How to get Garchomp ? Garchomp location: Where to catch Garchomp Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

How to get garchomp ? One of the strongest pocket monsters to have in one’s roster in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is the Ground- and Dragon-type Garchomp, a lizard and hammerhead shark-like creature that has been a top-tier combatant throughout the franchise’s series.

When battling certain Fire-, Poison-, Rock-, Dragon-, Steel- and Electric-type opponents, Garchomp’s presence can be a significant advantage, as it possesses a high Atk stat.

As a result, Garchomp is one of the best Pokémon to have for late-game content, such as Tera Raid Battles. However, finding this Ground- and Dragon-type pocket monster can be a challenge since it does not appear commonly across Paldea like normal Pokémon.

Where to Catch Iron Thorns in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

If Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Trainers would like to find Garchomp directly, the first location they can head to is the Poké Center northwest of Mesagoza near the cliff walls of The Great Crater of Paldea.

According to Game8, players must climb to the top of the mountain using their Koraidon or Miraidon by using the Climbing upgrade, unlocked by defeating the False Dragon Titan: Tatsugiri.

While the Garchomp will sometimes fly near the Poké Center’s location, Game8 states that its flight path includes the entire circular border of The Great Crater.

The second spot where players can find Garchomp has been discovered by YouTuber Gamers Heroes and can be found in a grotto north of Asado Desert and south of Casseroya Lake. Here, Trainers can encounter a flying Tera Garchomp, a formidable foe that might take several attempts to subdue.

Next, the second way to get Garchomp is by evolving Gible or Gabite, which can be found in multiple locations across Paldea, such as the caves near Cortondo or the massive cavern system beneath Alfornada.

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Gible evolves into Gabite after reaching Level 24, and Gabite will become Garchomp after attaining Level 48. This leveling process can be quickened by feeding the pocket monster EXP and Rare Candies.

How to get Garchomp ?

How to evolve Garchomp

Once you’ve caught Gible, it needs to have its experience points raised up until it reaches level 24 to evolve into Gabite.

Now that you have its second evolution, you will then need to wrack up XP to get Gabite up to level 48, which will then automatically trigger its Garchomp evolution.

Grand Underground Garchomp location

There is actually a second way to get Garchomp in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, and that is through the Grand Underground.

Both Gible and Gabite can be found spawning specifically in the Riverbank Cave Hideaway. This specific room can be found by traveling to Jubilife City and then using the Explorer Kit.

How To Get Garchomp in Pokemon Go

Garchomp can only be obtained if the trainer first finds a Gible and evolves it. Gible is the first stage of its evolutionary line. It may take a while to find though, as Gible only appears in 10km eggs.

The best way to find one fast is by placing a 10km egg in a Super Incubator to save time on steps. 10km is a long walk to hatch for a chance at a Pokemon so this will speed up the process.

Once the Gible is hatched, it will need 25 candies to reach its second form, Gabite, then an additional 100 candies for Garchomp. Make sure to walk around with Gible as your buddy, as candy is rewarded to the Pokemon the player walks with. It may take a while, but Garchomp is definitely worth the wait.

Pokemon Go changed the world when it released back in 2016. Trainers would spend hours outdoors trying to capture all 151 available creatures in the game.

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The game has substantially improved since its release with fewer crashes, more Pokemon, and more to do overall in the game. It stands as one of the best mobile games in the market right now. Garchomp is an absolute monster when it comes to Pokemon battling and will work well on any trainer’s team.

Finding and Catching Garchomp in the Crown Tundra

This time around, Garchomp is actually a version exclusive. This means that it can only be found in one version of the game, in this case being Shield version, while it’s counterpart, Salamence, is found in the same place in the other version. Sword players who want one will have to get it in a trade from a friend.

Gible, the first form of Garchomp, is found in a few starting areas of the Tunnel to the Top which is located in the northernmost part of the map. To find it’s evolved form, players will have to venture deeper. This entire cave is set up like a maze, and Garchomp is found in the deepest reaches.

Once the cave is entered, take a right and go up the hill. From there, continue down the fork in the road that isn’t a dead-end into the next room (which should be second to the right). Afterward, travel on the right-most path that heads downhill and follow it until reaching the overlook that puts the giant Dyna Tree in sight.

This appears like nothing more than a cliff at first glance but head right to find a small alcove that will lead to a hidden cave. This room will have a Garchomp patrolling around every day.

Catching Garchomp might seem daunting due to its impressive statline, but there are a few tricks to make the process easier. Though this landshark can dish out a lot of damage, it can easily be countered.

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Most of their moves are Ground and Dragon-type, so Flying and Fairy Pokémon, who resist those types entirely, are great choices for fighting them. Togekiss, which is both resisting types, is a suitable choice that Garchomp will have trouble hurting.

In case a Flying-type isn’t brought, make sure that Pokémon knows Protect, or a move like it. Garchomp has a chance to know Dig, which is a 2 turn move that is extremely easy to predict.

As they’re Ground types, Garchomp is immune to Electric moves. This includes Thunder Wave, so Stun Spore is the only surefire way to inflict paralysis on it.

How to get Garchomp ?

Where to find pseudo-legendary Gible, Gabite, and Garchomp in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Known as the Land Shark Pokemon, Gible was introduced back in Generation 4 and its cuddly cute figure was rather endearing to fans. Gible’s Pokedex reveals that this pocket monster can be encountered on the western side of the Paldea map, specifically the upper part of the Asado Desert, West Province (Area One), and South Province (Area Six).

Players are advised to carefully cover the nooks and crannies of caves because Gible may be hiding in one of them. By grinding it up to level 24, it will evolve into Gabite. Leveling up Pokemon can be done by trainers through battling or using Rare Candy and EXP. Candy.

The overall cuteness appeal of the earlier form evolves into a much leaner look. Gabite later evolves into the pseudo-legendary Garchomp when it reaches level 48.

The Mach Pokemon is a powerful dual-type Dragon and Ground Pokemon, with its Hidden Ability Rough Skin dealing damage to any Pokemon who attacks with a move that makes contact.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players can also find a Tera Garchomp on the upper part of the Asado Desert. Trainers should prepare themselves for a tough fight to defeat this beast.

The Generation 9 titles have also added a new pseudo-legendary, Baxcalibur, to the mix. Players can learn more about how they can get the pocket monster here.

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