How to get Gengar Pokemon Scarlet ? How to Get Gengar in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

How to get gengar pokemon scarlet ? Gengar is a Ghost and Poison type that is part of the first generation of Pokemon. It’s an incredibly popular Pokemon and it’s quite good in battles, too. The dual type of Ghost and Poison is very effective.

In this short guide, we will show you how to get Gengar in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. We’ll break down how to get Gengar without trading in Violet and Scarlet, as well as how to do it with the classic trading method.

What is Gengar?

As mentioned before, Gengar is a Ghost and Poison type Pokemon. It evolves from Haunter, which in turn evolves from Gastly.

Gengar is a strong Pokemon with good stats. In particular, Gengar has a strong Special Attack and Speed stat, and the dual type can be incredibly useful in competitive battles

Where to Get Gastly or Haunter

Gastly is easy to find, but only if you’re out catching Pokemon at night. It has a time-sensitive spawn and won’t turn up at any other time of day.

You can find Gastly roaming around in the East and West regions of the map. To be more specific, it can be found just along the equator near the Great Crater.

If you are looking for Haunter, it also needs to be night time. Haunter spawn locations are in the mountains, snow, or ruins biomes.

You can find Haunters specifically in the Glaseado Mountains and North Province Area One. These Pokemon are not exclusive so you can see them in Scarlet or Violet versions.

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How to get Gengar Pokemon Scarle

How to Evolve Haunter to Gengar

The first method is by leveling Gastly to Haunter and meeting the special evolution requirement to get Haunter to Gengar. Gastly needs to be level 25 to evolve to Haunter, and Haunter then needs to be traded to a friend so that Haunter will evolve to Gengar.

Unlike evolving Slowpoke to a Slowking, there is no requirement for Haunter to hold an item before trading to trigger the evolution.

The second way of getting a Gengar is finding it through a Tera Raid Battle. This can be quite tricky, as almost any Pokemon can be found in a Tera Raid Battle and it is very dependent on random chance.

You can play with friends to make it a lot easier. Everyone can find their own Tera battles and keep hosting while in a Union Circle group.

Each player can easily join hosted raids by pressing ‘Y’ when in a Union Circle group.

If you choose to farm Gengar through Tera Raid Battles, you’ll be able to get your hands on a lot of Exp Candies and Rare Candies as they’re common drops. This is a great way to level up your team fast while you’re at it.

Although, if you are playing with friends, you might as well just look for a Haunter and just trade with each other. The Tera Raid Battle method is plausible but can be a grind.

However, if you do find a Tera raid battle with a Gengar, remember that the stats or the IV can depend on the star rating of the raid. For example, if you find a 5 or 6-star Gengar Tera raid battle, it is most likely to have amazing or perfect stats.

For those who do not have any trade partners, Gengar is attainable from an NPC in Levincia City. She will trade you her Haunter for your Pincurchin.

You can find the NPC near the center of the city. The Haunter from this trade will automatically evolve to Gengar once the trade is over.

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What to Do After Getting Gengar

After adding Gengar to your team, it’s worth reading up on Pokemon strengths and weaknesses and preparing counters accordingly.

For example, Gengar is a Ghost and Poison type. Ghost is weak to Dark and Ghost types, and Poison is weak to Ground and Psychic types. Make sure you’ve got Pokemon in your team that can counter these types, and consider changing your Gengar’s Tera type to something unique to strengthen it even further.

Gengar In-Game Trade Location

To trade with an NPC in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, you need to first head to Levincia’s battle court. There, you will find an NPC named Blossom, who will ask to trade a Haunter with you in exchange for a Pincurchin.

Once your trade with Blossom is completed, the Haunter will immediately evolve into Gengar. This is because Blossom’s Haunter isn’t holding an Everstone, an item that prevents a Haunter from evolving.

Traded Gengar Is Battle-Ready

As a Haunter, Hauntikins’ Ability is naturally Levitate, although it should be noted that Gengar has Cursed Body instead. This gives Gengar a chance to disable any damaging move that hits it.

This is one of only a few NPC trades in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, of which it offers the highest-level Pokemon. The somewhat unfortunate choice in nickname aside, it is clear that Hauntikins is ready to battle.

This trade ensures that there is no need to attempt the long and sometimes risky process of the Pokémon games’ Surprise Trades; Pokémon Scarlet and Violet players will always be able to obtain a Gengar.

Head to Levincia City

The journey to obtain a Gengar in Scarlet & Violet takes the player to the city of Levincia, renowned for its Electric-type Gym led by the enigmatic Iono. It’s here the player encounters Blossom, an NPC eager to exchange her Haunter for a Pincurchin.

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The Pokemon in the areas around the city area are mainly level 22-28, so players will be able to head to the city and obtain this powerful Pokemon relatively early in their Scarlet & Violet experience.

Find and Catch a Pincurchin

The tiny sea urchin Pokemon Pincurchin can be found in several locations across Scarlet & Violet, spawning exclusively on Paldea’s beaches.

To minimize travel, it is recommended to hunt for Pincurchin on the beaches in the East Province (Area Two), just outside of Levincia City. Directly south from Levincia, these beaches are teeming with Pokemon including Wiglett, Slowpoke, Marrill, and among many others, Pincurchin.

Finding and catching a Pincurchin, which are usually around level 23, may require some patience. Paldea’s beaches feature a massive variety of species that can spawn in these areas. Once the player has successfully caught a Pincurchin, they can head back to Levincia City.

How to get Gengar Pokemon Scarle

Speak to Blossom in Levincia

Once Pincurchin is securely in the player’s party or boxes, head back to Levincia. Look for Blossom, a girl who is interested in a Pokemon trade. She can be found just outside the battle court at the city’s center, where players will encounter Nemona for a battle if they haven’t already fought her.

Blossom is standing near the wall wearing a tank top and sunglasses, and the player will notice a yellow text bubble above her head declaring, “A Pincurchin would be great!”

Trade Pincurchin for Haunter

Speak with Blossom and accept her offer to trade her Haunter, affectionately named “Hauntikins,” for a Pincurchin. Once the player chooses the Pincurchin they’ll offer, the trade process begins.

After successfully trading, Hauntikins will immediately evolve into Gengar. Regrettably, as is standard in the Pokemon series, the player cannot rename traded Pokemon. However, despite its unorthodox nickname, this Ghost / Poison type, armed with the ability Cursed Body, is a worthy addition to any team.

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