How to get Mewtwo in Pokemon Quest ? Pokemon Quest: How to Get Legendary Pokemon

How to get mewtwo in pokemon quest ? Pokemon Quest lets you catch all 151 Pokemon from the original generation of Pokemon games, and that includes the immensely strong Legendary Pokemon. But how do you catch Pokemon Quest’s Legendary Pokemon?

Well first of all, you don’t catch Pokemon in Pokemon Quest like in any other Pokemon game. What you have to do is make a stew from ingredients to lead Pokemon into your home base so that they befriend you and join your party.

There are a ton of different kinds of food you can make depending on the ingredients you put in the pot, but those foods will just give you regular Pokemon. To attract Legendary Pokemon, you need to make a specific kind of dish: the Ambrosia of Legends.

This dish, according to our previous guide on cooking recipes, is made with either one Mystical Shell and four of any ingredient; three Mystical Shells and two Rainbow Matter; or five Mystical Shells.

However, YouTuber Verlisify found that using two or more Rainbow Matter and one Mystical Shell earned him a Mewtwo. So the optimal recipe for acquiring Legendary Pokemon is actually one Mystical Shell with four Rainbow Matter.

Keep in mind that you still have a chance to catch Articuno, Zapdos, or Moltres in addition to Mewtwo when using this recipe. It’s also possible to get a Mew according to Verlisify, but this appears to be very rare as only a few people on the Pokemon Quest Discord server have acquired a Mew.

Don’t put in five Rainbow Matter or you’ll get a Mulligan Stew. Also there are other kinds of pots that require higher and higher quantities of an ingredient for the recipe to work (for instance the normal pot requires 3 of each ingredient in a recipe while the bronze pot requires 10). The more ingredients you use, the higher level your summoned Pokemon will be.

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Rainbow Matter is found rarely throughout the game, but Mystical Shells can only be found at Happenstance Island, which is unlocked after you beat the Chamber of Legends at the end of the game.

According to YouTuber Rekcana, the levels in Happenstance Island that recommend a team strength of 20,000 or above will always have you fighting a Legendary Pokemon as the boss. After defeating the boss, you have a chance at getting shells.

So to recap, to get all of the Legendary Pokemon you need to battle at a level in Happenstance Island which recommends a team strength of 20,000 or higher, get enough Mystical Shells and Rainbow Matter to add to a pot, then cook the Ambrosia of Legends to get your Legendary Pokemon.

  • Catch Legendary and Mythical Pokemon
  • Get to mission set 12.
  • Complete missions 12-1 and beyond until you get Mystical Shells.
  • Use Mystical Shells to make Ambrosia of Legends.

While it’s not super difficult to catch Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Quest, you’ll need to wait until you’re on expedition 12-1 or higher. It’s only on mission 12-1 and higher than you’ll see Legendary Pokemon start to appear as bosses.

You won’t always see Legendary Pokemon as bosses when you go on expedition, but there’s at least a chance they’ll show up starting at mission 12-1.

When you defeat a Legendary Pokemon boss, there’s a chance they will drop a Mystical Shell item that you can use to make certain food dishes.

Because there’s only a chance you’ll see a Legendary Pokemon boss, and only a chance they will drop a Mystical Shell, you may have to run through several expeditions before you get enough Mystical Shells to make the Ambrosia of Legends.

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Ambrosia of Legends Recipes

  • Mystical Shell (1), Anything Else (4)
  • Mystical Shell (2), Anything Else (3)
  • Mystical Shell (3), Anything Else (2)
  • Mystical Shell (4), Anything Else (1)
  • Mystical Shell (5)

If you haven’t already guessed, in order to lure Legendary Pokemon to your base camp, you’ll need to make Ambrosia of Legends. The recipe for Ambrosia of Legends is one Mystical Shell and four of anything else.

The more Mystical Shells you use to make Ambrosia, the higher the chances you’ll have at luring Legendary Pokemon to your base camp. Some Legendary Pokemon will only come if you use more than one shell.

how to get mewtwo in pokemon quest

Pokemon Quest: A Beginner’s Guide

Pokemon Quest is a game from The Pokemon Company. The product was created for several platforms at once: Android, iOS, Nintendo. The main goal of the player is to collect as many Pokémon friends as possible, and go with them on various expeditions.

At the start, you will receive 3 Pokemon, with which you will master the basics of the gameplay. The game is not difficult, so even a person who first installed a mobile game can easily master it.

Over time, your Pokémon will begin to evolve, after which they become much stronger from expedition to expedition.

Main screen. The game has a main base where you will prepare food for new Pokémon, attracting their attention, tasks (Qvest) in the lower left corner of the main screen.

Next to the quests is the “Pokedex” button, all the Pokemon you have attracted are displayed here, you can see all the characteristics of the heroes (by clicking on the avatar), and also change the composition of the combat squad.

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In the center of the screen is a menu from your main command “Edit Team”, where you can change the composition of the group. Next to the button there are 3 leading Pokémon. By clicking on any of them, you can immediately go to its section.

The Expedition button is used to enter the adventure, where you will meet various opponents, walk through the forests and fields of the picturesque island, collecting ingredients for cooking. To return to base, click on the “Base Camp” button.

Adventure mechanics. After switching to the Expedition mode, your Pokémon will start running around the island on their own, in search of resources and opponents.

As the level rises, the oncoming monsters will become stronger. During the battle, you can independently activate the super attacks of each fighter. The beat menu is located at the bottom center of the screen. As the level of Pokémon and their Evolution increases, new skills will appear.

The name of ordinary opponents, during the battle, is not displayed above their heads. But if you met with a powerful rival, then his name will be proudly marked over the enemy.

how to get mewtwo in pokemon quest

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