on ps4

You Need to Authenticate Microsoft Services Minecraft Solution

The error message “You Need to authenticate to Microsoft Services” in Minecraft has to do with the decision Microsoft made in 2021. Since 2021, Microsoft has made it mandatory for users to have a Microsoft account if they want to access Minecraft games. This means that all Minecraft players need to connect their old Minecraft accounts with a Microsoft account. That can be an account you are using for Windows or your Xbox Live account.

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The error pops out when your Microsoft account is having trouble connecting to the iOS Minecraft PE app. This can be for various reasons. The most basic thing you should try is to turn off the game and restart the device you are playing Minecraft on. If this doesn’t help, then try to sign out and sign in a few times. You can do this by entering the Settings menu, clicking on the profile tab, and using an option to Sign Out of your Microsoft account. After you sign off, just sign back in.

If there is still the “You Need to Authenticate Microsoft Services” error after this, try to adjust the time settings. Set Time and Time zones automatically on the system you use to host the Minecraft server. This is known sometimes to cause issues. Here’s what you should do:

  • Open Settings
  • Head to “Time & Language”
  • Navigate to the “Date & time” tab
  • Turn on the Set time automatically and Set time zone automatically

If none of these options has fixed the issue, then the problem is most likely not on your side. Rather, something is wrong with Minecraft servers, which are probably currently down. In that case, try waiting a few hours until they are back again.

Above is information how to get minecraft for free on ps4.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to get minecraft for free on ps4 .Thank you for reading our post.

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