How to get Lucario Riolu and in Pokemon Go ?

How to get lucario ? Lucario is one of the most popular Pokemon since the year 2018. Though it is a rare Pokemon, it got quite popular from the mystery or mew. Not just is this Pokemon very popular, but it also is very powerful. Due to its power, many of the players even are ready to spend money to get it.

But spending money is not the only option that you have got to get this powerful Pokemon.

To get Lucario in Pokemon, you can get the rare Riolu and can evolve it to Lucario. Riolu is quite rare, and one of the ways to get it is by hatching it from an egg and then evolving it to Lucario.

How to Get Lucario?

As mentioned above, you cannot catch Lucario in the wild. You have to get a Riolu and then evolve it to Lucario. Similar to Lucario, catching Riolu in the wild is also a tough task. Hence, one of the best ways is to hatch Riolu from the Pokemon egg and then evolve it into Lucario.

Getting Egg:

You can hatch Riolu from a 7km egg and a 10km egg. Now, considering this to be an easy task can be again your mistake. There is no guarantee that a Riolu will hatch out of a 7 km egg or 10 km egg.

There are so many other Pokemon that can hatch from the egg. Overall, there is only a 0.7% chance of hatching a Riolu from the eggs you have. But if you get an adventure sync 50km egg, this can surely get you a Riolu.

One of the ways to get many eggs is to spin Pokestops as much as possible. Fill in the egg storage and then keep on looking after the 10 km eggs for the hatching of a Riolu.

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Again it is not always sure that spinning the Pokestops will get you only the required km egg. It can also get you 2 km and 5 km eggs. But these smaller eggs will hatch faster to make more space for the 7 km and 10 km eggs.

how to get lucario

Hatching Eggs:

Once you have got the 10 km eggs, though there is no such guarantee that you will get a Riolu, it is important to keep trying. According to the statistics, you can get a Riolu in every 143 eggs.

It would help if you had enough Pokecoins to get an incubator to help in hatching Riolu egg faster to get Riolu. A Riolu egg will require about 50 incubators to hatch much faster.

Evolving Riolu into Lucario:

Now comes the most crucial part that is of evolving Riolu into Lucario. Riolu requires a much higher number of candies to evolve, much higher than any other evolutions in Pokemon.

If you wish to evolve your Riolu into a Lucario, you need to feed it at least 50 Riolu candies. Hence, you must save up a good amount of Riolu candies if you wish to evolve a Riolu into Lucario.

If you do not have many Riolu candies left with you, you can gain them by walking around by having Riolu as your buddy Pokemon. This will give you a good number of Riolu candies.

Now save the candies when you require them, later on, to evolve Riolu into Lucario. You will require exact 50 Riolu candies to evolve Riolu into Lucario.

Lucario is powerful and is a great option for your upcoming fights to tackle the evolved Pokemons of the opponent. The best thing about Lucario is that it can mega evolve later on again. You can use Lucaromite to mega evolve Lucario into a Mega Lucario that is even more powerful.

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Where to find Riolu in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Trainers looking to add Lucario to their team will have to wait a bit, as the Pokemon doesn’t show up until players reach the fifth area, Alabaster Icelands. Trainers will gain access to it after quelling the fourth Frenzied Noble.

Below we will break down how to locate its pre-evolution Riolu in the wintery tundra:

After progressing the story far enough, you will unlock the Alabaster Icelands. Travel to the snowy mountains as soon as you gain access to it.

From the starting campsite, immediately head west and use Hisuian Sneasler to climb up the mountain.

 Keep moving forward until you reach the Icebound Falls where Riolu can be found.

Once there, follow the valley pathway and you will find Riolu on the ground.

Where to find Alpha Lucario in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Those looking to get the giant version are in luck as it’s actually pretty easy to find. In fact, the enraged ‘mon is not that far from where you find Riolu in the Alabaster Icelands. Head back to the Icebound Falls.

Instead of walking through the valley, however, make a left and use Sneasler to climb up the frozen waterfall. After scaling up the glacial side of the mountain, follow the path to the right at the top which will lead you to Alpha Lucario. Below are the easiest steps for catching the terrifying variant.

Because Alpha Lucario can be alerted with the tiniest of sounds, players need to keep their distance. Using the crouch function, slowly make your way up to it and then throw an Oran Berry.

The Alpha ‘mon will then walk over to pick up the item – this is your time to start moving until you are a few inches behind it.

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When Alpha Lucario starts to eat the Berry, throw a Gigaton Ball directly at its back and then run away to a safe distance.

If the Fighting-type breaks free, equip another Berry and start the process all over again.

Using Gigaton Balls on its back will substantially increase its catch rate.

how to get lucario

How can players obtain Riolu and Lucario in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

The Fighting-type baby Pokemon Lucario was introduced by Game Freak in Generation 4 with Diamond and Pearl. The blue and black color combination, along with the bipedal Pocket Monster, has become iconic ever since.

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players can come across Riolu in the southwestern parts of the Paldea map, especially in the South Province (Area Four).

If players need help coming across Riolu, they can make a sandwich with Encounter Power fighting to boost their chances of encountering the Pokemon. Before discussing how to evolve the Emanation Pokemon to its much-celebrated form, players can encounter Lucario in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in the wild.

The Pocket Monster can rarely be seen in the southeastern region of the Paldea map, especially in the North Province (Area One and Two) and (South Province Area Four and Six). To evolve Riolu into Lucario, players must have a high friendship level with the baby Pokemon.

Players can increase their friendship level with their critters by exploring, battling, and utilizing the newly-introduced mechanics of picnics. Another option to quickly increase it by giving Riolu a Soothe Bell to hold.

Once the criteria of high friendship level are completed, the Pokemon will evolve into Lucario when leveled up during the day, through either battling or EXP Candy.

Lucario, also known as the Aura Pokemon, is a dual-type Fight and Steel Pocket Monster that is a beast to have in any battle party. Moves like Bullet Punch, Meteor Mash, and Aura Sphere (which can be crafted through TM) allow it to pack quite a punch and make it a formidable ally to have on your side.

Above is information how to get lucario. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to get lucario .Thank you for reading our posst.

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