How to fly a plane on GTA 5? Beginner’s guide to flying planes in GTA 5 on PC

How to fly a plane on gta 5? Flying planes in GTA 5 might just be the best way to travel around the map. The game has a vast map that can take a lot of time to get from one point to another by car.

Flying planes can be pretty challenging in GTA 5, especially if players don’t have experience with any older GTA titles. To fly a plane, they need to locate one in the game.

There are quite a few plane spawn spots in GTA 5, and gamers can go to them at any point and pick a plane to fly. There are chances of getting a wanted star, but they can easily get into a plane in GTA 5. Here is how players can fly planes in GTA 5 on PC quite easily.

Everything players need to know about flying planes in GTA 5 on PC

Take off

Once users get onto a plane in GTA 5, they need to learn to take off. All they must do is hold the ‘W’ key on the keyboard and watch the plane move forward when on land.

For the plane to take off, players need to hold the ‘Num5’ button for the plane’s nose to lift off from the ground. When the plane is in the air, they have to press ‘G’ to take up the wheels.

how to fly a plane on gta 5

Maneuvering the plane in the game

Once the plane is airborne, gamers can control the plane’s direction by pressing ‘W’, ‘S’, ‘A’, and ‘D’. These buttons turn the aircraft in the desired direction.

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Users can tilt the plane by pressing ‘Num 4’ to roll the aircraft towards the left and ‘Num 6’ to do so towards the right.

Pressing the ‘Num 8’ pitches the aircraft towards the front, which means moving the nose down. Players can lift the plane’s nose by pressing ‘Num 5’.

Landing the plane in the game

To land the plane, players must find a long straight road to land. The next step is getting the aircraft as close to the land as possible by pressing ‘Num 8’. They then need to pull out the wheels for the plane by pressing ‘G’.

Gamers must watch the speed and altitude of the plane while bringing it to the floor, and the last thing they need to do once the plane has touched the ground is to press ‘S’ to stop the aircraft in the game.

Getting a Plane

The first thing you’ll need to do is actually get yourself an aircraft. The easiest way to do this is to open up your phone and going to ‘’ from the main menu.

Here, you’ll find a number of different aircraft you can buy. As long as you’ve completed the main story, you should have enough to buy one.

Keep in mind that you’re only able to buy a plane or helicopter in GTA V if you’ve got a helicopter pad or hangar to store them. You can get one of these easily after you’ve completed Trevor’s mission ‘Nervous Ron’ which sees him visiting the McKenzie Field Hangar. Completing the mission allows you to then buy the hangar for $150,000.

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Flying a Plane in GTA V

To fly a plane, you’ll first need to get the engine/ rotors up to speed. Press the accelerate button (R2/ RT) to build this up and you should eventually begin rising into the air. Once you’re high enough, you can hide the undercarriage by pressing L3.

You can then use the left analog stick to fly the plane up, down, or to turn it left and right.

Landing the Plane

When it comes to landing a plane, you want to keep it as level as possible as you bring it down towards the ground. It’s also worth making sure that you find a long, straight stretch of land to bring the plane down onto. Any bumps and it increases the chances of crashing, as does not having enough space to slow the plan down before the end of your landing strip.

Press L3 to release the undercarriage again and let go of the accelerator/ gas altogether. Begin braking heavily as you continue to bring it towards the floor.

If the plane bounces as you hit the ground, you’ll need to fly back up and begin the landing process again. It’s all about getting your speed down as much as possible so once you touch the floor, you stay on the floor.

Plane & Aircraft Controls for GTA V PC

If you’re playing on PC, flying a plane in GTA V can be a little trickier. We’ve got a full table of the aircraft controls for PC players below.

Keep in mind that taking off on PC requires players to press ‘5’ when the plane is up to speed. This will cause the nose of the plane to lift into the air, allowing you to then start gaining altitude.

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Similarly, when you come to land, you’ll need to press ‘G’ to first toggle your landing gear (wheels) and then press 8 to point the nose of the plane down towards the ground. Make sure this isn’t too steep, though, or you’ll end up crashing.

how to fly a plane on gta 5

Flight Control

Flying a plane in GTA 5 is fairly simple once you get a hang of it, and there is not really any legitimate excuse for the GTA 5 veteran not to know how to fly a plane.

Nevertheless, the more casual players who have never completed GTA 5’s story mode will likely not know how to fly an airplane in-game. Hopefully, through the controls guide above, you can experiment and teach yourself how to fly and land a plane easily in Grand Theft Auto 5.

How to fly a plane in GTA 5 PC

It is not easy at first to figure out how to fly airplane in GTA 5. “W” and “S” buttons are responsible for acceleration and deceleration. “Q” and “E” buttons help tilt the plane in different directions. It is useful when taking off or during landing.

To operate the aircraft in the air, you must press the “Num Lock” button, the numbers 8 and 5 on the keyboard are responsible for the up and down plane tilt, numbers 4 and 6 are responsible for tilting the plane from the left to right sides.

At first glance, everything seems very hard, but after some training can easily learn how to fly a plane in GTA 5 and perform tricks. In addition to that the plane is a universal vehicle, because it helps deliver cargo or passengers to their destination. When you are flying at maximum height, you may not be afraid of rockets.

Above is information about how to fly a plane on gta 5 that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to fly a plane on gta 5 Thank you for reading our posst.

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