How to get Mew in let’s go Pikachu ? Pokémon Let’s Go Mew explained

How to get mew in let’s go pikachu ? There’s no doubting Mew as one of the more well-known Pokemon around the world. He’s a cat (apparently), and he’s definitely one of the more powerful cat-like creatures in all of Pokemon, possessing powerful dark-type abilities.

As of right now, there’s only one confirmed method for obtaining Mew in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee. Mew can only be obtained by purchasing the using the Poke Ball Plus accessory with the game, which is sold separately from Pokemon Let’s Go, at right around $49.99 (click here to purchase one).

Once you’ve connected your Poke Ball Plus to your Nintendo Switch, pause Pokemon Let’s Go by pressing X. Now scroll over to the ‘Communications’ option, and click on it.

Next, click on the ‘Mystery Gift’ option, and you’ll have the opportunity to download Mew into your save game of Pokemon Let’s Go.

Note that there are some catches to this. Namely, each Poke Ball Plus contains one Mew, and one Mew only, meaning that once the creature has been downloaded once, that’s it, they’re used up.

Also, Nintendo previously announced that at a certain point, Mew will no longer be available in all Poke Ball Plus accessories. When this cut off point is, we have no idea.

How to Get Mew

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee are finally available, which means players get to dive into the Kanto region in the first Pokemon game on the Nintendo Switch.

Players who pick up the Poke Ball Plus accessory or get the game bundle that comes with the Poke Ball Plus, will find a special surprise hidden in their Poke Ball: the mythical Pokemon Mew. Here is how players can transfer Mew over to their copy of the game.

The first thing players will want to do once they boot up their copy of Pokemon Let’s Go is to progress through the beginning parts of the game.

Players will be unable to access Mew until they complete the initial battle with their rival. After their first battle, players will notice that a new icon has popped up in their main menu.

After clicking on the Communicate option, players will want to navigate over to Mystery Gifts, then select the “Get with a Poke Ball Plus” option. After connecting to the internet, players will begin downloading the Mew from the Poke Ball.

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Once players finish accepting the Mystery Gift, Mew will now be in the player’s party or box. This Mew is at Level 1, so players will need to spend some time leveling Mew up before it can be really useful in-game.

Fortunately, all trainer Pokemon gain experience when catching wild Pokemon, so it shouldn’t take too long for Mew to catch up with the rest of the team. There are plenty of wild Pokemon walking around in the wild grass, so players can stock up on Poke Balls and rack up experience very quickly.

Pokemon Let’s Go is one of the biggest and most anticipated titles launching right before the holiday season, and it serves as a good entry point for new players who may have gotten their start in the Pokemon franchise with Pokemon Go.

Players will get to embark on a journey with their new partner Pokemon and both new and veteran fans of the series will find plenty to love while exploring the remastered map of Kanto.

Hopefully, this new Pokemon installment will be enough to hold fans over until the new Pokemon title is released for Switch sometime next year.

how to get mew in let's go pikachu


First, you’ll need to pair your Poké Ball Plus with Let’s Go. Players simply need to connect the peripheral to the Nintendo Switch dock using the USB cable that comes with the Poké Ball Plus. Have the console docked when you do this to automatically pair your Poké Ball Plus.

If you’re a fan of Pokemon Go, then you know how exciting it is to capture all the different creatures and complete your Pokedex. However, there’s one elusive creature that has been incredibly difficult to acquire – Mew.

For years, players have been searching for ways to catch this mythical Pokemon, and now with the release of the Poke Ball Plus accessory, it’s finally possible.

The Poke Ball Plus is a specially designed controller for Pokemon Go that allows you to easily catch Pokemon without having to constantly take out your phone.

But what makes this device even more special is its ability to unlock Mew in-game. By connecting your Poké Ball Plus device with Pokémon GO on your mobile device, you’ll be able to send one of your Pokémon from Pokémon GO into the Poké Ball Plus and take them for a walk in real life.

This feature not only allows you to bond with your favorite Pokemon but also gives you access to some exclusive rewards like candy and stardust.

And most importantly, after taking enough steps with your partner in the Poke Ball Plus controller- something like 20 km-, Mew will be unlocked! So if you want this legendary creature added straight away into your game collection or just enjoy exploring with Pikachu by their side wherever they go – getting hold of a Pokeball plus is key!

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Understanding Mew’s Characteristics and Abilities in Pokemon Go

Mew is a legendary Pokémon in the Pokémon Go game, and as such, it possesses some unique characteristics that set it apart from other creatures within the game.

One of its most interesting features is its ability to learn any move available within the game. This makes Mew an incredibly versatile and adaptable Pokémon to have on your team. It’s important to note that this means you can swap out moves as often as you like, allowing for maximum customization.

Another characteristic that sets Mew apart from other legendary Pokemon is its appearance – this creature just looks cool! With soft pink fur contrasted by sharp claws and pointed ears, Mew has a charmingly mischievous expression that belies its power and intelligence. Its small size also gives Mew an advantage in battles since it can easily dodge attacks.

In addition to all of these qualities, one of Mew’s greatest strengths lies in the fact that it has access to both powerful psychic-type moves and versatile normal-type moves.

This combination makes Mew a formidable opponent against any type of foe – whether they specialize in water or fire types or anything else for that matter! Overall, understanding what makes Mew so special can help players increase their chances of success while playing Pokémon Go by utilizing all of this legendary creature’s talents effectively.

Utilizing Special Techniques and Tactics to Catch Mew in Pokemon Go

Catching legendary Pokemon is always an exciting prospect for any Pokemon Go player. One of the most elusive and sought-after legendaries in the game is Mew, which requires a special technique to catch. In order to catch Mew, players must complete a series of quests that will ultimately lead them to the mythical creature.

The first step in catching Mew involves completing various tasks that are hidden throughout the game world. These can be anything from catching specific types of Pokemon to visiting certain locations on the map. Once all of these tasks have been completed, players can then engage in a battle with Mew.

During this battle, it’s important to utilize special tactics and techniques to increase your chances of success. This may include using special items like berries or ultra balls, as well as employing strategic moves during combat.

Ultimately, catching Mew requires patience and perseverance – but with careful planning and execution, any dedicated Pokemon Go player should be able to add this legendary creature to their collection!

 Exploring the Best Locations and Routes for Finding Mew in Pokemon Go

If you’re a dedicated Pokemon Go player, then you know that finding Mew can be one of the most difficult quests in the game. However, with a little bit of research and exploration, it is possible to increase your chances of catching this elusive creature.

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One great location to start your search is in urban areas with lots of Pokestops and gyms. These locations often have higher spawn rates for rare Pokemon like Mew.

Another key strategy for finding Mew is to visit areas where other players have reported sightings or caught Mew themselves. Online communities such as Reddit or Facebook groups dedicated to Pokemon Go can be an excellent resource for locating these spots.

It’s also important to keep track of any events or updates from Niantic that may increase the likelihood of encountering Mew.

Finally, it’s crucial to consider which routes are best for searching out this legendary creature. Many players recommend walking along bodies of water or through parks and green spaces since these areas tend to have more diverse spawn rates overall.

By combining all three strategies – visiting urban hotspots, taking tips from other players, and exploring specific environments- you’ll significantly improve your odds at capturing Mew once and for all!

how to get mew in let's go pikachu

 Maximizing Your Chances of Success with Items and Strategies in Pokemon Go

If you’re an avid Pokemon Go player, you know that catching ’em all isn’t always a walk in the park. With so many different types of Pokemon out there, it can be difficult to know where to start. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of success.

First and foremost, make sure you have plenty of items on hand. This includes Pokeballs (both regular and Great), potions and revives for healing your Pokemon after battles, incense and lures for attracting more wild Pokemon, and berries for making them easier to catch. Stock up on these items by visiting Pokestops whenever possible.

Another strategy is to pay attention to the weather conditions in your area. Certain types of Pokemon will be more likely to appear during certain weather patterns – for example, water-type Pokemon are more common when it’s raining or near bodies of water. By checking the forecast ahead of time, you can plan your outings strategically.

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of teamwork! Joining a local group or online community can help you connect with other players who can offer tips and advice on how to maximize your success in the game. Plus, teaming up with others for raids or gym battles makes them much easier (and more fun) than going solo.

By following these strategies – stocking up on items, paying attention to weather patterns, and working together with other players – you’ll be well on your way to becoming a true Pokemon master!

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