How to get honeycomb in minecraft? Locations, items & how to harvest it

How to get honeycomb in minecraft? The Minecraft fanbase went wild when Mojang announced that bees were coming to the game. And who could blame them — have you seen how cute these things are? But just like the real world, once a creature or item gets added to Minecraft, it has an effect on the rest of the game. And along with bees came the new Honeycomb item. Honeycomb can be used to craft Candles, Waxed Copper, and even more Beehives.

In other words, once you’ve got enough Honeycomb, you can start your own self-sustaining Honeycomb farm. It’s beekeeping without the stuffy white safety suits.

How to get Honeycomb in Minecraft

There’s only one way to get Honeycomb in Minecraft: You’ll need to use a pair of Shears on a Bee Nest or Beehive. Let’s go through it step-by-step.

Find the Bee Nest

You can craft Shears using two Iron Ingots, which themselves you can get by smelting Iron Ore. Place one Iron Ingot in your Crafting Table’s middle slot, and the other Ingot in the bottom-left slot.

Next, you’ll need to find a Bee Nest with honey inside. Bee Nests spawn randomly in trees across the world, and you’ll always find bees buzzing nearby. But even after you find one, you won’t be able to harvest its Honeycomb until it’s filled with honey.

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Whenever it’s daytime and not raining, a Bee Nest’s bees will scatter to look for pollen. And once a bee returns to the Nest and leaves again, the Nest’s “honey level” will go up by one. When the honey level hits five, you’ll see honey start to ooze out of the Nest. This means it’s ready to go.

how to get honeycomb in minecraft

Harvest the Honeycomb

Approach the Nest and use your Shears on it. Three units of Honeycomb will pop out, and its honey level will fall to zero again.

But be careful — when you harvest from a Bee Nest, all the bees inside will pop out too and start chasing you. They won’t stop chasing you until you’re stung, which will deal instant damage and poison you for a few seconds.

Repeat this process as many times as you need to gather all the Honeycomb you want. Bee Nests will never expire as long as the bees in the area stay alive.

How to use Honeycomb in Minecraft

There are a few different crafting recipes that involve Honeycomb.

First, you can use your Honeycomb to make a Beehive. Beehives work exactly the same as Bee Nests, but you can place them wherever you want. To craft a Beehive, fill the top and bottom rows of your Crafting Table with Planks, and fill the middle row with Honeycomb.

Next, you can make Candles. Candles act as a light source when placed down, although you’ll need to light them with Flint and Steel. To craft a Candle, just place one piece of String above one piece of Honeycomb.

Forming a square anywhere on your Crafting Table with four pieces of Honeycomb will give you a Honeycomb Block. This is a purely decorative block that’s patterned to look like Honeycomb.

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Finally, combining one piece of Honeycomb with anything made of copper will give you Waxed Copper. Waxing your copper items will stop them from oxidizing, which lets them keep their original color.

How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft with a Campfire

After using Shears on the full bee nest, 3 Honeycomb will drop to the ground and the Bees within the nest will become hostile, flying towards you and dealing damage if within range to sting you. To prevent this, place a Campfire within 5 blocks, or directly beneath the nest, and the smoke from the fire will keep the Bees calm.

Minecraft Beehive Recipes

Now you have the Honeycomb, you can use it to craft a Beehive where you can lure Bees to create Honey and Honeycomb wherever you wish. At a crafting bench, place 3 wooden planks horizontally across the top and bottom rows, and 3 Honeycomb across the middle row. If you’re wondering how to get Honeycomb without a Beehive, you’ll simply have to rely on the naturally spawning Nests in the world. Beehives aren’t difficult to craft, but if you don’t want one near your build for one reason or another, simply memorize where the nearest Bee Nest is.

You can also use Honeycomb to craft Candles by placing String above it on the crafting screen or place 4 Honeycomb in a square configuration to make Honeycomb Blocks. You can coat it on Copper building materials to stop them from oxidizing.

How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft Bedrock

Most people will likely be playing through Java, but for those of you playing on Bedrock Edition, have no fear! You can use the exact same methods of harvesting and using Honeycomb regardless of what version of Minecraft you are playing. This is particularly relevant as from Update 1.19 you automatically own both Java and Bedrock versions of the game, even if you only bought one prior.

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How to obtain honeycombs in Minecraft without making bees hostile

The easiest way for players to obtain honeycomb from bee nests and hives around their Minecraft world is to place a lit campfire underneath the honey-filled block before harvesting it. This will prevent the bees from emerging with reddened eyes to attack the player.

There must be smoke passing through the top of the nest or hive for this trick to work, but if that is happening, then the player is free to use a pair of shears on the block to get their honeycomb.

Shears are currently the only tool that can get honeycomb from filled hives, and the hive must have honey dripping from it for the honeycomb to drop. Players can also use a bottle on a filled bee nest or hive to get honey.

how to get honeycomb in minecraft

What is honeycomb used for in Minecraft?

The main use of honeycomb in Minecraft is to create beehives, the manmade version of a bee nest.

These hives look a lot cleaner and pristine compared to the natural bee nest and are a lot more accessible, as beehives can be made with wood and honeycomb.

To collect bee nests in a player’s survival inventory, the player must use a silk touch tool to collect the nest, which can take ages to accomplish—especially early in-game.

Honeycomb is also used to create decorative honeycomb blocks, which look absolutely perfect as decoration in honey or bee farms. Honeycomb is one of the most important items in Minecraft and that is why it’s so much sought after by the players.

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