How to fly a helicopter in GTA 5 in GTA 5 on PC

How to fly a helicopter in gta 5? Confusion with controls in GTA 5 does not stop with crouching and rolling, but also applies to flying helicopters.

Flying is cool, but also extremely confusing to the point that you can barely fly 10 meters forward. On the bright side, flying a helicopter is not as difficult once you know the exact controls.

How to Fly a Helicopter on PC

On PC you have the most variety to fly a helicopter. Yet flying using a mouse and keyboard is also one of the most unintuitive things you will ever find in GTA 5.

These are the controls to fly a helicopter in GTA 5 on a PC:

F: Enter/exit the helicopter

W: Ascend

S: Descend

A: Turn left

D: Turn right

Num 4: Move to the left

Num 5: Move backward

Num 6: Move to the right

Num 8: Move forward

Left mouse button: Fire weapons

E: Use magnet/hook

If you don’t have a Numpad because you are using a smaller keyboard (for example the 60% sized one) then your best bet would be to use the mouse to move the helicopter. This will require a bit more skill and precision to not crash.

To start controlling the helicopter with your mouse, hold the left mouse button and start moving the mouse in the direction you want to go.

Another thing you can do is rebind all the Num keys to WASD, bind ascend and descend to Shift and Ctrl, and turning keys to something like O and P.

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This will make the controls much more intuitive and allow you to fly without a Numpad or a mouse. Just make sure you don’t ruin any of the other keybinds.

how to fly a helicopter in gta 5

How to Fly a Helicopter on Xbox

On an Xbox controller, flying a helicopter in GTA 5 is much easier than with a mouse and keyboard. You have a simple layout that you can use with easy access to all the buttons. On Xbox you can’t change the button mappings, instead, you are forced to use the controls below.

These are the controls to fly a helicopter on Xbox:

Y: Enter/exit the helicopter

RT: Ascend

LT: Descend

LB: Turn left

RB: Turn right

Left stick: Move to the left, backward, right, and forward

A: Fire weapons

D-Pad right: Use magnet/hook

How to Fly a Helicopter on PlayStation

On a PlayStation, the controls are identical to the Xbox ones, just with PS names for buttons. As always, you can’t change these controls as you are stuck with the predefined layout.

These are the controls to fly a helicopter on a PlayStation:

Triangle: Enter/exit the helicopter

R2: Ascend

L2: Descend

L1: Turn left

R1: Turn right

Left stick: Move to the left, backward, right, and forward

X: Fire weapons

D-Pad right: Use magnet/hook

Flying a helicopter can be quite difficult in GTA 5

GTA 5 is one of the most forgiving games in the franchise when it comes to controlling land vehicles. The driving controls in the game strikes a balance between realism and fun, feeling simple to pick up but a little difficult to master.

This applies to flying as well, which is trickier than driving a car but is very satisfying once mastered.

This, however, does not appear to apply to helicopters. Although flying a helicopter has always been challenging in the GTA series, doing so in GTA 5 can be quite frustrating. GTA 5 players who struggle to use a helicopter on PC should thoroughly go through the following instructions:

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GTA 5 Controls to fly a helicopter simplified for PC

These are the default controls for flying a helicopter in the game:

F = Enter/exit the helicopter

W = AscendS = Descend

A = Yaw to the left (turn left)

D = Yaw to the right (turn right)

Num 4 = Roll to the left (moves the helicopter to the left)

Num 5 = Pitch backward (moves the helicopter backward)

Num 6 = Roll to the right (moves the helicopter to the right)

Num 8 = Pitch forward (moves the helicopter forward)

Some helicopters have additional controls:

Left-click = Shoot mounted weaponry

E = Use the grappling hook/magnet

The mouse can also be used to control a helicopter in the game. The player’s mouse movements will move the helicopter in the same direction (assuming the relevant setting is enabled).

Step-by-step guide to fly a helicopter

Here are the step-by-step guide on flying helicopters:

First, get in the helicopter you wish to fly (by pressing ‘F’) and press ‘W’ to start ascending. This key does not move the helicopter forward as one might assume; it simply elevates the helicopter.

To lower the aircraft, press ‘S.’ Like with the ‘W’ key, pressing ‘S’ will not make the helicopter go backward; instead, it will descend.

To move the aircraft forward or backward, press ‘Num 8’ or ‘Num 5,’ respectively.

To turn the aircraft left, press ‘A.’ To turn it toward its right, press ‘D.’ If you wish to strafe the helicopter to its left or right, you should press ‘Num 4’ or ‘Num 6,’ respectively.

That’s it for the general movement of helicopters. This information applies to the default control scheme using just the keyboard, as using a mouse alongside it is a bit different.

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how to fly a helicopter in gta 5

Using the mouse to fly a helicopter

If the player prefers to use a mouse whilst operating a helicopter, then there will be some noticeable differences. For starters, one can see their mouse movements near the minimap radar.

Pressing the mouse upwards and away from the center of the radar will propel the helicopter forward. If the player does the same, but to the right, the helicopter will move towards the right. Players should still be able to use their keys as they fly a helicopter.

How To Fly Helicopter In GTA 5 On PC

Many people out there don’t know how they can use their PC keyboard to fly a helicopter. However, there are some primary keys and key combinations to fly a helicopter efficiently in GTA 5. Moreover, some keyboards don’t have num pads.

The primary keys to controlling your helicopter in GTA 5 are given below:

You can enter a helicopter by pressing your keyboard’s ‘F key.’ Similarly, players can use the same key to exit a helicopter in GTA 5.

Press your keyboard’s ‘W Key‘ to ascend your helicopter in the air. Similarly, you can descend your helicopter in GTA 5 by pressing and holding the ‘S Key’ on your keyboard.

The ‘A Key’ is used to turn your helicopter to the left, while the ‘D Key’ turns the helicopter rightward.

Press V on your keyboard to change the camera angles from the three different available options.

Additionally, you can use some other Key combinations and Numpad keys to control your chopper. Let’s say you are just a beginner at flying helicopters, and during a heist, you fail to utilize this ability.

Chances are you could have to fight off the police hand to hand. To prepare for such conditions, you should check out our guide, How To Glitch Fight In GTA 5.

Above is information about how to fly a helicopter in gta 5 that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to fly a helicopter in gta 5 Thank you for reading our posst.

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