How to get ammunition in GTA 5? How To Easily Get Ammo In GTA 5 And GTA Online

How to get ammunition in gta 5? A staggering range of guns is available for purchase and usage in both GTA 5 and GTA Online. While the type of ammunition required by each gun in a player’s loadout must be purchased separately, players can pay for a shared supply instead.

However, this is only one of multiple ways to get ammo in GTA 5 and GTA Online. So, for players who are still wondering what are the different ways of refilling their ammo are, this article will dig a bit deeper and explain all the possible options.

Exploring multiple ways of refilling ammo in GTA Online and GTA 5

Interaction menu

The easiest and most convenient method to buy ammunition in Grand Theft Auto 5 or Grand Theft Auto Online is through the interaction menu. Players can access it by holding down the back/select button if they are playing on a Xbox or PlayStation console; PC gamers can hold down the “M” key to display it.

All that’s left to do is go to inventory, choose a category of weapons, and scroll down to the option of purchasing ammunition. By enabling players to fully reload with only a few quick clicks, this feature greatly simplifies life for Grand Theft Auto players and speeds up tedious activities like visiting stores.


Some players are willing to sacrifice their comfort for the sake of immersion and thus they go to the most popular gun store in the Grand Theft Auto series, Ammu-Nation.

Its main area of expertise is providing players with armor and a variety of weapons, including pistols and a Minigun, in exchange for cash.

Additionally, it sells a wide range of additional weapons, including machetes, RPGs, and ammunition. Ammu-Nation stores in Grand Theft Auto 5 often offer only weak weapons. However, more potent options become available as players advance through the storyline.

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Except for the stun gun, grenade launcher, and minigun, the majority of weaponry that is purchased from Ammu-Nation also comes with three extra magazines. To replenish health, vending machines may be found inside of a number of such stores as well.

Surprisingly, there are a number of items in the Ammu-Nation that cannot be purchased; these include alcohol, earplugs, and other accessories.

Merryweather drop

A powerful adversary organization in Grand Theft Auto Online and one of the primary antagonistic groups in Grand Theft Auto 5, Merryweather Security Consulting is a private military firm and security contractor.

Merryweather also provides numerous services to the Grand Theft Auto Online protagonist despite being enemies. Some of these features, while only available in the enhanced edition, are also available under CEO abilities.

One of them is ammo drops, which can be very useful if players’ supplies are running low. When they pick up the ammo container that Merryweather drops from a Cuban 800, it will add ammunition to the gun players have equipped. However, players cannot pick it up if they are unarmed or in passive mode. This feature unlocks when players reach rank 12.

How to get ammunition in GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto 6 Should Be More Like GTA 4 Than GTA 5 In One Way

One major advantage that Grand Theft Auto 5 has is the ability to ammo share. Despite there being several weapons in the game, some guns can share a collective pool of ammunition, allowing players to restock the pool rather than every single gun.

While most weapons come with a full clip and some additional ammo, players can stockpile a huge amount of bullets, provided they can pay for their investment. Do note that grenades, flares, and similar throwable items will cost more than the average magazine.

How To Buy Ammo

Grand Theft Auto 5 gives players several options when it comes to purchasing ammo within the game. When offline and in the main campaign, players’ main source of ammunition will be local Ammunation stores.

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These are the same locations that players will use to purchase and modify weapons, and players can buy ammo at these stores.

To purchase the ammo, players will need to first talk to the store owner and start the transaction menu. Once there, simply select a weapon and scroll to the option of buying ammunition.

Each GTA weapon type will require players to select an appropriate gun, but once there, they can purchase as much ammo as they can pay for.

Alternatively, players can also purchase ammo through the interaction menu. By activating the interaction menu, players can navigate to inventory and select ammo. Once there, simply scroll through the weapons and purchase ammo remotely.

Players will still need to select the weapon category to prompt the correct GTA 5 ammo type they are wanting to purchase.

As a final option, players can always call in Merryweather to deliver them an ammo box. Simply call them, place the flare, and watch the ammo box descend with a randomized burst of ammunition.

This is good for last-minute preparation before entering a job if players want a more in-game style of shopping.

How to get ammo in GTA 5 and GTA Online

There are plenty of ways to buy ammo in GTA 5, but for players completing the main story first, the primary source of ammo is Ammu-Nation.

Scattered around the world of Los Santos, Ammu-Nation stores stock all of the weapons you’ve unlocked so far and the option to replenish their ammo type.

Speak to the Store Owner and they’ll give you a selection of weapons to choose from, with the ability to modify them to your liking too. This process can be repeated for GTA Online players too, but just like the main story, you can only acquire ammo based on how much you can afford.

Alternatively, GTA Online players can buy more ammo through the Interaction Menu:

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Activate the Interaction Menu (hold down the Dualshock touchpad or View button)
Scroll down to Inventory
Purchase Ammo

Alternatively, GTA Online players can buy more ammo through the Interaction Menu:

  • Activate the Interaction Menu (hold down the Dualshock touchpad or View button)
  • Scroll down to Inventory
  • Purchase Ammo
  • How to get ammunition in GTA 5

Where to buy ammo in GTA 5 and GTA Online

If you need to buy ammo and customize your weapons in-person, then there are plenty of Ammu-Nation locations to choose from around Los Santos. Depending on where your apartment or office is within the world will factor into your trip too.

How to buy ammo in GTA 5 (single-player)

As has historically been the case, ammunition can be purchased from Ammu-Nation, which is the franchise’s chain of weapons stores.

You’ll find these scattered throughout Los Santos, and they’re indicated by the gun icon on the map. The first one you’ll come across when you begin your single-player campaign is in Downtown Los Santos, at the spot indicated below.

This is a useful Ammu-Nation to keep a tab on, as it also has a shooting range. Once you’ve unlocked a weapon, you’ll be able to purchase more ammo or buy modifications. Simply walk into Ammu-Nation and speak with the store clerk.

How to buy ammo in GTA 5 Online

If you’re playing online, you won’t be able to purchase ammo until you’ve completed the introduction. Once that’s done, you can head to any Ammu-Nation to grab some ammo.

Alternatively, open the interaction menu (by holding the touchpad on PlayStation, the View button on Xbox, or “M” on PC). Scroll to the inventory menu, and you’ll be able to purchase ammo there.

If you have purchased VIP Work or CEO Work from the interaction menu, you can also call in for an ammo drop by contacting Merryweather Security.

To do this, enter the interaction menu, scroll to the SecuroServ option, and select “request ammo drop”. Not long after, a crate containing your desired goodies will come parachuting down.

GTA 5 has enjoyed an absurdly long lifespan, though Rockstar has confirmed that GTA 6 is on the way. No official details have been revealed, though a massive 2022 leak provided a sneak peek into what the studio is working on.

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