How to get a Dragonite in Pokemon go ? How to Find (& Catch) Dragonite in Pokémon GO

How to get a dragonite in pokemon go ? Dragonite is an incredibly powerful Dragon-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go. This guide will help players locate and capture this Pokemon.

Pokemon Go continues to thrive even though a global pandemic has effected the entire premise of the game. Players opted to stay indoors for their own and other’s safety. It’s hard to play a game that requires players to go outside while stuck indoors.

Although Niantic, the developer behind Pokemon Go introduced small changes to make the game more home-friendly such as extended times using Incense items, shorter distance to interact with gyms and PokeStops, and new items that allow players to jump into raids from home.

Dragonite is a strong Pokemon that would be excellent for any trainer aiming to take down some raids. Here’s how players can capture their very own.

When Pokemon Go first released, Dragonite was one of the most sought out Pokemon from trainers. Back then, only the first 151 Pokemon were available in the game, meaning that Dragonite was the only Dragon-type Pokemon to encounter.

Not only that, but this was the era before raid battles, make it extremely difficult to randomly come across a Dragonite or any of its evolutionary line.

If a trainer got one, they were super lucky. Now, capturing one is much easier. This guide will help players locate and capture their own Dragonite.

Where To Find Dragonite in Pokemon Go

The best way to get a Dragonite in Pokemon Go is by participating in the Jump-Start Special Research Quest. The first objective requires the player to add 1 new friend, catch 3 Pokemon with Weather Boost, and Hatch an Egg.

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Once this is done, the player will be rewarded with a Dratini encounter. To get more candy, continue participating in this questline. It only needs 25 candies to evolve into Dragonair.

Make Dratini your buddy and walk around with it until enough candy appears. Before evolving it, make sure to take a snapshot with Dratini, this will add an additional 30 candy from the questline.

Earning a candy will also add another 30 candy. Continue through this questline and the player will easily have enough candy to evolve Dratini into Dragonite.

Dragonite has been a fan-favorite Pokemon since the very beginning. The Dragon-type was extremely broken in the original games, taking down almost every other Pokemon without any problem.

Now Fairy-type Pokemon exist to bring a much needed nerf to Dragons. Pokemon Go continues to introduced new generations of Pokemon each year.

how to get a dragonite in pokemon go

Pokemon GO’s wild encounters

It would normally be advised to hunt for a Dratini rather than Dragonite in the wild. However, this event has increased the spawn rate for the latter specifically. This means that players will not have to hunt for Dratini for hours to get all of the Dratini candies to evolve it into a Dragonite.

Those looking to increase their odds of finding a Dragonite in Pokemon GO even further may want to use a few of the consumable items in the game.

Using Incenses and Lure Modules are great ways to raise the spawn rate of Pokemon in the area. Using both items can make finding Dragonite even easier.

Completing Field Research

Events always bring great rewards for Field Research tasks. As many gamers know, specific Field Research tasks reward them with an encounter with a wild Pokemon.

However, these Pokemon are typically common with little value like Rattata or Psyduck. Luckily, the event has spiced up the encounter table.

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Players who complete one of the requested tasks are rewarded with an encounter for a chance to catch a free Dragonite. In standard encounter reward fashion, the Dragonite encountered and caught through Field Research will have a higher chance to have better IVs than Dragonite users might find in the wild.

Raid Battles

The final method gamers can use to catch a Dragonite in Pokemon GO is by completing Raid Battles. Throughout their journey, they may encounter various Raid Battles hosted at Gym spots.

These are challenging battles typically challenged with a group that rewards individuals with items and a strong Pokemon.

The Pokemon they received through these Raids is the one the group faced. With this in mind, Dragonite is one of the Pokemon players can currently encounter in Raids.

Those wanting to challenge one of the many Dragonite Raids they encounter should bring 2 or 3 users with them as well as Ice-type Pokemon.

How to Get Dragonite in Pokemon GO 2022

To get Dragonite in Pokemon GO in 2022, you have several options. All the usual methods are still on the table, of course. You can evolve Dratini into Dragonair (for which you’ll need twenty-five Candies) and then into Dragonite (a whopping hundred Candies).

Gathering all those Candies is a problem, but you can speed the process up by using Dratini as your Buddy Pokemon, especially after you reach the rank of Best Buddies.

Mind you, the grind will still be very real, but not as bad. Another way is to find Dragonite in Raids and defeat it there to earn a chance to catch it. These two avenues are open pretty much at all times (provided that Dragonite is appearing in Raids at the time).

The other potential way to get Dragonite in Pokemon GO in 2022 are events. These sometimes give you the opportunity to catch a bunch of Dragonite.

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One such example is the ongoing TCG (Trading Card Game) crossover event. It features a number of different collection challenges, one of which actually requires you to catch a Dragonite in order to complete it. You can read more about them in our TCG Collection Challenge & Rewards guide.

Luckily, there is also a Field Research task where, once you catch forty Pokemon, you get an encounter with Dragonite. So, if you’re struggling with completing that Collection Challenge, that Field Research task is your best bet.

how to get a dragonite in pokemon go

Every Move Dragonite Can Learn

Currently, Dragonite has 3 Fast Attacks, 5 Charged Attacks, and 2 Legacy Charged Attacks in Pokemon GO, and the player should decide based on their opponent; however, if one does not know who they will be going up against, it can be prudent to get a sense of one’s Dragonite’s combat potential by looking at all the options as well as the damage, damage per second (DPS) of each move, and type.

The Best Fast Attack For Dragonite

Out of the three potential options, Dragon Tail and Steel Wing are the top contenders, as they possess the highest Damage, with Dragon Tail performing a bit better in the single-hit damage department.

Steel Wing is great if players need to counter a Fairy-type opponent, as Steel is super effective against Fairy in Pokemon GO. This can surprise foes who think they have a type advantage and allow one to gain momentum in battle.

However, in every other situation, Dragon Tail is the better Fast Attack, as it does better base damage and gains a Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB) due to Dragonite being part Dragon-type (in addition to part Flying-type). In most situations, Dragon Tail is the best Fast Attack for a Dragonite moveset.

Above is information how to get a dragonite in pokemon go. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to get a dragonite in pokemon go .Thank you for reading our posst.

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