How to get ammo in GTA 5? How to buy or refill ammo in GTA 5 and GTA Online

How to get ammo in gta 5? One of the key aspects of GTA V is the ability to engage in intense shootouts and high-speed car chases. However, you’ll need a steady supply of ammunition to succeed in these missions. The question that arises is: How to get ammo in GTA 5?

Here, we’ve some effective ways to get ammo in GTA 5, including purchasing from stores, stealing from enemies, etc. Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned pro, this guide will help you maintain a collection of weapons to take on any challenges that come your way. Let’s get into it and discuss all the different methods of getting ammo in GTA 5.

Visit A Gun Store

Players in GTA 5 can buy ammunition for their weapons at gun shops, also known as Ammu-Nation shops. There are a number of them throughout the game’s world, and they are identified on the map by a gun icon.

Players must enter a gun store and speak with the store clerk to purchase ammunition there. Afterward, you can look through the inventory of available weapons and ammo inside the store.

Before purchasing, players can also view each type of ammunition’s cost and available quantity. Players can confirm their purchase after choosing the type of ammunition they require.

After purchasing the ammunition, it will be added to their inventory. It’s important to note that some types of ammo may be restricted based on your character’s level or the type of weapon you are using.

There are several locations of Ammu-Nation stores throughout the game world. Here are some of the most notable locations:

Strawberry: Located on the corner of Elgin Avenue and Strawberry Avenue in the Strawberry neighborhood of Los Santos.

Little Seoul: Located on the corner of Power Street and San Andreas Avenue in the Little Seoul neighborhood of Los Santos.

Cypress Flats: Located on Popular Street in the Cypress Flats industrial district of Los Santos.

Vinewood: Located on the corner of Clinton Avenue and Las Lagunas Boulevard in the Vinewood neighborhood of Los Santos.

Paleto Bay: Located on the corner of Pyrite Avenue and Duluoz Avenue in Paleto Bay.

Now that you have purchased the ammo from the Ammu-Nation, you might also want to learn what benefits you will receive from these stores.

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Ammu-Nation stores are located throughout the game world and are marked on the map, making them easy to locate.

They offer a wide selection of ammo for different types of weapons.

Ammu-Nation stores offer competitive pricing for ammo, meaning that players can purchase ammo at a reasonable price without having to spend too much in-game money.

In addition to ammo, Ammu-Nation stores also offer various firearms, explosive devices, and other weapon-related items.

Purchasing ammo from Ammu-Nation stores is straightforward to use.

how to get ammo in gta 5

Steal Ammo From NPCs

Players in GTA 5 can steal ammunition from NPCs instead of purchasing it from Ammu-Nation stores. Players who want to save money for other purchases or are running low on the in-game currency may find this a useful tactic.

They must fight enemies and defeat their opponents to steal ammunition from them, or they can visit police stations wearing a police uniforms and steal weapons from there.

During the battle, players can also pick up guns and ammunition from the ground, which is handy when the opposition carries heavy weapons or explosives.a

Since it forces players to engage in combat and put themselves in danger, stealing ammunition from enemies can be dangerous. However, it can also be a fruitful tactic since players can get a lot of ammo quickly and for free.

The biggest advantage of stealing ammo from enemies is that it is free.

Ammo can be obtained from enemies in any game world, making it a convenient option for players far away from Ammu-Nation stores.
Stealing ammo from enemies can be a thrilling gameplay experience, as players must engage in combat and use their skills to defeat opponents.

Purchasing Ammo Through The Interaction Menu

To obtain ammo in GTA 5, players can purchase it through the interaction menu. This option provides a convenient way to quickly and easily obtain the required ammunition without leaving their current location or engaging in combat.

To purchase ammo through the interaction menu, players must access the menu by pressing and holding the “back” button on Xbox or the “select” button on PlayStation.

From there, they can navigate to the “inventory” tab and select the “ammunition” option. A list of different ammo types and quantities will appear on the screen. The player can then choose the type and quantity of ammo they need.

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Players can make the purchase using the in-game currency. Each type of ammo varies depending on the weapon it is used for, with higher-powered weapons generally costing more.

One of the primary advantages of purchasing ammo through the interaction menu is that it is easily accessible at any point during the game.
Another significant advantage is that players can choose the type and quantity of ammo they require.

Also, purchasing ammo through the interaction menu ensures that players always have the ammo they need on hand.

Call For An Ammo Drop

In GTA 5, players can also obtain ammo by calling for an ammo drop. Players must first purchase a “VIP Work” or “CEO Work” from the interaction menu to call for an ammo drop. It requires the player to have a minimum of $50,000 in their virtual bank account.

Once the VIP or CEO Work is purchased, the player can call for an ammo drop by accessing the interaction menu and selecting the “SecuroServ” option.

From there, the player can select the “request ammo drop” option, and a plane will drop a crate containing the requested ammunition at the player’s location.

The player can then collect the crate and use the ammo as needed. In summary, calling for an ammo drop in GTA V provides a convenient and efficient way for players to obtain a large quantity of ammunition.

A quick and easy way to obtain a large quantity of ammunition.

A safe and convenient option, players can call for an ammo drop from a secure location.

Provides players with ammo without interrupting gameplay or leaving their current location.

Ensures that players always have the ammunition they need on hand.

It can be particularly useful for players who frequently engage in combat or missions and require large amounts of ammo.

Final Overview

In conclusion, obtaining ammunition in GTA 5 is crucial to the success of a player’s mission or gameplay. These are the four best ways to get ammunition in GTA 5.

Players can use any method according to the situation and their requirements. Following this guide will give players the ammunition they need for any mission or situation.

Each method has its advantages and drawbacks. Players should consider their options based on their current situation.

By understanding the different ways to get ammo in GTA 5, players can ensure they have enough ammunition to complete missions and enjoy the gameplay without interruption

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how to get ammo in gta 5

Exploring multiple ways of refilling ammo in GTA Online and GTA 5

Interaction menu

The easiest and most convenient method to buy ammunition in Grand Theft Auto 5 or Grand Theft Auto Online is through the interaction menu.

Players can access it by holding down the back/select button if they are playing on a Xbox or PlayStation console; PC gamers can hold down the “M” key to display it.

All that’s left to do is go to inventory, choose a category of weapons, and scroll down to the option of purchasing ammunition. By enabling players to fully reload with only a few quick clicks, this feature greatly simplifies life for Grand Theft Auto players and speeds up tedious activities like visiting stores.


Some players are willing to sacrifice their comfort for the sake of immersion and thus they go to the most popular gun store in the Grand Theft Auto series, Ammu-Nation.

Its main area of expertise is providing players with armor and a variety of weapons, including pistols and a Minigun, in exchange for cash.

Additionally, it sells a wide range of additional weapons, including machetes, RPGs, and ammunition. Ammu-Nation stores in Grand Theft Auto 5 often offer only weak weapons. However, more potent options become available as players advance through the storyline.

Except for the stun gun, grenade launcher, and minigun, the majority of weaponry that is purchased from Ammu-Nation also comes with three extra magazines. To replenish health, vending machines may be found inside of a number of such stores as well.

Surprisingly, there are a number of items in the Ammu-Nation that cannot be purchased; these include alcohol, earplugs, and other accessories.

Merryweather drop

A powerful adversary organization in Grand Theft Auto Online and one of the primary antagonistic groups in Grand Theft Auto 5, Merryweather Security Consulting is a private military firm and security contractor.

Merryweather also provides numerous services to the Grand Theft Auto Online protagonist despite being enemies. Some of these features, while only available in the enhanced edition, are also available under CEO abilities.

One of them is ammo drops, which can be very useful if players’ supplies are running low. When they pick up the ammo container that Merryweather drops from a Cuban 800, it will add ammunition to the gun players have equipped.

However, players cannot pick it up if they are unarmed or in passive mode. This feature unlocks when players reach rank 12.

Above is information about how to get ammo in gta 5 that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to get ammo in gta 5 Thank you for reading our posst.

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