How to get minecraft for free on phone? How to Get Minecraft for Free

How to get minecraft for free on phone ? Minecraft is a free game if you are playing on a PC. There are many things aside from building one can do in this game, which makes it so popular among the community and outside. However, there are a couple of extra steps for mobile users to play the game on their devices. Let us take a look at what you can do to play it on Android and IOS. We will also decipher how you can download it for PC

How IOS and Android Users can Play Minecraft for Free

Technically the whole game is not for free in IOS and Android but you can download a demo that lasts for 90 minutes. To take part in the full experience you will have to purchase the game from the respective stores to play it. However, PC users can play it for free. All they have to do is go to Minecraft’s official website to download it.

Can I Get Minecraft for Free?

Yes. Minecraft provides free versions for users to interact with. Some versions are free, like the classic Minecraft that you can play on the website without downloading the game itself.

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Other versions, like the Minecraft Pocket Edition for Phones and Minecraft Java Edition for PC, require that you pay to play. However, Minecraft still offers free demo versions similar to the full version game, only that they are time-limited.

how to get minecraft for free on phone
how to get minecraft for free on phone

How to Get Minecraft PE for Free

Minecraft Pocket Edition is Mojang’s response to players’ requests for the game to be mobile. Mojang brings a Minecraft version optimized for play on mobile devices. Players of Minecraft can continue building and exploring on their mobile devices while on the go. So how can you get Minecraft PE for free?

The simple answer is that you can’t. On the app store of both Android and iOS, you can get Minecraft PE for $7.49 for Android and $6.99 for iOS. Other additional in-game costs are optional.

With Minecraft PE, you will often find third-party websites that claim to have a free version which isn’t true. The only legal way to get Minecraft PE for free is through the trial version available on Google Play.

How to Get Minecraft for Free on Tablet

The Minecraft version available on tablets is the Minecraft Pocket Edition. Depending on the OS of the tablet, you can get either the Android version of Minecraft PE or the iOS version of Minecraft PE.

This version of Minecraft for tablets isn’t free as there is an initial cost. But after paying this cost, the game is free to play. There are two ways that you can get Minecraft for free on a tablet;

How to Get Minecraft for Free on iPhone

Minecraft is popular among iPhone users and ranks as the number one app in the simulation category of Apple apps. The Minecraft version you get on the Apple app store isn’t free and requires a one-time fee to download the game.

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The Apple app store doesn’t provide a trial Minecraft version similar to the one available for android users. It is a result of the strict app purchase regulations that ensure that apps on their platform comply with policies regarding the revenue system.

Minecraft Free Play No Download in Mobile

You can play Minecraft for free on your smartphone without downloading the game. All you need to do is open on your phone’s browser.

You will be given a page on which you must fill in your user name before starting the game. A joining link is also shared on the page, which you can share with nine friends to invite them to create and explore the world of Minecraft.

How to Get Minecraft for Free on PC

You can play Minecraft on PC free by playing the game’s demo version. The only downside to this is that it is time limited. The duration to play Minecraft demo on PC is five days in the game, equivalent to 1 hour 40 minutes of real-time.

To get the free demo version of Minecraft, you first must ensure that your Windows, macOS, or Linux PC satisfies the following minimum system requirements.

Final Thoughts – Is Minecraft Free Now on Mobile?

Currently, the Minecraft mobile edition isn’t free, and players need to part with up to $7.99 to enjoy playing the game. This fee doesn’t mean players can’t enjoy the game for free; Mojang has provided a web-based platform for playing the game at no cost.

It is a classic of the original game that Mojang introduced in 2009. The classic version does not feature many of the cool features you will find with the current version of Minecraft. Options like inviting up to 9 people exist. It allows individuals to explore the Minecraft world with friends.

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Play Minecraft Bedrock Free Trial

As you might already know, Minecraft has two iterations — Java Edition, which is exclusive for PC users, and the Bedrock Edition, which is available on a variety of platforms. Both versions offer free trials to let you hop into the blocky world and try out the mechanics. Once you are satisfied with the experience, you can purchase the full version. For now, here is how you can access the Bedrock free trial

how to get minecraft for free on phone

Play Minecraft Classic in a Browser

The Minecraft we know and love is nowhere close to the game it was at the time of its initial release. This is even before the time Herobrine came into existence. The blocky experience remains pretty much the same but the game was limited in terms of features. If you wish to try out the original version of Minecraft for free without even downloading it, you can do that.

Play Minecraft Online in a Browser

If the classic edition of Minecraft doesn’t feel enticing enough on your browser, we have another solution. You can also try the new free trial without even downloading the game. It is available on the “” cloud network. While it is available on every platform with an internet connection, you can only use it in a few countries. If you are in a serviceable region, head to the cloud version of Minecraft (here) and enjoy the game without paying at all.

Above is information how to get minecraft for free on phone.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to get minecraft for free on phone .Thank you for reading our post.

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