How to get fermented spider eye? How to make a Fermented Spider Eye in Minecraft

How to get fermented spider eye? In Minecraft, players can collect resources to make all manner of potions to help them throughout the game. These potions can really be lifesavers, giving players all manner of buffs and abilities when they need them most. There are a huge number of potions in Minecraft, and many of them will share common ingredients.

The Fermented Spider Eye is used to make the potions of Weakness, Harming, Slowness, and Invisibility, making it something that many players will need to get their hands on. It is not an ingredient that can be farmed, however, and players will need to make it using a variety of resources at a crafting table.

How to Make Fermented Spider Eye in Minecraft

To make a Fermented Spider Eye in Minecraft, players need a Spider Eye. These will drop from dead Spiders, which can regularly be found at night in any biome. Players will also need a Mushroom that can be found growing in mines and Sugar. Sugar is obtained by placing Sugar Cane in a crafting table. To make the Fermented Spider Eye, players should place the Mushroom in the first box of the first row of a Crafting Table and the Sugar in the second box. The Spider Eye should be placed in the center box, directly below the Sugar.

How to get fermented spider eye

What Are Fermented Spider Eyes Used For?

Once the Fermented Spider Eye has been made, it can be used to make a potion. All potions in Minecraft are made in the Brewing Stand. Brewing Stands can be made using three Cobblestone and one Blaze Rod at a Crafting Table. Cobblestone is a common resource that players will have a plentiful supply of, but the Blaze Rod will prove to be harder to get.

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Here’s a look at all of the potential potions that players can make using a Fermented Spider Eye:

Potion Of Weakness

A Potion of Weakness will cause enemies to do less damage to a player. Since this potion is a negative effect, players should try adding in some gunpowder to create a throwable Splash Potion. Enemies hit with the concoction will have their melee damage reduced by 1 (4 in Java Edition).

To make a Potion Of Weakness, players will need to add a Fermented Spider Eye to a Bottle of Water.
Potion Of Harming

Potion of Harming will cause enemies to take instant damage. Once again, gunpowder can be added to make a Splash Potion for makeshift Minecraft grenades. Enemies struck with Potion of Harming will take 6 damage (12 damage from the enhanced variant).

To make a Potion of Weakness, players will need to add Fermented Spider Eye to either a Potion of Poison or Potion of Healing.

Potion Of Slowness

A Potion of Slowness makes enemies and other players move at a slower pace. A Splash Potion connecting with some of the faster enemies in the game can give players a much better advantage over their foes. Those hit with the potion will move 15 percent slower (60 percent with the advanced version).

To make a Potion of Slowness, players should add together a Fermented Spider Eye with a Potion of Swiftness or a Potion of Leaping.

Potion Of Invisibility

The only brewable potion (using a Fermented Spider Eye) that doesn’t act as a negative effect, the Potion of Invisibility does just as the name implies, making the player invisible for a period of time. Knocking one of these back will give the player 3 minutes of invisibility (8 minutes with the advanced version).

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To make a Potion of Invisibility, players need to toss together a Fermented Spider Eye and a Potion of Night Vision.

How to Get Blaze Rod

To get Blaze Rod, players will need to venture into the Nether and take out some Blazes. When all the resources have been gathered, the Brewing Stand can be made at a Crafting Table by placing three Cobblestone along the bottom row and the Blaze Rod in the very center. It is also possible to find a Brewing Stand in Igloos and Village Churches. Once the brewing stand has been completed, players can then use the Fermented Spider Eye to make the potions that they need.

With the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs updates on the way, players will want to start stocking up on all the important items and resources they will need to fuel their explorations. There will be lots of new mobs, blocks, and other content coming to the game, so it will be the perfect time for players to jump back into Minecraft.

How to make a Fermented Spider Eye in Minecraft

To make a Fermented Spider Eye you’re going to need these three items in Minecraft:

  • Spider Eye
  • Brown Mushroom
  • Sugar

The most important ingredient for Fermented Spider Eye is undoubtedly Spider Eye. To get your hands on this item you’ll need to slay some Spiders or Witches until one drops. Alternatively, Spider Eyes can be found in many of the generated chests throughout Minecraft‘s world.

To acquire Brown Mushrooms you’re going to need to look in dark places, especially caves. If you’re still struggling, Brown Mushrooms have a high chance to generate within Swamp, Old Growth Taiga, and Mushroom Fields Biomes as well as in the Nether.

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Lastly, Sugar can be gotten by breaking Sugarcane blocks which can be found alongside any body of water. Additionally, Sugar has a low chance to drop from Witches when slain in Minecraft.

Once you’ve gathered the three required items, make yourself a Crafting Table with four wood planks and place all three in the grid in any formation to make yourself a Fermented Spider Eye in Minecraft.

Here’s everything you need to know to make use of your newly acquired Fermented Spider Eyes.

How to get fermented spider eye

What to do with Fermented Spider Eye in Minecraft

Fermented Spider Eyes are used to create Potions of Slowness, Harming, Weakness, and Invisibility.

To get started, you’ll need a Brewing Stand which can be found within Village churches and End Ships and can be mined with a pickaxe. You can also craft yourself a Brewing Stand with one Blaze Rod and three of any stone block. You’ll also need some Blaze Powder to fuel your Brewing Stand. You can get Blaze Powder by placing a Blaze Rod in a Crafting Table’s grid.

Now all that’s left is to place your Fermented Spider Eye in the top empty box next to the arrow pointing down in your Brewing Stand along with one to three potions in the potion boxes.

Above is information how to get fermented spider eye.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to get fermented spider eye .Thank you for reading our post.

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