How to get Alolan Vulpix ? Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Alolan Vulpix Locations

How to get alolan vulpix ? Before Hisuian Growlithe melted hearts, before Galarian Darmanitan won competitive championships, there was a certain archipelago called Alola and its regional variety revolution.

Sun & Moon changed the rules, bringing back beloved Pokemon but reimagining them into something that could serve as a modern counterpart, a reinterpretation that stands alongside the originals in its own right. WIth no forms came new types, and the popularity of this practice has persisted in recent entries.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus introduces a healthy batch into the mix, but to the delight of fox fans everywhere, it’s also brought back Alolan Vulpix. The Ice-type to the Kanto classic’s Fire, this frosty friend and its majestic Alolan Ninetales evolution have remained a merchandising mainstay.

Now, they can be yours all over again — this time on TV screens, so that you can properly explain your attachment to them to family members who still think video games are just for kids.

Here’s where to find Alolan Vulpix in Pokemon Legends: Arceus as well as how to evolve it so that you can squee all over again.

Catching an Alolan Vulpix

Most Pokemon found in Hisui spawn in set locations and… that’s it, really. You venture over, catch them to your heart’s content, and go do whatever else you’ve got planned for your file today. Not so with Alolan Vulpix, special as she is.

Your first task is to catch a Kantoan Vulpix. A simpler way of saying that would be “ordinary Vulpix,” but we admittedly feel bad for phrasing it that way.

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Regardless, Vulpix tends to hang out in the Cobalt Coastlands’ Veilstone Cape, and if you’re curious who else awaits you out there, we’ve got another guide for you.

The Galaxy Board, or just “that blackboard in Professor Laventon’s room in Galaxy HQ that has requests written on it sometimes” if you prefer, should now have a new one for you called ‘Snow-White Vulpix in the Snow’.

Turn guiding on, and head to the marked Base Camp in the Alabaster Icelands to find Keaka. The poor chap’s gone and lost five Alolan Vulpixes, which is honestly unforgivable, but here we are.

Carefully search the Avalanche Slopes until you’ve found them all. They’re really not so well-hidden, so it shouldn’t take long. Out of the quintet of cuties, somehow only one takes a distinct liking to you for saving it from Keaka’s ineptitude.

This is fine. Accept the wise one as your own and love it forever.

How to get Alolan Vulpix

Evolving Alolan Vulpix into Alolan Ninetales

Everything you need to evolve your Alolan Vulpix can be found in one rad rock, the Ice Stone. From your inventory screen, select it and apply it to your pal and that, as they say, is that.

Technically, there’s a bit more to it. Ice Stones can be purchased at the Trading Post in Jubilife Village for 1,000 Merit Points. This is that quirky system involving retrieving lost satchels for players (if you’re connected to the net) or random NPCs (if you’re not). You’ll need somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 to 20 lost satchels to afford an Ice Stone.

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Alternatively, you can always try your lack by riding Ursaluna around and digging up treasures. You’ll need to have unlocked this feature before you can do so, but by the time you have access to the ‘Snow-White Vulpix in the Snow’ request you’re nearly there.

How To Get Alolan Vulpix

In the Alabaster Icelands, you’ll be offered a quest — Snow-White Vulpix in the Snow — to reunite a character with his five missing Alolan Vulpi. Due to Alolan Vulpix being completely white and the world being covered in snow, it’s not the easiest thing in the world.

Thankfully, we’ve got a map for you below so it’s a quick and easy process. They are all in the bottom left corner of the map, and aren’t too hard to locate once you know what you’re looking for.

Since Pokémon render at quite a far distance, they often pop up from further away than other elements of the world, making them easier to spot.

How to get Alolan Vulpix

Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Alolan Vulpix Locations

Fans that are working on Pokemon Legends: Arceus’s Snow-White Vulpix in the Snow request should turn their attention to the Avalanche Slopes in the Alabaster Icelands.

Indeed, all five of the Alolan Vulpix that must be found for this side quest are in that area, and the map that is below highlights their precise positions. Upon arriving at these locations, players should simply interact with the Alolan Vulpix that are there to advance the side quest.

To note, players should plan to use Braviary in Pokemon Legends: Arceus to access the Alolan Vulpix in the Avalanches Slopes, as the majority of them are situated on cliffs.

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While it may be possible to reach these locations without flying to them, doing so could prove to be a very slow and painful endeavor. Fortunately, fans should have unlocked the ability to fly by the time that they reach this request, and they should thus not have any trouble using Braviary to get to the Alolan Vulpix.

After interacting with all five Alolan Vulpix, fans should head back to the Snowfields Camp and speak with Keaka. This action will trigger a short cutscene in which the NPC will express his thanks, and the Snow-White Vulpix in the Snow request will be marked as complete as that cinematic comes to a close.

This is also when players will receive their rewards for addressing this side quest, one of which will undoubtedly be of interest to those that want to catch all the Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

More specifically, players will receive their very own Alolan Vulpix for tackling the Snow-White Vulpix in the Snow request. Additionally, fans will be awarded an Exp.

Candy L, which can be used to give a sizable XP boost to a selected Pokemon. While that Candy may not be quite as exciting as the gifted Pokemon, it will be appreciated by those Pokemon Legends: Arceus players that are interested in improving one of their team members quickly

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