How to get half beds in minecraft? How to Sleep in LEGO Fortnite

How to get half beds in minecraft? A Minecraft player has astounded the fanbase by revealing that he is the eighth person in recorded history to find a half-bed – one of the game’s rarest blocks. While gamers are regularly hearing about unique Minecraft creations, the game is perhaps equally as well known for its many intricacies and rarities.

Anyone who has played Minecraft, particularly in Survival Mode, is likely well aware of its many mysteries. The game is filled with dangerous enemies, secret objects, powerful artifacts, and much more. While many of these secrets can be found deep underground or in alternate dimensions, there are several that appear in the overworld as well.

Each play session can be made even more singular and impactful due to the fact that Minecraft worlds are procedurally generated, meaning that no two maps will ever be the same unless they share a seed. This procedurally-generated approach is what allows the game to be both vast and unpredictable, as players cannot memorize one shared map. This variance is increased with each passing year, as content drops like the Minecraft Wild Update introduce new staples to the world.

All of this randomized variety can lead to interesting results, as proven by YouTuber camman18. In a recent upload, camman18 explains that he is the eighth person to find a half-bed block and capture it on video. He goes on to explain that this block is so rare because it requires a village to be hit by lava at a very precise angle.

Because of the fact that Minecraft maps are rendered in real-time, and that this rendering depends on the direction the player is moving, multiple people could use the same seed as camman18’s world and they wouldn’t be guaranteed to come across the block.

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It may seem strange that this block is so rare, but it makes sense when considering how Minecraft bed assets function. While most blocks, like the ones used to make the famous Minecraft New York City recreation, are 1×1 cubes, bed blocks are 2×1, meaning that they can not be broken into two parts. A 1×1 stream of lava, however, will leave behind a 1×1 wake of destruction, so one lava stream hitting half a full bed block would yield this rare outcome.

While this might not be the most flashy secret hidden within the game, it is still quite intriguing from a design standpoint. The fact that such a rare phenomenon can occur, one that perhaps wasn’t even intended by the game’s developers, is part of what makes procedural generation so interesting. It’s possible that there are other similar secrets for Minecraft fans to uncover

How to get half beds in minecraft

Minecraft YouTuber finds half a bed in the game

The 44-second clip starts off with the YouTuber explaining that no two worlds are ever exactly the same in the game. This applies to different people using the same seed.

While the seed code and world might seem the same, upon a closer look, players can make out subtle differences like variations in world generation, or the presence or absence of certain items, objects, blocks, and structures.

These differences occur due to the direction the player faces when the entities mentioned above are rendered into the game’s map. If a player looks towards a lava pool, water pool, thicket of trees, or even a flower, the rendering process will change depending on the direction the player approaches it from.

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The video shows half a bed, the look of which might be similar to players who experience in-game lag spikes or connection problems. Beds occasionally appear to break into half when a player interacts with them during a lag spike.

According to the YouTuber, the (very volatile) properties for the generation of such blocks come into play when an entity like lava interacts with a village cottage in a way that only destroys half a section of the bed placed inside.

While the seed, version, and coordinates for the location are mentioned, the player does issue a warning for players wanting to explore the map.

He explained that depending on the direction in which the village house has been rendered, the lava may destroy the entire bed.

camman18 is known for posting Minecraft videos about rare items, seeds, structures, and locations in the game. His channel has been active since April 2021 and has since garnered a ton of recognition, with 3.6 million subscribers as of March 2022.

camman18’s shorts and quirky Minecraft videos have established a dedicated fanbase for him, and have made him an adored content creator within the Minecraft community.

How to get half beds in minecraft

How to craft a bed in LEGO Fortnite

Sleeping with LEGO Fortnite is going to be one of the primary aspects you want to accomplish right away, and players will want to make a bed in-game quickly.

Once you have completed your first campfire and shack in LEGO Fortnite, you’re going to want to make a bed and assign it to yourself or one of the NPCs that visit your village.

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To craft a bed within LEGO Fortnite, you’ll need the following materials:

10 Wood

Once you have these materials, you’ll then want to press the build button at the bottom right of your screen, and then you’ll be able to place this bed somewhere in your village.

However, unlike Minecraft and other survival titles, players won’t be able to sleep throughout the night. Instead, you’ll be able to get into your bed to ‘rest,’ which restores all your health in-game and gives you a little boost to tackle some of the enemies.

This is one aspect that has players a bit confused, as they cannot actually sleep through the night and will instead have to deal with all the enemies that spawn, including all the pesky skeletons.

You can, however, chill out in your village and wait for the daytime to come, but if you can manage to make a Shortsword and have some food on you, the night can be manageable.

There are other beds to craft within LEGO Fortnite, and you’ll unlock these as you upgrade your Village level, but these are more catered toward the NPCs, as they’ll be happier in your village with these upgraded beds.

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